Tori Spelling ‘excited to work out’ after giving birth to fourth child

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With the August 30 birth of her fourth child, son Finn Davey, Tori Spelling is not pregnant for the first time in nearly two years. After delivering daughter Hattie last October, the former "90210" star never even got the chance to lose any of the baby weight before she conceived again just six weeks later. So now that she's done with having more babies (at least, she says that now), Spelling is eager to regain her body — but not exactly with the help of a plastic surgeon's scalpel.

The 39-year-old, who has admitted to a nose job and a breast augmentation, plans to do it "au naturel," she told omg! from the Boys and Girls Club in Burbank, California, where she and her family were helping to build a sports court just two days before she gave birth. "I'm hoping I wouldn't need to do [plastic surgery], that I could get it back on my own," shares Spelling. "I'm actually super excited — I've been pregnant pretty much for two years — so I'm excited to work out. My husband [Dean McDermott] said he's going to do it with me, and we get the kids involved. I won't be excited to diet, but I'm excited about working out."

With two children under 10 months old, Spelling and McDermott's oldest kids, Liam, 5, and Stella, 4, have been a big help, a role they unwittingly fell into. "[Getting pregnant again] happened so fast after Hattie that they think this is just what occurs in our household," the reality star say with a laugh. "But then again, they definitely won't be bored because they have a lot to do, a lot of responsibility with a new baby."

But there's also a lot of fun. Spelling, who with Lunchables has launched the "Never Be Bored Again" campaign, has passed on her love of crafting down to her children. "Being a working mom, the last thing I want to do is throw them in front of the TV," she says. "We craft pretty much on a daily basis. It's a thing I can get them involved in. We do everything from home décor, things for the house, things for their rooms, things they can play with. They love it, especially during the summer. I bring the table outside and we sit and craft by the pool, so it's great."

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In addition to another baby, there are other changes in the Spelling-McDermott household: Liam has just started kindergarten. "He's very excited. He's a big boy now," boasts the proud mother, adding that it's hard to see her children growing up so fast. "It's overwhelming," Spelling admits. "[Liam] recently graduated from pre-school and they had a little ceremony and everything, and that was hard for me."

As her oldest child makes his first foray into being a big kid, little Hattie is also hitting her own milestones. At just 10 months old, she's already talking. "She just started saying 'Stella,' that was a difficult one," explains Spelling. "Liam's mad she hasn't said 'Liam' yet. Her first word was 'Dada.' You win some, you lose some. I won Stella, he won Liam and Hattie, so hopefully the fourth will say 'Mama' first, so we can even it out!"