• The fountain of youth has been found and its name is bacon. Maybe.

    Susannah Mushatt Jones, aka ‘Tee’ is current the world’s oldest person, according to Guinness. She has more than 116 years of wisdom under her belt.

    In a recent interview with the New York Post, Tee said she wakes up at 9:30 a.m. for a breakfast of scrambled eggs with bacon. Every day. Like clockwork.

    “She’ll eat bacon all day long,” an aide at the Brooklyn facility where she lives told the paper.

    “Sometimes, she’ll take the last strip, fold it in a napkin, put it in her pocket and save it for later,” Tee’s niece, Selbra Mushatt, told Time.

    Tee, short for ‘Auntie’, has 100 nieces and nephews, according to Guinness.

    After following the bacon and eggs up with some grits, Business Insider reports, Tee unwraps five sticks of Doublemint gum and starts chewing away.

    Despite possibly making you feel like a little better about your diet, Tee knows it’s not actually the reason she’s lived so long.

    “I never drink or smoke,” she

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  • (Photo: Conor Collins)(Photo: Conor Collins)
    A talented artist from Manchester, UK, is known to create one-of-a-kind pieces of celebrities who have endured challenges in life.

    Conor Collins’ most recent project is a portrait of Caitlyn Jenner. It’s based off the star’s Vanity Fair cover and made out of hateful tweets about her.

    Many, including Jenner who tweeted “Turning hate into love is so beautiful and powerful – great job by this artist”, have praised his work.

    His project, shared widely on social media, has received some backlash. Somebody even mailed Collins a letter anonymously.

    Instead of allowing the letter to upset him, Collins decided to respond in the best way possible. He graded the piece of mail and shared it online.

    “Don’t let trolls drag you down to their level,” he told BuzzFeed News.

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  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to find out that you’ve just won the lottery? How about learning you've become a millionaire with 11 of your coworkers?

    Well, we think it might be something like this.

    Twelve co-workers from the Ontario-based vehicle evaluation business Black Books recently learned that they had became multi-millionaires, the CBC reports.

    The grou pitched in to a lottery pool that was led by Black Books employee Dennis Cartier and they ended up winning the largest jackpot in the lottery’s history, a sum of $60-million dollars.  

    Cartier was the one to learn the group had won the pot this past Saturday, but didn’t break the news until Monday morning.

    “I wanted to stay calm, eat my burrito and check the numbers again online. Every single number matched up, so I went back to where I bought the ticket and that’s when it all became very real,” Cartier told CBC News.

    Cartier showed up to work on Monday in sandals and a T-shirt, which was very different from his

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  • Walking across a glass-bottomed walkway suspended in the air is frightening enough as it is. But could you imagine if the glass cracked beneath your feet as you were walking it?

    This was a reality for a group of tourists in China.

    Just two weeks after opening a popular walkway at Yuntai Mountain Geological Park in the country’s Henan province was evacuated and closed after tourists noticed cracks forming, Mashable reported.

    Tourists were enjoying the beautiful views, when around 5 p.m. a 68-centimetre glass pane cracked causing a stampede as terrified visitors rushed to get to the other side of the bridge for safety.

    Lee Dong Hai was on the walkway when he heard the cracking noise. He shared his experience of what happened on the social media site Weibo:

    "I was almost at the end and suddenly I heard a sound. My foot shook a little. I looked down and I saw that there was a crack in the floor. A lot of people started to scream. I screamed out, ‘It cracked! It really cracked!’ and then I

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  • Man’s best friend has proven to be a child’s best playmate after a stray dog was captured playing jump rope with kids in Brazil.

    Capitalizing on every canine’s favorite game, tug of war, the kids got the dog to pull on one end of the rope to anchor it, while a child stood on the opposite end to control the movement.

    Pretty clever act from both parties, as everyone involved seems to be having a great time.

    Globo.com spoke to a resident of the area, Ricardo Cavalcante, who said the dog is named ‘Female’ and she is a community pet. As a result, she is also known by locals to answer to other names, including: Marble, Polka Dot and “Bolihna”. All the children in the neighborhood play with her and make sure she has food to eat and that she is taken care of. 


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  • (Warning: Video contains profane language)

    You've probably run into this guy at some point in your life.

    He’s underage but, it’s college, so he gets drunk. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be able to handle his liquor and gets way too high and mighty for his own good.

    A video posted on YouTube appears to show this exact scenario that is played out all too often on college campuses everywhere.

