‘Bonus mom’ LeAnn Rimes has breakfast with her boys

Suzy Byrne
Celebrity Broods

LeAnn Rimes appears to be recovering from her dental drama! The country crooner, who underwent painful oral surgery last week and shared the play-by-play on Twitter, stepped out for a family meal with her husband, Eddie Cibrian, and his two young sons on Wednesday.

After consuming sauerkraut all weekend to "to put probiotics into my system to counteract all the meds" following a root canal, Rimes appeared happy to be on the mend and out with "my boys" — which is how she affectionately refers to the actor and her stepsons Mason, 9, and Jake, 5 — at breakfast hot spot Jinky's Cafe in Studio City, California. Rimes, who calls herself a "bonus mom" to the kids (their real mom is "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Brandi Glanville), was wearing a white tank top that proclaimed her a "femme fatale," as well as cuffed jeans and gladiator sandals.

While some stepmothers have limited roles in raising a spouse's children from a previous relationship, the 29-year-old Grammy winner has said she's actually a huge part of their upbringing. "It's not like we just have them on the weekends," Rimes told The Tennessean. "I do homework and I make lunches and I do normal things you would do as a mom and I enjoy it, that normal life that I've never had as a wife or as a mom. I never really knew if I wanted kids or not, because I was so business-focused and now I have two that aren't my blood, but really at the end of the day, I love watching them grow and learn, and I love to be a part of teaching them that."

Rimes' love of children extends beyond her own home. She is one of many celebs who have lent their name to Got Milk?'s initiative that seeks to raise money to fund an afterschool program focusing on nutrition and healthy living for school children and their parents in California. Rimes shared a home photo in which she's wearing a cowboy hat and sipping out of one of the limited-edition Got Milk? glasses that are on sale to benefit the program.

As for Rimes' dental woes, they seem to be ongoing. Trouble first started back in May when she had surgery and detailed to her Twitter followers about the "stitches and drain in my mouth." Last week she had the root canal, which left her in severe pain. "My mouth kills!!!" she tweeted on Friday. "I feel like the girl in 'The Exorcist' where she can't stop moving her head around on the pillow. I can't get comfortable! Hopefully, no pea soup will come shooting out and I won't be moving any dressers in front of the door to our bedroom w/ my mind :) no possession here, just ridiculous tooth pain!"

And while she seemed to be okay for the family breakfast outing this week, she's actually going back under the knife again in a few days. "Now I heal...til next Monday," she wrote. "More surgery, minor though. :)"

Well, at least she has "her boys" to help her get through it.