Every Canadian that has ever appeared on 'Mad Men'

Anne T. Donahue

On Sunday night's "Mad Men" premiere, fans were greeted by a familiar face during Don's Draper's flight home from Los Angeles: Neve Campbell guest starred, playing a widow who engages in a minor flirtation with the now very sad and lonely (former) ad exec.

While Campbell joins Linda Cardellini and Larisa Oleynik as '90s teen stars who've played roles on the series, she also represents another demographic: Canadian actors who have gotten their '60s on in the AMC drama.

"You mean there are others?" You bet your sweet Canadian butt there are! But with more than six seasons of "Mad Men," it can be difficult to narrow down -- and that's why we've gone through every episode and tallied up every single Canadian to ever appear on the show. You're welcome, hosers.

Troy Ruptash (Lieutenant Don Draper)

-- Season 1, Episode 12
From: Alberta
Ruptash only appeared in one episode, but he had an important role, playing the original Don Draper -- you know, the man whose identity Dick Whitman stole following the Korean war. While Ruptash himself is hardly a newbie to acting, he's starring in the upcoming TV series "Firsts," and has booked work on series like "Maron," "NCIS: Los Angeles," and "The Mentalist."


Phillippe Bergeron (Robespierre)

-- Season 2, Episode 3
From: Montreal, Que.
Bergeron has a small part as the director of Jimmy Barrett's Utz chip commercial, way back in Season 2. You can listen for Bergeron's voice in the video game "Wolfenstein: The New Order" which he recorded this year, but he hasn't been credited with a TV role since 2010, when he played Phil on "Dark Blue."


Angelo Tsarouchas (Bouncer)

-- Season 2, Episode 9
From: Montreal, Que.
You may remember Tsarouchas as the bouncer at an illegal gambling operation that Don and Roger take Freddy Rumsen to. Tsarouchas himself is actually a Canadian comedy staple, having showed up in Russell Peter's Christmas Special in 2011 (as well as on his tour), as well as on Vince Vaughan's Wild West Comedy show. According to Just For Laughs, he is also an Ethnic Hero of Comedy (since, well, he was on that tour, too).

Justine Eyre (Rocci de Persia)

-- Season 2, Episode 11
From: Nova Scotia
In "Mad Men's" second season, Eyre played the friend of a woman Don seduced during his trip to California. It was a small role for the actress (her character heads to the Bahamas by the end of the episode), and it seems there haven't been that many other roles for her, either: after a guest spot on "Two and Half Men" and "CSI: Miami," her last IMDB-able role was on "The Secret Life of an American Teenager" in 2012.

Laura Regan (Jennifer Crane)

-- Season 2 to Season 4
From: Halifax, N.S.
While she hasn't made an appearance since season 4, Halifax native Laura Regan had a recurring role as Harry Crane's wife, Jennifer. (No word on what she thinks about his sideburns in later seasons.) "Mad Men," however, was hardly Regan's first role: having made her TV debut on "Law and Order: SVU" in 2000, she's appeared on everything from "CSI: Miami" to "Charmed" to CBC's "Heartland." The actress even recently wrapped "Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?" due out later this year.

Jud Tylor (Honey Stolich)

-- Season 3, Episode 3
From: Vancouver, B.C.
Jud Tyler didn't have that much to do playing a guest at Joan's dinner party, but in real life, the actress has a stacked filmography: after a recurring role on "That '70s Show," she went on to appear on "The Mentalist" and in last summer's sports drama, "42." According to IMDB, she just wrapped the TV movie, "Love Is A Relative."


Jessica Paré (Megan Draper)

-- Season 4 to present
From: Montreal, Que.
This is the obvious one. Before being cast as Don Draper's second wife on "Mad Men," Paré had been regularly landing smaller roles in movies and TV. Since hitting it big on the AMC drama, she's appeared on CTV's short-lived "Satisfaction," and has just finished shooting the upcoming rom-com "Standby."



Amy Sloan (Jean Rose)

-- Season 4, Episode 5
From: Whitehorse, Yukon
Sloan played the mother of one of Sally's friends, who catches Sally in a compromising position during a sleepover -- leading to the Draper daughter getting put into therapy. This kind of game-changing (or at least important) character is no stranger to Sloan, who played Sheila on "Gilmore Girls," and later Dot Foxley on "Call Me Fitz." And while her last TV appearance was on "Republic of Doyle" in 2013, we certainly hope to see more of her.

John Henry Canavan (Howard Moses)

-- Season 4, Episode 5
From: Toronto, Ont.
Canavan had a strange role, playing a commercial director that Don Draper hires, but has no intention of using. (It's a complicated episode; you'll just have to go back and watch the episode to understand.) In his acting career, however, John Henry Canavan has graduated from commercials, having appeared on "Grey's Anatomy" after "Mad Men," as well as on the NBC show "Crisis."


Kim Poirier (Camille)

-- Season 4, Episode 13
From: Drummondville, Que.
Season/episodes: Season 4, episode 13
Canadian actresses united, as Poirier played a friend of Megan's during Don's trip to Disneyland. Let's assume they talked only about Canada -- or Poirer's résumé, which includes smaller roles in "The Exes," the movie "Awaken," and the upcoming "No Solicitors."


Jeff Clarke (Howard Dawes)

-- Season 5
From: Toronto, Ont. (by way of Manitoba)
Clarke got a big break when what he thought was a one-off role was extended into a recurring role in "Mad Men's" fifth season, playing the philandering husband of the woman Pete (Vincent Kartheister) falls in love with. The actor has also appeared in "Chicago," on "Two and a Half Men," and after "Mad Men," he filmed a spot on the series "Monday Mornings" and "Darknet."


Gary Basaraba (Herb Rennet)

-- Season 5 to Season 6
From: Edmonton, Alta.
Who could forget the slimy character of Jaguar exec Herb Rennet, who promised to sign with SCDP as long as he got to sleep with Joan (Christina Hendricks)? As for Basaraba in real life, he's been acting appearing on almost every show ever since the mid-1980s, with regular roles on "Brooklyn South" and "Mixed Blessings." This year, he also showed up on "Justified."

Rachel Roberts (Cindy)

-- Season 6, Episode 9
From: Vancouver, B.C.
Roberts made quite the impression during her single episode of "Mad Men": Not only does her character shoot Roger down when he pathetically hits on her, but she also hosts the party Don nearly dies at when he smokes too much, drinks too much, then falls into the pool. As for Roberts, she hasn't appeared in anything since her "Mad Men" spot, but earlier roles on "FlashForward," "Numb3rs," and in "The Host" imply we'll probably see her sooner rather than later.


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