Yes, there's now a Ryan Gosling-themed bathroom - and it's far from the most ridiculous Gosling tribute

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If having Ryan Gosling watch you go to the toilet is your kind of thing, you're in luck! (Hey, we don't judge.) A San Diego restaurant called Bang Bang has covered its women's washroom entirely in pictures of the "Notebook" star.

The bathroom is so popular that its guests have been filling Instagram with selfies. Even a couple of dudes risked ejection to get a shot in the famous bathroom.


Of course, this is far from the most bizarre tribute to Gosling. Here are a few other strange products made with Ryan in mind:

Ryan Gosling Shirt

Macaulay Culkin once broke out this Ryan Gosling T-shirt. You can either wear that one or go all out with the $10 Primark top that has Gosling's face all over it.


Ryan Gosling Skirt
Be sure to pair it with this mini skirt by O-Mighty, which may be less material, but costs a pretty penny more ($45).






Beth Behrs/Instagram

Ryan Gosling Leggings
And you better hope it's not summer, because you should also be wearing those Gosling leggings that have been making the rounds. Clashist sells "Dapper Ryan Gosling Leggings" on Etsy for $70.





Ryan Gosling Underwear
While you're on Etsy, don't forget to invest in some Gosling panties. Obviously.




Ryan Gosling Earrings
Now you can put Gosling on your ears. These ones don't dangle so you can keep him nice and close.





Ryan Gosling Nails
You may not be able to get Gosling under your thumb, but he can be on it. For $7 you can have 15 Ryan Gosling nail art decals in your hot little hands.



Ryan Gosling Pillow
There was once an imaginary Ryan Gosling Husband Pillow and then it came to life. It will cost you $81.42 to hug the Gosling "body pillow."






Fab Furniture

Ryan Gosling Chair
And if you don't actually need to use the toilet, you can always bring your own Gosling chair wherever you go. This one is pricey ($515!) but it's worth it. Sadly, it's apparently out of stock right now. Curse you, fellow Gosling fans!

Hey, who says we're obsessed? We just have good taste in fashion (and men).