Deadmau5 urges Marineland owner to set park's animals free

Deadmau5 has urged Niagara Falls theme park Marineland to set its animals free.
Deadmau5 has urged Niagara Falls theme park Marineland to set its animals free.

Deadmau5 may have sold his Purrari, but he has some new animals on his mind. The Niagara Falls native has come out in protest of his hometown's theme park and aquarium, Marineland, for keeping animals captive.

On Monday, the 33-year-old music producer wrote a blog on his website entitled "Deer Marineland," urging the park's owner, John Holer, to remove the park animals and keep the rides.

"Magic mountain doesnt have 1/2 dead wales n half dead deer… do i spend a buck or 300 every year to go there? F--- YES," Deadmau5 wrote, adding, "i dont know how much it costs to keep a huge f---in fish in a huge f---ing tank, but i kinda have a good idea how much a rollercoaster costs and im sure its pretty compareable…"

Deadmau5 hasn't been to Marineland since he was a teen and told QMI Agency he would seriously consider crowdsourcing the money to buy Marineland from Holer and turn it into a ride-only theme park.

"So as long as I'm motivated and can see past the despair of what potential roadblocks might stop me from achieving a goal ─ even if it's half-baked ─ then there's no stopping me," he said.

Deadmau5 slammed activists for doing little more than "holding signs and singing songs" since 2012, when Marineland whistle blower Phil Demers started speaking out against the park. Demers, who is being sued by Marineland for $1.5 million, said Deadmau5 was "out of line" for labelling him "INACTIVE" but did appreciate the musician's support for the cause.

This past weekend, Canadian "Baywatch" star Pamela Anderson also called out Marineland for mistreating its animals.

She joins the likes of dolphin activist and "The Cove" star Ric O'Barry, who last year turned up at the park to challenge Holer to a public debate (the Marineland owner did not respond and has remained mum on the protests).

In 2012, Toronto pop star Suzie McNeil, who recorded the "everyone loves Marineland" jingle in 2004, also gave her support to the park protesters.

"I want to clarify to all of my fans that my involvement with Marineland does not exceed that of a vocal jingle I was hired to perform eight years ago and for which I was paid a flat rate and receive no residuals," she said in a statement, adding, "I plan on investigating this issue further, and doing anything in my power to help these animals."

Since the release of Gabriela Cowperthwaite's 2013 documentary "Blackfish," which focuses on an orca held captive at SeaWorld, celebrities have been widely protesting animal captivity. The bad publicity caused bands like The Barenaked Ladies, The Beach Boys, REO Speedwagon and Willie Nelson to cancel their 2014 concerts at SeaWorld.

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