Russell Crowe slams Irish reporter on red carpet

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Russell Crowe's new biblical drama "Noah" is considered a bit controversial, but the star has caused some controversy of his own on the red carpet. During an interview at the film's Dubin premiere, Crowe awkwardly shut down a reporter – and later continued to bash her on Twitter.

Niamh Walsh asked Crowe if his rugby team would ever play a match against Ireland – to which he responded, “The South Sydney Rabbitohs play rugby league, which is kind of a hybrid version of the game.”

“I know,” Walsh said, not letting the question slide. “But just kind of a match to get two loves together?”

Crowe’s tone immediately changed as he asked the reporter, “You do understand it’s a different sport?”

He went on to explain that rugby league is a 13-man team, while rugby union (the team in Ireland) is played with 15.

Walsh attempted to shift gears to get more out of the New Zealand actor/producer by prefacing her question with a little geographical tidbit – that Crowe was wrong for referring to Ireland as a part of the United Kingdom.

At that point, Crowe cut her off abruptly ended the interview.

Following the interview, Walsh tweeted:

But Crowe was quick to respond:

This isn’t the first case of Crowe slamming reporters on the red carpet. Earlier in March, entertainment reporter Giuliana Rancic admitted that her most awkward interview was with Crowe and said he was “so mean to [her].”

Rancic had only been with E! News for a year at that point, and after she posed a couple soft questions, Crowe responded, “One, two, you’re through.”

If only someone could say that to Crowe!