Samuel L. Jackson’s ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ cover deemed ‘best cover ever’ by the Internet

Carly Maga

Sure, Taylor Swift has sold millions of albums and collected a few mantles worth of awards, but it seems that even this golden-haired songstress can be overshadowed. But if there was ever anyone to be one-upped by, it might as well be Samuel L. Jackson.

The 64-year-old legendary actor with over 100 films to his name recently appeared on British radio show Capital FM, during which they received a call from a listener dealing with an ex-boyfriend who wouldn't get the picture. As a last resort to get him to understand the relationship was over, she requested Swift's first single off her album "Red." But some clever fox at the radio station thought maybe it would the message would get through clearer if it came from Jackson said himself. The resulting cover of Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" quickly became an Internet fascination.

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With his signature gravelly voice, well-timed curse words, and angry ad-libs, Jackson's take on the poppy breakup ballad is nothing short of genius. And bloggers of the world agree.

Buzzfeed makes no bones about how it feels about the rendition, asking "Better than the original, y/y?"

Hiftix eagerly claimed the clip "Instantly qualifies for best cover ever." gives Jackson their regards for "turning the charming tweenage ditty into a far more awesome track."

Gawker reasoned that the grittiness of Jackson's disposition added an extra layer of turmoil to the angst-ridden lyrics, "thereby making his version the definitive one."

Meanwhile, the folks at gushed over the cover, calling it a "ridiculously ah-mazng rendition" and exclaiming "Holy cheese ballz, it's GLORIOUS! We love it!!! What passion! What conviction! What…. the heck is he crooning on about?!"

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Jackson even received the blessing from the 23-year-old queen of heartbreak herself, Taylor Swift.

"Samuel L Jackson. YES," Swift tweeted on Wednesday, along with a link to the song.

It looks like Jackson's foray into spoken-word covers of pop music has won everyone over! Better watch out, William Shatner.