• Mark Hamill channels his inner Joker when giving autographs

    “This Vader guy is a loser… hope he doesn’t have kids!”

    Mark Hamill, most famously know for his role as Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars trilogy, seems to have a wicked sense of humour as well. 

    Recently some bubblegum cards have surfaced on Imgur that appear to have been signed by Hamill, along with some hilarious Star Wars jokes.

    One card depicting Luke Skywalker’s destroyed home reads: “Darn it! I told Uncle Owen not to smoke in the house!”

    Another one shows Luke Skywalker in search for Vader and the 63-year-old actor writes: “This Vader guy is a loser… hope he doesn’t have kids!” 

    One Imgur user said: “Now I know why they call him The Joker,” a character Hamill is known for voicing in numerous animated features and video games in the Batman franchise. 

    Another one said: “Nice to know he actually looks at what he’s signing. What a nice guy.” 

    But getting a hand on an autograph from the childhood idol isn’t cheap.

    According to the Hollywood Reporter, getting a signature from Hamill will cost you about $125

    Fans definitely have

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  • Job hunters highlight their not-so-valuable skills with #MyUselessResumeSkills hashtag

    "Selfie artist. (Might as well make it sound legit) #MyUselessResumeSkills"

    And what a great impression of a hot dog it is! (Photo credit: Twitter)And what a great impression of a hot dog it is! (Photo credit: Twitter)

    If you have ever toiled over your resume, wondering what to highlight and what to omit, then you know how, well, useless, some of your skills really are.

    Twitter user @SarahGee1987 put it best:  “I’m highly dedicated. I can finish an entire season of a show in two days or less,” she tweeted, with the hashtag #MyUselessResumeSkills.

    The hashtag has gone viral over the past week, with prospective job searchers hilariously admitting to their less-than-desirable traits and skills.

    Nev Schulman, host and producer of the MTV TV series Catfish and the 2010 documentary of the same name, tweeted his own not-so impressive job skills and the Internet took it from there:

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  • Forget about plates, apparently. 

    There’s an unusual food trend in Britain that has customers eating a ‘dog’s dinner’ out of stainless steel bowls. Yummy! 

    Varsity, a pub in Warwick, England, has been serving authentic meals in dog bowls as part of its “Dirty Food” menu.

    The restaurant’s unusual trend has been put in the spotlight after Zoe Carrington shared an image of her meal with the website We Want Plates, reports the Mirror.


    ‘We Want Plates’ campaigns against food being served on anything other than plates, including baskets or even shovels.

    The meal is called Dirty Dog’s Dinner, which consists of bacon, baked beans, chips (fries) and sausages. The dish goes for £4.29, roughly about $8.75.

    According to the Daily Mail, a Varsity spokesperson commented that it’s catching on. “The fun choice of stainless

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  • Ontario woman’s obituary asks readers to ‘drive Stephen Harper from office’

    “Mom wanted an interesting obit and we tried to honour that."

    Catherine Finn (Photo credit: turnerporter.permavita.com)Catherine Finn (Photo credit: turnerporter.permavita.com)

    Catherine Finn was remembered for her “sharp wit” and “steely backbone,” as well as her bold opinions. It only makes sense that her obituary wouldn’t be any different.

    The 72-year-old’s obituary appeared in newspapers last week and is going viral ever since for its brutal honesty. 

    The Peterborough, Ont., native passed away quietly in her sleep in Toronto on July 19. Her obit notes that she was a wife, mother and grandmother who loved life and was a “fearless defender of the world of ideas.”

    Her three sons took on the challenge to write her obit, which included a few “zingers,” reported the Toronto Star

    “Mom wanted an interesting obit and we tried to honour that,” her son, Patrick Finn, told BuzzFeed. “We were trying to channel her voice and not impose our own.”

    Finn had strong opinions about Canadian politics and culture. One of her ideas related to Canada’s current Prime Minister. 

    Instead of donations, “Catherine would want you to do everything you can to drive Stephen Harper

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  • B.C. Mountie under investigation for questionable traffic stop caught on video

    "You want to potshot me by saying I’m a distracted driver when I’m doing my job?"

    Among a recent slew of investigations into police activity comes a case out of Kelowna, B.C., where a Mountie is being investigated for his questionable behaviour.

    Shawn Michaelz of Edmonton, Alberta, was driving in Kelowna with his girlfriend when a Mountie pulled them over.

    As he explained on his Facebook profile, Michaelz and his girlfriend were waiting to turn left at an intersection and even though they had time to turn, they waited for the slowly oncoming police officer to make his turn, as he had the right of way.

    “I throw my hands up in the air in the passenger seat of the vehicle and the cop gets mad and pulls a U-turn in the intersection to pull us over,” wrote Michaelz on Facebook.

