Zac Efron sings a capella with Conan O’Brien


We already know from his " High School Musical" days that Zac Efron can sing, but lately he's better known as the leading man from movies like the romantic drama "Charlie St. Cloud," the ensemble comedy "New Year's Eve," and the upcoming Nicholas Sparks tearjerker "The Lucky One." That doesn't mean the guy hasn't still got it, though. During an appearance Monday on "Conan," Zac showed he can still carry a tune when he belted out the Beach Boys song "Barbara Ann" a cappella with the red-headed comedian and the leader of his band, La Bamba.

The singing began after Zac, 24, explained that waaay back when he was a teen -- how can he even remember that long ago? -- he wasn't quite as popular with the ladies. (Zac recently proved his current studliness at the premiere of his new animated flick "The Lorax" by accidentally dropping a condom on the red carpet. Oops!)

"I really still am, and I've always confessed to being a pretty big nerd," Zac revealed to Conan. "I was into musical theater and stuff, and I really didn't get much attention." The former boyfriend of "HSM" co-star Vanessa Hudgens and the rumored curent squeeze of "The Blind Side's" Lily Collins admitted he would often show off his singing and dancing skills to win girls' attention.

Conan then talked Zac into singing and, just for kicks, the trio gave their (one would presume) one-time-only performance. Call me crazy, but I'd say Conan stole the spotlight from his guest. What do you think?

Check out the clip: