Johnny Weir Files for Divorce From Husband of Two Years

Jeremy Blacklow

Say it ain't so, Johnny Weir!

The former Olympic ice skater and NBC ice skating analyst has filed for divorce from his husband of just over two years, Victor Weir-Voronov.

Weir, 29, announced the news Wednesday afternoon on Twitter:

Weir gave a longer statement to "Access Hollywood" saying, "I have been sad for a long time … And unfortunately don't foresee a way to resolve our current marital issues."

"Access Hollywood" will air a new interview with Weir about the end of his marriage on Thursday.

Johnny and Victor married on New Year's Eve 2011 and do not have a prenup. Weir told "Access" back in February that Victor, a Georgetown law school grad, was still in the closet until about a month before they married.

"A marriage between two guys is different than what I imagine a marriage between a man and a woman [to be]," he noted. "I mean, we're both constantly trying to fight to wear the pants in the relationship. It's constant fireworks. It's very boom, boom, boom."

There were, however, signs that the relationship was experiencing problems. Weir and Voronov appeared in court together on March 4 to ask that domestic violence charges against the ice skater be dismissed. Victor told police that Johnny bit him during a disagreement they had at home in January. The New Jersey judge who heard the case dismissed the charges.

Weir's media career has experienced a bit of a renaissance this year due to his over-the-top presence at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Johnny and his best friend, Tara Lipinski, were the talk of the town in Sochi, Russia, not only for their colorful skating commentary, but for having collectively packed eight suitcases of clothing, containing 22 pairs of shoes, 10 pounds of jewelry, 25 blazers, four fur coats, six pairs of leather pants, and nine high-end purses.

As a result, Weir landed a gig as a special correspondent for "Access Hollywood" at the Academy Awards, and is also currently working as a fashion expert for The Daily Beast.

Yahoo Celebrity voted Johnny and Tara the Runners-Up as our Best Person of the Month for February.