    When asked why they were pulled over, the unidentified Mountie was recorded saying, “I’m doing my job. I’m looking for a licence plate and I looked down at my screen and I may have lost track of where I was on the road. Fair enough, but that’s my job as a police officer.“

    When Michaelz brought

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  •  Photo by L’Erin Dobra Photo by L’Erin Dobra

    It’s perfectly natural for a 2-year-old boy to want to be like the cartoons and superheroes he sees on television. There are too many of these memorable characters to name: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, Batman and of course Mickey Mouse are just some of the classics. And while young Grayson Dobra of Prairieville, Louisiana is certainly a big fan of Mickey, there’s a rather unique character that takes his fandom cake. None other than New Orleans personal injury lawyer Morris Bart.


    You heard that right. Grayson can’t seem to stop watching Bart’s ads, which don’t exactly feature any web spinning, bat signals or quirky mouse ears. How much does Grayson like Bart you ask? So much so that for his second birthday this past January, his mom L’erin brought him a cake with the attorney’s edible photo printed on it to go along with a life-size cardboard cut-out of the man himself.

    Ms. Dobra swears that her boy is indeed a big fan of Mickey, but that he’d watch Bart’s personal injury

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  • Sometimes a city bylaw ends up looking reelingly ridiculous. Such is the case now in the St. Lawrence River city of Cornwall, Ontario.

    Seems there’s three young kids – Kristopher, Kristina and Clayton Cadieux – who earn their pocket money selling worms ($2.50 a dozen) on the lawn of their parents’ Cornwall home.

    Dad’s a signmaker, and they have a nice red sign advertising their business.

    Strictly speaking, that’s illegal. (Commercial venture, residential neighbourhood.) But they’re kids, they’re cute, and the city’s bylaw enforcement officers were apparently happy to look the other way.

    Until someone down the street complained.

    In a fine case of rooting out dandelions with a destroyer, the worm stand – however adorable – has been shut down.

    “The bylaw I'm sure was well intended, but it's gone too

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  • Witches like Caroline Tully in Australia, don't fear persecution as women elsewhere do. (Getty Images)Witches like Caroline Tully in Australia, don't fear persecution as women elsewhere do. (Getty Images)

    Around the world witches are known by different names – mchawi in Swahili, sanguma in Pidgin, boksi in Nepalese – but they have one thing in common; women and children accused of sorcery are hunted, mutilated, exiled, and murdered. UN researchers and human rights agencies estimate the number to be in the thousands annually.

    Last week, 63-year-old Purni Orang was dragged from her home in Assam, India, stripped naked, and beheaded, because villagers thought her a witch and blamed her for a local illness. As if that’s not horrifying enough, some 2,000 people have been murdered nationwide after accusations of witchcraft between 2000 and 2012, according to data from the National Crime Records Bureau in India.

    These modern-day witchcraft-related attacks are not unique to India, they occur in at least 41 countries around the globe including Papua New Guinea, Nepal, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo and multiple European nations.

    "This is becoming an

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  • An intern left a not so pleasant post-it note for his managers.An intern left a not so pleasant post-it note for his managers.

    Internships can be a great opportunity to land a full-time job. But for one intern, the chances of getting hired are not looking too good right now.

    Apparently, an intern left an angry note to his old boss at the bottom of some post-it notes. The boss found it in the workplace and later uploaded a photo of the message onto Reddit under the username Win_in_Roam.

    The Reddit user commented on the photo saying: “We sent out our intern to buy sticky note. He’s not a very bright kid.”

    The intern was absolutely fed up with his bosses and decided to take out his frustrations after he was instructed to buy post-it notes. He got his point across by leaving a nasty message in the stack of sticky notes. 

    On the last post-it note, the intern reveals that he’s been putting more than sugar and cream in the coffee that he delivered to his bosses everyday.

    It read: “By the time you read this, I’ll be long gone from this s***hole. I hope you enjoyed bossing me around. I bet you felt real good about

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  • While most sports enthusiasts out there may not equate those with physical disabilities as athletically gifted and elite, one boy from Worksop, England changed the minds of many and inspired them in the process last weekend.

    8-year-old Bailey Matthews is a budding young triathlete with a twist. He suffers from cerebral palsy, a neurological condition that affects muscle co-ordination and balance, making it much more difficult to perform some of life’s most routine daily tasks.

    Although Matthews struggles to dress himself without assistance, he completed the Castle Howard Triathlon on Saturday, a grueling event that included a 100-metre lake swim, a four kilometre bike ride and a 1,300 metre run. Bailey used an adapted bike and walker to complete the race in spite of distance, terrain and disability. On top of all that, Matthews left the walker behind, crossing the finish line unassisted, making his parents Jonathan and Julia proud, inspiring those in attendance and becoming a social

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