Lena Dunham’s feud with author Emily Gould

Gawker alum Emily Gould just published a novel called "Friendship," but that's the last thing on her mind when it comes to Lena Dunham.

The 32-year-old author and the "Girls" creator have been engaged in a minor feud in the past few weeks, and it just entered the next level with Dunham allegedly telling Gould, "you fully suck."

It all started on June 16, when ELLE published a profile of Gould in which the Emily Books founder discussed meeting Dunham in 2013. According to Gould, Dunham crashed a dinner party that a friend of Gould's was throwing in Dunham's apartment building.

“She brought her boyfriend, and they engaged in elaborate PDA,” Gould said. “Lena was very nice and charming, and I was so flattered she even knew who I was.”

The 28-year-old actress reportedly invited Gould and a bunch of other people to see her apartment.

“I thought I was fine, and I came home and I was kind of f---ed up about it for a week,” Gould said. “I’d been at the forefront of something—I don’t know what to call it. So then to see those people become prominent and successful in a moment when I’m just temping and trying to finish this novel—and I sold it, so I’m OK; I’m getting by. But I, like, sold a bunch of clothes to Buffalo Exchange to buy groceries so I could make dinner for my friends.”

On June 20, The New York Times published a profile of Gould in which she brought up the Dunham incident again. “I was jealous,” she said. “Every woman around my age who hopes to create something is jealous of Lena Dunham.”

Ten days later, New York Magazine's The Cut spoke to Gould on the phone. She revealed that one of Dunham's friends sent her a "devastatingly mean" email the day the ELLE article came out.

"I was like an hour late for work because I was lying in my bed, crying hysterically," Gould said, though she did not provide details of the message's contents.

Gould might have to brace herself again, because in the new issue of Interview, she mentioned Dunham once more. The interviewer brought up a tweet Gould had sent Dunham that read "I'm sorry," which the author said she had written because Dunham had DM'ed her before un-following her.

"She said, 'You fully suck. I was going to promote your book but you need to get a better talk show story,'" Gould said.

The author claimed she had planned to apologize privately to the "Girls" star, despite the fact that Gould had said "a lot of really positive things about her" and the interviewer focussed on the negative instead.

"I mean, I've said a lot of stuff in the past about how much I respect her and the work that she's done and the influence that she's had," Gould told Interview. "No one ever quotes that part of that."