How Vanessa and Nick Celebrated Camden’s 1st Birthday

Camden Lachey's first birthday was a home run!

Vanessa and Nick Lachey's only son turned 1 on September 12 and they celebrated his milestone birthday in a big way. Sporting adorable matching jerseys created just for the special occasion, the trio hit the Cincinnati Reds's Great American Ball Park for a day of fun.

"Cam's 1st Birthday in Cincy was a success!" the former "TRL" host tweeted Sunday, along with the pic. "Beautiful day, lots of sweets, and so much Love! #TimeFlies."

In addition to a photo of them enjoying America's pastime, Vanessa also posted pictures of a cupcake tower — complete with a cute zebra decoration — from Nick's brother and 98 Degrees bandmate, Drew, and his wife Lea. A third photo was a snapshot of the birthday boy's new "Made in Ohio" onesie, noting, "It's true, haha!"

The couple now resides primarily in Nick's beloved hometown, so Camden can grow up with his cousins and the rest of the Lachey family. And it's a sports household, which the baby learned at a young age.

In an interview with omg! last year, Nick said he has been grooming Camden to be a sports fan — and potentially a player — since he was just 48 hours old.

"Literally, two days after we got home from the hospital, I had him in his Bengals onesie and we were watching the game together," the proud dad boasted. "For me as a big sports and football fan, I remember sharing those memories with my dad when I was a kid and now it's exciting to be able to share this with Camden."

And Camden's name was selected in part because it had a special ring to it.

"We knew we wanted his initials to be C.J.," Nick said. "C.J. Lachey! Doesn't that sound like an athlete's name?!"

Well, it will be quite a while before young Camden's profession is determined, but we must say — Lachey sure does look good on a Reds jersey.

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