Where are they now: The cast of 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?'

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If you grew up in the ‘90s, there’s a good chance that an abandoned canoe, a creaky swingset and even a random skateboard might freak you out just a little bit. The creepy opening of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” will probably be ingrained in our minds forever.

Last week, Ross Hull (who played Gary on the show), tweeted a photo of him and fellow Midnight Society members Elisha Cuthbert and Daniel DeSanto.

Hull’s tweet got us thinking: What are all our favourite “AYAOTD” cast members up to now?

Ross Hull (Gary)

Then: Gary led the Midnight Society for all five seasons of the original “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” A lot of his stories revolved around the ultra-creepy magician Sardo.

Courtesy Nickelodeon/Twitter

Now: After acting on a variety of other TV series (his longest-standing stint was on “Student Bodies,”) Hull went to Mississippi to study meteorology. He returned to Canada where he’s worked as a meteorologist and reporter for places like The Weather Network, CTV and CBC. He currently is a meteorologist at Global Toronto.

Elisha Cuthbert (Megan)

Then: Cuthbert joined the revival of “Are You Afraid” for seasons 6 and 7 as Megan, a prissy rich girl who made over the Midnight Society’s campsite with pillows. You also probably know her from “Popular Mechanics for Kids,” which she co-starred in with my true love, Jay Baruchel.

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Now: Elisha Cuthbert has probably seen the most career success out of all of the “Are You Afraid” cast members. She starred in “24,” “The Girl Next Door” and “Happy Endings” and is currently on the show “One Big Happy.” She’s also married to Toronto Maple Leafs’ resident pylon, Dion Phanuef.

Daniel DeSanto (Tucker):

Then: DeSanto was one of the most recognizable Midnight Society members, appearing in 65 episodes from season 3-7. He also was the voice of Carlos on "The Magic School Bus."

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Now: The 34-year-old has been acting steadily since, with one of his biggest appearances as Gretchen Weiner’s boyfriend Jason in “Mean Girls.”


Rachel Blanchard (Kristen):

Then: Blanchard played the blond-headed Kristen for the first two seasons of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”

Now: Blanchard has acted in a lot of TV shows – and she even played Cher Horowitz in the small screen rendition of “Clueless.” She most recently appeared in the TV rendition of “Fargo.”

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Raine Pare-Coull (Betty Ann)

Then: Pare-Coull played Betty Ann. Her, Hull and Jodi Rester (who played Kiki) were the only three actors to appear on all five seasons of the original “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”

Now: Pare-Coull kind of disappeared after the show wrapped up. She had a small part in a Canadian TV show, “The Morgan Waters Show,” in 2006, but otherwise has been MIA from the acting scene. She reportedly works in scheduling at CBC.

Jodie Resther (Kiki)
Then: Kiki was the Midnight Society’s resident badass. She also loved bandanas.

Now: Resther continued to dabble in acting, as well as music – she released two R&B albums. And oh hey, she also voiced Francine on “Arthur.” The more you know.

Courtesy Nickelodeon/Twitter
Courtesy Nickelodeon/Jodie Resther

Joanna Garcia (Sam):

Then: Garcia played Sam, and her stories usually told a tale of everlasting love. As a young actress, she commuted from her home in Tampa, Florida to Montreal, where the show was filmed.

Now: Garcia has been a successful actor since the show wrapped up, acting in dozens of TV shows and films since the mid ‘90s. You might recognize her from "Reba,"  “Freak and Geeks,” “Gossip Girl,” “Animal Practice” or “One Upon a Time,” just to name a few. Most recently, she played Peter Prentice’s kind of nutty sister on “The Mindy Project.” In 2010, she married MLB player Nick Swisher.

Jason Alisharan (Frank)
Then: Frank was the male equivalent of Kiki – he was tough and also enjoyed stylish bandanas. He also created the character Dr. Vink, who probably still haunts your dreams.

Now: After a small one-episode role on another Canadian treasure, “Breaker High,” he went on to work behind the scenes, having a successful career in the live-action department of DreamWorks. He produced “A Single Man” starring Julianne Moore and Colin Firth. Apparently he sees his “Are You Afraid” costars Joanna Garcia and Rachel Blanchard “from time to time.”

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Courtesy Nickelodeon/Jason Alisharan