Reese Witherspoon and Teenage Daughter Ava Step Out in Matching Looks

Celebrity Broods

Reese Witherspoon's 13-year-old daughter, Ava, has always looked a little like a miniature Reese, but on Sunday she took it a step further by dressing just like her Oscar-winning mom. The two stepped out for lunch with 36-year-old Witherspoon's hubby, Jim Toth, on an unusually rainy day in Santa Monica, California, wearing black jackets, jeans, and tall brown boots. The blondes — who now both stand about 5 feet tall — even pulled back their hair in the same casual style. Ava's good looks come courtesy of her parents; in addition to her pretty mom, she also has a handsome dad, Witherspoon's ex-husband, actor Ryan Phillippe.

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Although it looks like Ava and her mom are as close as ever, and still dressing alike as they did when Ava was little girl, Witherspoon confessed earlier this year that she worried about how her relationship with her eldest might change when the girl officially became a teenager on her birthday in September. "I don't know anything about teenagers, so I'm on a big learning curve here," Witherspoon told the British TV show "Daybreak" in February. "This is the time where I start asking all my friends who have kids who are older, 'What do you do about a cell phone? What are your rules about the computer? Is she allowed to go out with friends or is she not?' So I learn a lot from other mothers."

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At least Witherspoon has a few years before her sons become teenagers. Deacon, her son with Phillippe, turned nine in October, and baby boy Tennessee, her first child with Toth, was born September 27.