10-storey building in India built in 48 hours

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

Need a new building? An entrepreneur in India can have that for you in 48 hours.

Synergy Thrislington infrastructure company has built a 10-storey building in a mere two days, according to the Times of India. Harpal Singh, who heads the company, announced the building would be finished within the time frame and set out to achieve the feat starting last Thursday.

The first three floors were built within six hours, the newspaper reported.

Despite evoking images of a building cobbled together like a fifth-grader's Popsicle-stick-and-glue creation, Singh told the newspaper that the project was approved by authorities.

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"The model has been cleared for Zone-V seismic area, the highest risk area (for earthquakes)," he is quoted as saying.

He said the first building was a "sample" structure but the method is intended to boost the efficiency of construction to nothing short of hyper-speed. Officials told the newspaper they didn't use any bricks or sand.

The report said more than 200 workers, technicians and engineers built the structure using 200 tonnes of steel. Even the materials were produced within the last two months.

If Canadian developers could build that fast, buyers wouldn't have to wait years before moving into their new condos.

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Then again, we still don't know for sure the builders didn't forget to install a beam somewhere along the way.