Get ready for ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 2 with the Litchfield Love Map

If you thought we were going to leave you with just three new images from the upcoming season of "Orange is the New Black," you don't know us very well.

So feast your eyes on this: another image from "Orange is the New Black," season 2, which is set to debut on Netflix in June. But it's not just an image, it's the Litchfield Love Map. Thanks to this, you can now better understand the romantic relationships between various characters. You can get a realistic take on the dynamics between inmates, prison staff, and inmates and prison staff -- and objects, even. (Click here to few the full-sized image.)

How do you think this map will change in the upcoming season? Who do you see hooking up with whom? And whose relationship do you think will end? Personally, we're gunning for Pornstache (Pablo Schrieber) to find himself in an intense relationship in solitary confinement in a men's prison far, far away. That's not too much to ask, is it?