Jaden Smith is now a rapper, debuts ‘The Coolest’ music video

Carly Maga

Oh, that Pinkett-Smith family. Is it something in their genes or their diet that makes them so successful? Because when we were 14, we sure didn't have the life experience to rap about mistresses, money, and being "too legit," but that's exactly what Jaden Smith does in a new song and video called "The Coolest."

Jaden Smith's new video has him walking (or is he floating?) down the graffiti-covered alleys and basketball courts of Los Angeles, dressed in clothes from his own clothing line, MSFTS. Besides the startling lack of a babysitting in the video (who would let a 14-year-old rich boy out on the streets alone?), Jaden's lyrics are a bit, let's say, grandiose for a young teen. The song includes references to "misses" and "mistresses," yoga-loving young women in hot tubs, "taking" older women, and not wanting to "wait 'til we're older."

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So, he's not exactly a wordsmith (aa! See what we did there?), but that's not stopping Jaden from declaring his super-confidence, despite his age. In fact, he says he's proud of his age, writing lyrics like "the youth is taking over" and "we're the youngest, we're the ones who know what's up." There, he's probably talking directly about his little sister Willow, who's already beaten her big bro to see who can first get a hit song video (her song "Whip My Hair" reached the No. 11 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in 2010).

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Both Jaden and Willow now go only by their first names, dropping the famous last name of father Will Smith. Jaden has followed in both of his dad's jobs: as a rapper, and also as an actor in "The Karate Kid" and "The Pursuit of Happyness."

"The Coolest" will be featured on Jaden's upcoming mixtape "The Cool Cafe," to be released on Oct. 1.