Madonna nurses an injured foot at the Hard Candy fitness club opening in Toronto

Madonna might be nursing an injured foot, but that didn't stop her from being playful at the opening of her Hard Candy fitness club in Toronto on Tuesday.

The 55-year-old Queen of Pop played with photographers on the red carpet before making her way into the Yonge and Gerrard club's dance studio to teach a cardio class to 30 of her fans (according to the CBC, they auditioned for the privilege).

"Dance has always been a big part of my shows, my work," Madonna told The Canadian Press on Tuesday. "I started out as a dancer, so I can't imagine not having movement and dance and fitness being part of my work. It's just all interconnected."

After the workout, Madge posted a photo on Instagram about her ailing foot. "Harder is Better! Post work out! Foot in the Ice Bath. A girl has to make a living!" she wrote.

According to Page Six, Madge sustained the injury in January after taking a fall while skiing in Switzerland. It didn't help that she hit the dance floor soon after.

"She bruised a bone in her foot from dancing in her high heels," her publicist told the paper a month ago. "She'll be fine and off crutches in a week."

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