What the Fock? 'Meet the Parents' Star Teri Polo Files for Bankruptcy

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Perhaps the "Meet the Parents" residuals aren't what they used to be?

Actress Teri Polo, best known for her role as Ben Stiller's wife in the film trilogy that also includes "Meet the Fockers" and "Little Fockers," filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Los Angeles last week.

Polo, 44, currently stars as one of the moms in the critically acclaimed ABC Family show "The Fosters," which begins its second season in June.

Polo, a resident of Manhattan Beach, California, claims in her filing that she has estimated assets of less than $50,000 and liabilities approaching $1 million. She owes nearly $745,000 to the IRS, just over $27,000 to the California Franchise Tax Board, nearly $30,000 to American Express, and nearly $7,000 to Chase.

She also owes $30,000 in disputed fees to a landlord, Edwin McPherson, who sued Polo in February claiming she trashed the home she was renting from him for $6,500 a month. McPherson claims that Polo left the residence in "disgusting, deplorable condition," allowing her eight pets to pee on and ruin the carpet. McPherson also alleges that Polo "left the sole walkway on the west side of the premises covered with dog feces, the odor of which permeated the premises and the neighborhood, to the extent that neighbors could smell the odor of feces in their own yards and homes."

Additionally, he claims that she left food in the fridge to spoil (creating a "tremendous odor"), broke a closet mirror, tore two window screens, and left holes and "countless stickers stuck" to the wall.

Yahoo has reached out to Polo's managers for comment on the filing and the disputed claim, but they are not issuing comment.

In her filing, Polo has agreed to mandatory credit counseling.