3-year-old has sheer delight over birthday train ride

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

Madeline is 3 years old and she's delighted about riding the train.

The toddler can barely contain her excitement as she watches the train approach, wiggling in her coat and covering her mouth in awe. Once the train pulls up, her face starts to show something like concern about how this big, huge metal vehicle is going to carry her away.

The caption says the video was recorded on Madeline's third birthday.

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You don't have to be 3 to appreciate a sturdy piece of machinery. Take the New York train fanatic who went wild while capturing a 1953 EA heritage train on camera. He said the horn gave him chills.

Viewers dubbed the video 'Double Trainbow' after a former viral clip of a man who cried tears of joy over a double rainbow. That man received his share of mockery, to be sure, but at least one commenter appreciated his spiritual appreciation of nature, calling it 'touching' and saying it reminded her why she chose to study atmospheric science.

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An enthusiastic train spotter who said he had been waiting for months to spot a special train uploaded a video last year in which he exclaimed with joy at catching on video — you guessed it — another heritage unit.