Ellen Degeneres throws Miley Cyrus a bachelorette party – including strippers!


Miley Cyrus and fiance Liam Hemsworth haven't set a date for their wedding yet, but according to TV talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, it's never too early for a bachelorette party!

While appearing as a guest on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Thursday, Ellen got to talking to Cyrus about the actress' big day. The comedienne quickly switched the subject to Cyrus' bachelorette party when a lightbulb suddenly blew on the set. A shocked Cyrus laughed, saying "I thought that was a surprise bachelorette party!"

Well, lo and behold, the two "maintenance guys" that came on stage proceeded to strip to their bare chests and gave the cringing bride-to-be a lap dance. Cyrus attempted to send one of the dancers over the DeGeneres, to which the talk show host screamed, "I'm married!"

Ever the lady, though, Cyrus thanked them kindly as the two men left the stage after their short performance.

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Even though the bachelorette party is now out of the way, that still doesn't mean Miley is in a rush to get to the altar. In fact, the 19-year-old revealed that the wedding will have to wait until she's done recording and promoting her next album.

"It's a lot of weird detail, and I don't want to be doing too much and be crazy and forget about the moment of it all," Cyrus said, also dispelling the rumours that she'll be having three weddings.

"It's one day that is everything that I choose and every detail is something that I love. And that look, I don't want anyone to ever forget about that," she went on. "I'm having one wedding. That's my day and whatever I want on that day will be about me and that moment, that look, that love."

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And we're guessing part of that so-desired "look" will include the singer's dramatic short haircut, which received a mixed reaction when she debuted it on Twitter in August. But her reasons for keeping her new 'do go far beyond just liking the look of it.

"When you wake up, your hair is done. It's so easy," Cyrus said. "And the dirtier it is, the more I like it, so it's great. Showering has cut down, I'm saving water... This is more than a fashion statement; it's eco-friendly."

Maybe Cyrus will take her newfound environmentally-conscious lifestyle beyond just her showering habits and have a green wedding. But one thing's for sure, that day will be all about Miley.