What’s wrong with the FX ‘Fargo’ teaser trailer?

We're as psyched about FX's upcoming "Fargo" TV adaptation as the next guy, but its teaser already has us concerned. Mainly because it seems the creators haven't done their homework.

Set in North Dakota (hence the name "Fargo") and based on the film written by Joel and Ethan Coen, the TV version stars Martin Freeman, Kate Walsh, Bob Odenkirk, Oliver Platt, Colin Hanks, and Billy Bob Thornton. The teaser sees Thornton battling the North Dakota weather and getting out of his car to scrape off his windshield.

The problem? You don't scrape snow off a windshield. The snow we see Thornton dealing with is some serious powder. That's a two-swipe windshield wiper job at best. That's a "brush it off with your sleeve in about 20 seconds" situation. It certainly doesn't call for anyone to get out of their car and use a tiny piece of plastic for removal purposes.

And the teaser is clearly an homage to a scene from the original film, in which William H. Macy does try to scrap actual ice off of his windshield:

Come on, guys! Showing the harsh reality of winter is not that difficult. Especially since the "Fargo" TV show has not actually been filming in North Dakota -- it's been shooting in Calgary, Alta. And we're in the middle of one of the harshest winters in years! Ice isn't exactly scarce right now.

Of course, that won't keep us from tuning in to the FX adaptation of "Fargo" when it debuts in April. Ice or no ice, it's good to see the show's creators at least try to recreate the feeling of the original "Fargo," and with its stellar cast, we're optimistic that the series will not disappoint.