• The mother of a five-year-old girl is outraged after Nutella refused to personalize a jar of the hazelnut-chocolate spread for her daughter because of her name, Isis.

    Since September, Nutella has been running a “Make Me Yours” campaign in Australia, which allowed fans to customize jars with their own names, Sydney Morning Herald reports. 

    But one name has been rejected entirely because of its “sensitive nature” as it’s too closely associated with the acronym used for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria - ISIS.

    “I’m really quite upset by this,“ her mom, Heather Taylor, told the company’s chief executive, Craig Barker, according to Sydney Morning Herald.

    "You are actually making my daughter’s name dirty. You are choosing to refuse my daughter’s name in case the public refers to it negatively.”

    It all began when the five-year-old girl’s aunt went into a department store in New South Wales to buy five personalized Nutella jars as gifts for Isis and her brother, Odhinn, Daily Mail Online r

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  • A grocery store can hold a lot of wonder for a child. One boy in Dallas, Texas, was in complete awe when he encountered automatic sliding doors.

    While grocery shopping Abraham Vargas shared a short clip of his son’s reaction to seeing sliding doors for the first time on YouTube.

    The little boy’s awe-struck expressions are just adorable.

    As the toddler walks by the automatic sliding doors, he appears in complete bewilderment to discover that they open by themselves and stops to inspect them closer.

    He approaches the closed doors and is “mind blown” when they slide open for him.

    When he realizes there’s more than one sliding door, he can’t hold in his excitement and runs quickly to take a closer look at the other doors. 

  •  Two Canadians are taking the internet by storm after posing with an unlikely selfie participant last week.

    The men, brothers from Sudbury, Ont., were out on a hunting trip when they spotted several ravens circling the skies above them, according to the CBC.

    After moving towards where they were circling, Neil and Michael Fletcher spotted the king of the Canadian skies, a bald eagle, with its foot stuck in a trap.

    “It was relieving to see that it was still alive," Neil told the public broadcaster. "I knew we had to do something right away.”

    “The bird was pretty calm,” his brother Michael told BuzzFeed Canada. “It was probably tired from trying to fight the trap.”

    Despite the relative calm, Michael said he took off his jacket to drape it over the eagle’s head in hopes of keeping it that way as they tried to free it from the trap.

    After a few tries, success – now time for a selfie.

    [Photo from Facebook]

    Even with two Canadians in it, the eagle’s pure white head feathers, sharp yellow

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  • Cardistry. If you’ve never heard of it, don’t worry, because it also seems Margaret Atwood has only recently learned of the world of card flourishing.

    A video posted to Twitter by a Swedish resident of he and his friend doing cardistry, a fluid motion of shuffling the cards, all over Stockholm captured the Canadian’s attention. She was so impressed by the video, she re-tweeted it!

    The owner of the vid is Swedish resident and artist Frank Sung, who got very excited about the promo from the literary giant.

    Some fans were surprised to find out Atwood would be interested in

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  • Baggage handlers caught on camera tossing luggageBaggage handlers caught on camera tossing luggage
    One passenger was left a little concerned after capturing a few airline workers on camera repeatedly tossing a suitcase.

    It turns out, however, the staff were just playing a game with a ‘dummy bag.’ 

    While Chase Platon waited for a flight at the San Jose Mineta International Airport in California, he saw what appeared to be baggage handlers throwing a bag, as they cheered each other on, KPIX 5 reports.

    “I would be pretty mad, obviously I was a little concerned because I had just checked in my bag just earlier so I was a little peeved,” Platon told KPIX 5.

    He then uploaded the video to his Facebook page with the message: “Ever wonder what #southwest does with your bags? They see who can toss the furthest…”

    Southwest came forward about the incident and denied the handlers in the video worked for them.

    In fact, Alaska Airlines confirmed that it was their staff who were caught, NBC Bay Area reports. 

    They also added that it wasn’t a customer’s suitcase being thrown around but instead, one

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  • (Anne McCaw)(Anne McCaw)
    Imagine you walk out to your garden and there’s a seal just hanging out. Now imagine it gets startled when it spots you and jumps onto the roof of a nearby shed to hide.

