Kanye West's fans wonder who Paul McCartney is

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To celebrate the start of the New Year, Kanye West released a collaboration with Paul McCartney entitled "Only One" on Dec. 31. It's the first single off Yeezy's upcoming album, and he began working on it with the ex-Beatle early last year. 

No doubt riffing off West's famously developed ego, one fan made a harmless joke about the duet:

This was then followed up by a number of other users who made a similar quip -- or, at least, we hope they were just joking.

Meanwhile, threatening to be lost in a mire of death threats and insults, @CurvedDaily was forced to explain that what he had tweeted was actually just a joke.

But it was too late, because social media ran with it, slamming kids these days for not knowing the world's most famous band.

All we can say to that is: yesterday all our troubles seemed so far away...