How Reese Witherspoon helped Megan Fox keep her birth a secret

Celebrity Broods

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have probably been the year's most tight-lipped new parents. Heck, the press didn't even know Fox went into labour until they announced the birth of their son weeks later! But as it turns out, the couple had a little help from another expecting A-lister: Reese Witherspoon, who gave birth right before Fox did, on Sept. 27.

"She went into labour the day before I did, and all of the paparazzi followed her to Santa Monica," Fox revealed on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" this week. "So when I went into labour, I went to Cedars and nobody cared or knew. I got in and out, I left the next day and nobody knew. And it was this big secret for almost three weeks."

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DeGeneres agreed that this was a good strategy.

"Actresses should get together when they're pregnant and do the diversion thing," DeGeneres said, and suggested giving a gift basket "like they do at award shows" to the unlucky woman who has to take all the publicity.

Fox and Green have always been secretive about their pregnancy, announcing it only after Fox's baby bump was impossible to hide any longer. But even though little Noah Shannon Green is out in the world, they still haven't released many details about him, or even his picture. So, we'll have to settle for Fox's description of him.

"He looks, I would say, 70 per cent like Brian. He was his identical twin when he came out and recently he's been getting chubbier, so everyone's like 'Oh, he's so chubby now, he looks like you!'" she told DeGeneres. "And I don't know how I should take that."

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In other topics of the pregnancy, Fox has been much more outspoken -- particularly in the sickness she felt in the early months.

"It was so bad for me, actually, that I felt like I was maybe birthing a vampire baby, like the one from 'Twilight,'" she said on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on Monday.

Fox might have had some bad morning sickness, but thanks to Witherspoon, the actual birth went off without a hitch!