6-week-old puppy attacks vibrating giggle ball

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz
February 8, 2013

Ricochet the dog has found a mortal enemy in a colourful, vibrating ball.

This 6-week-old puppy is at war with her toy and the more she attacks, the more it taunts her with robotic giggles. The trouble is, it's hard to hold down a giggle ball with tiny puppy teeth when the silly thing won't stop vibrating.

Before long, Ricochet's growling starts to vibrate too.

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The video was posted on Feb. 6 but Ricochet is a grown dog now and she's on to more exciting pastimes than giggle balls — like surfing. She's been known to sport a stylish pink life preserver and sunglasses, which are, of course, essential accessories for any surf dog.

Ricochet helps people with special needs and disabilities surf as part of a charity program that raises money for causes such as animal rescue and physical therapy for disabled people, according to the Facebook page and a YouTube video that tells the dog's story.

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The video says Ricochet began her life in training to become a service dog for disabled people but she struggled because she loved chasing birds. Now she can chase all the birds she likes on the beach.

No word on whether vibrating giggle balls still send this groovy surfer dog into a puppy frenzy.