    Nineteen-year-old Luke Vincent Gatti was arrested by University of Connecticut police Sunday night after verbally and physically abusing staff at the UConn Student Union, according to the Hartford Courant.

    The explicit clip has since gone viral, with most people commenting on the ignorance and entitlement of the teen, as well as the incredible patience displayed by the staff.

    The video starts with Gatti and the manager of the Union Street Market already standing toe-to-toe with Gatti in full-profanity mode, calling the manager a “f****** idiot” while demanding some “f****** jalapeno, bacon mac

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  • A three-year-old found the most adorable way to defend her actions when it came to breaking the house rules.

    Sophia’s mother, April Wunderie-Nagorski, recently posted a video on her Facebook page showing her daughter and her husband, Joseph, having a conversation about the reason why Sophia used blue nail polish inside the house instead of outside.

    Apparently, Barbie told Sophia to paint her “blue over 100 times.”

    In the video, Sophia is sitting across her dad in their home in Cleveland, Ohio, and tells him that she argued with Barbie “over and over again” against breaking the rules but in the end Barbie won. 

    “All of a sudden Barbie said you can paint me with nail polish? Does she know she could have ruined your carpet and all of your blankets?” Her dad asked his little girl.

    As Sophia wipes away her tears she replied: “Yes, she told me to. I said it was a horrible idea but she didn’t listen to me. She said it 100 times. I said no.”

    “When she was all painted blue did you think you

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  • Montreal man posts ‘campaign’ posters because he ‘just wanted a sign’

    “Not running for anything, I just wanted a sign.”

    (Photo credit: Instagram / @tlemco)(Photo credit: Instagram / @tlemco)

    With the federal election just around the corner, key political party leaders have ramped up their campaigns in an effort to capture your vote.

    Of course, we’re talking about Stephen Harper, Tom Mulcair, Justin Trudeau and … Tyler Lemco? Well, not quite. 

    You may recognize intrepid Montreal native Tyler Lemco as a former regular on the viral YouTube hit Epic Meal Time, stuffing his face with mountains of calories. But locals in Montreal have been recognizing Lemco from an entirely different source.

    “Don’t vote for me, I’m not running for anything,” Lemco tells a passerby on an Instagram video he posted, while his sign hangs along side others who definitely do want your vote.


    “Like, what else am I gonna spend my money on? Food? Clothes? Nah, F that. Campaign signs,” Lemco shared on the Instagram photo above. And he’s pretty serious about his campaign, as Lemco has made sure that his signs have not been taken down.


    “I went to check and they’re all still up hahaha! People were taking

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  • (Photo: Thinkstock)(Photo: Thinkstock)

    While book banning is no longer a common practice, and the flaming books piles are things of the past, libraries across North America are still getting requests to have material pulled from their shelves. And some of them are pretty surprising requests, too.

    Last week, the American Library Association (ALA) observed its Banned Books Week, an international celebration heralded by the is a time to be glad that banning books is a rare occurrence on both sides of the border. While many books continue to be challenged in schools and public libraries, the book burning fires have been put out.

    The Canadian Freedom to Read foundation, which celebrates their own reading week in February, works hard to compile various sources showing what kinds of material is still contested in Canada. “Freedom of expression is a fundamental right of all Canadians, and freedom to read is part of that precious heritage,” their mission statement affirms. But is that right in any kind of danger?

    You might suspect

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  • After celebrating a night out for her birthday, a hairdressing student from Manchester, UK, took to Facebook to post a photo with the ‘stunning’ dude she met at a nightclub.

    (Photo: Facebook / Pippa McKinney)(Photo: Facebook / Pippa McKinney)Pippa McKinney’s attempt to find the stranger who she shared kisses and her number with quickly spread through Facebook.

    Within an hour, the girlfriend of said ‘stunning’ dude was tagged in the photo, bringing with that all the drama that’s expected.

    “I thought ‘who is this’ and clicked on her profile, and that’s when I saw him in her cover photo. I felt so stupid,” she told Manchester Evening News, “I was gutted for myself, gutted for her and gutted for him.”

    “I was talking to him all night. He kept saying ‘you’re stunning, are you sure you are definitely single?’ McKinney, 22, told Manchester Evening News, “I asked him the same and he said he was.”

    Matty Steven, eventually outed as the ‘stunning’ dude, has since ended the relationship with his girlfriend. He posted this to Facebook in response to the event:

    (Photo: Facebook / Matty Steven)(Photo: Facebook / Matty Steven)


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