    Crazy, right? Well it turns out, not completely farfetched according to Ann McCaw, property manager at a heritage home museum in Kaikoura, New Zealand.

    “He was in the front garden. We both startled each other,” McCaw told the Sunday Star Times. “He took off along the side of the house, he took a left and jumped onto the roof.”

    In fairness, the distance from roof to ground on the side the seal is reported to have leapt from is only two feet.

    “I thought to myself, my goodness, I’ve got a seal on the roof, this is unreal,” McCaw told the paper. “He looked very happy. He was just looking out to sea, just doing a classic seal pose.”

    The seal reportedly spent 20 minutes on the metal roof before McCaw was able to shoo it away from the larger drop on the other side of the building and back off the roof to safety.

    It wasn’t

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  • (Bartari Video Game Bar / Facebook)(Bartari Video Game Bar / Facebook)Gaming enthusiasts in the greater Saskatoon area who’ve always wanted to down a barrel of their favourite brew while dodging them in Donkey Kong now have their chance at David Mah’s new video game themed bar on 20th Street.

    “So we pretty much have every retro gaming system ever made,” Mah told CBC News, adding that the bar, called Bartari, does have some physical consoles available with software for true nostalgia, "If they want the real experience we can provide that as well.”


    (Batari Video Game Bar Facebook)

    Bartari also has a couple of pinball machines, individual televisions for for each table, and a gaming lounge set up at the back of the bar with more comfy seating arrangements to play Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and PlayStation. 

    Mah got the idea for the place after discovering many other video game bars during his time travelling internationally for martial arts tournaments, and has invested $60,000 into Batari with high hopes for its future.

    Patrons pay a flat $5 fee to get access

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  • It can be hard sometimes to make friends. When you’re alone and fenced off from the world 99 per cent of the time, that feat is all that much harder.

    A Siberian tiger named Amur living in a Moscow safari park decided not to let its enclosure get in the way of happiness, choosing instead to form a bond with a goat named Timur. 

    A YouTube video shows the two in the same enclosure. Timur didn’t know to fear for life when it saw the tiger and instead of taking flight, the goat chased the tiger from its own sleeping quarters. 

    Since then, Timur is reported to regularly sleep where Amur used to, forcing the mighty feline to take up a new spot on top of a shelter.

    The Primorsky Safari Park said they decided to name the fearless Timur in reference to a child from a popular Communist-era book.

    “It’s a fitting name for such a fearless animal,” the park said.

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  • Photo from Rijksmuseum's Facebook page, posted ahead of this year's Big Draw event.Photo from Rijksmuseum's Facebook page, posted ahead of this year's Big Draw event.

    The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam recently held its 2015 Big Draw event. It’s an event where visitors come to the museum and appreciate art in a whole new way. They are allowed to ‘take pictures’ of the artifacts and displays, just as long as they don’t bring a camera or smartphone along to take actual photos. No cameras allowed, sketches only!

    The museum’s website explains the idea is to get people truly engaged in what they’re looking at.

    “In today’s world of mobile phones and media a visit to a museum is often a passive and superficial experience,” they write on their website. “Visitors are easily distracted and do not truly experience beauty, magic and wonder. This is why the Rijksmuseum wants to help visitors discover and appreciate the beauty of art and history through drawing.”

    While drawing is certainly both a skill and a talent, the juxtaposition of both simplicity and incredible detail that visitors’ drawings display drive the point home. It doesn’t matter if you struggle

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  • This week’s Black Friday means big savings for some, but often times big bargains are accompanied by chaotic stampedes and lost tempers.

    This year’s Black Friday mayhem kicked of in Kentucky where things got out of hand for two shoppers at the Mall St. Matthews in Louisville. 

    As the sales kicked off, the two unidentified men were caught in a brawl in the middle of the food court, Syracuse reports.

    A bystander captured the chaotic scene showing the two men throwing punches and wrestling each other to the ground.

    As they fell, yanking at each other’s shirts, they knocked a woman over onto the floor. 

    A security officer eventually appeared and broke up the brawl. 

    One of the man involved in the fight is later seen leaving the mall with his friends but not before picking up his shopping bag, according to the New York Daily.

    It’s apparently unclear what caused the brawl or whether both men will be

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