• Left: Chanel White, Right: Lisa Goodman-Helfand (supplied)Left: Chanel White, Right: Lisa Goodman-Helfand (supplied)

    Lisa Goodman-Helfand has dealt with some hardships as a result of her scleroderma, but she wasn’t expecting rejection by Facebook for the appearance of her face to be one of them.

    Scleroderma, a chronic condition that causes the skin and connective tissues in the body to harden and contract, is a topic that the Chicago-area blogger is well versed in, as she has been dealing with it personally for 30 years.

    Goodman-Helfand writes about scleroderma as well as body image, confidence and more on her blog Comfortable In My Thick Skin. In a recent post titled ‘You Won’t Believe the Story Behind These Two Faces,’ she showcased another woman who was living with scleroderma.

    “I’d written an article about myself and another woman, Chanel White,” Goodman-Helfand explained to Yahoo Canada. “The point was to illustrate that can someone can look perfectly healthy, but also be facing life-threatening health issues, while someone who doesn’t look healthy… can actually be much better off.”


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  • One British man had an unusual reaction to receiving a speeding ticket.One British man had an unusual reaction to receiving a speeding ticket.

    Rarely do people have a sense of humour when they receive a speeding ticket.

    Apparently, however, one British man found a cute way to respond to his misfortune.

    The Reddit user, CapnHammered, from Lincolnshire, England, recently shared an image on Imgur showing a Disney “Bambi” envelope that he used in order to pay for his ticket. 

    He was caught by a speed camera going at 35 mph in a 30 mph zone. After receiving the ticket in the mail, he decided to “return the favour.” 

    “Recently got a speeding ticket,” he wrote in the caption. “This was the only envelope I could find, so I felt obliged to ‘dot my i’s’ with little hearts.”

    Thus far, the image has been viewed over 800,000 times.

    It didn’t take long for a few people to start suggesting additional embellishments to place on the envelope. 

    One user suggested to “fill the envelope with GLITTER!” 

    And another saying: “you should draw a blue light on the rabbit.”

    His adorable response is gaining speed. One user saying: “I’m gonna go get a

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  • (Thinkstock image)(Thinkstock image)

    There are a few things that can be said about Canadians: we like our hockey, we say sorry too much, we’re proud of our poutine, and of course… we like to have sex in our cars.

    That last one might not be as commonly known as the others but thanks to a survey conducted by autoTRADER.ca, we now know this to be true. 

    The car culture survey, which featured more than 1,500 residents across the country, found that more than one-third of the population uses their car to get down, rather than to just get around.

    Now, we don’t want you to over-analyze the cars sitting on your driveway, but the survey found that the more cars in a household, the more likely sexy-time has happened in one of them. Sixty-three per cent of those with four cars in their household have done it in at least one.

    And if you’re from New Brunswick and you see foggy windows, there’s probably only one explanation. More than half of the people from this lovely province has admitted to having car sex.

    However, if you’re in

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  • New Yorkers are known to have a quick, no nonsense-kind of humour.  And in the city that never sleeps, the sarcastic quips don’t really ever stop.

    When an alligator was seen casually crossing 9th Avenue in the Upper Manhattan area of Inwood, the local police did not waste time in announcing it on Twitter.

    But a short comment from journalist Lizzie O’Leary, calling the reptile a crocodile, rubbed the NYPD 34th Precinct the wrong way.

    The reptile was later confirmed to be an alligator and was taken into

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  • Florida man banned from Starbucks for calling out illegal handicap parking

    Starbucks was serving something, but unfortunately it wasn’t justice


    Starbucks was serving something, but unfortunately it wasn’t justice.

    After asking people who were illegally parking in handicap-only spots to move their vehicles, Rob Rowen was banned from a Starbucks in Tampa, Florida, reports WTSP.

    Rowen later received a letter from the massive corporation, which he suspected would be an apology. WTSP reports that it was actually an expulsion from all Starbucks in the country (which has since been reversed) because he was “disrupting business and threatening customers.”

    The letter “shocked” the Florida man, whose son-in-law has muscular dystrophy and is in a wheelchair.  

    When seeing parking injustices, Rowen took it upon himself to urge people to abide the law.

    “I saw someone park, and it was obvious they weren’t handicapped,” Rowen told Bay News 9. “There was no handicapped parking sticker. It wasn’t a handicapped plate. And so I said to him, ‘You’re parked in the one handicapped space, and you need to move your car.’”

    Rowen would snap a photo of

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  • Cyclists vs. drivers, the unofficial war of the roads. 

    We’ve all heard the complaints. Bikers often convict drivers of having no regard for those on two wheels, and drivers often complain that they don’t have the entire road to themselves.

    More often than not it is merely a war of words, but when this man came across a car parked in the middle of the bike lane, he had action in mind. Like, World’s Strongest Man Competition-type action.

    A video showing a man with Hulk-like stature lifting up and physically removing a car from the bike path has quickly gone viral with a little more than one-million views in less than two days.

    At one point another man can be seen rushing to help as he attempts to lift the front of the car, but by the time he arrives, the job had already been done.

    The cyclists’ new personal hero gained a modest audience of people cheering and clapping through his efforts.

    And now that the path has been cleared, the man hops back onto his bike and continues along the

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  • Woman suing D.C. Police for alleged anti-Canadian discrimination

    She claims that she received an “ongoing pattern of harassment” because of her “national origin.”

    (Facebook page for Dear Diary, a novel by L.J. Samuel)(Facebook page for Dear Diary, a novel by L.J. Samuel)

    A Canadian woman who landed a job working for Washington D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department almost 10 years ago is suing her former supervisor for discriminating against her because of her nationality.

    Laurie J. Samuel, who moved to the United States 17 years ago, claims that she received an “ongoing pattern of harassment” because of her “national origin.”

    Samuel was hired in 2006 as a Project Specialist in the Human Resources Management Division and the filing states that the harassment began immediately after she was brought on to the team.

    The lawsuit alleges that her supervisor, Diane Haines, “harbored resentment which manifested in snide comments” about Samuel’s heritage.

    Haines’ alleged offenses against Samuel include: telling Samuel that she’s “talking white,” which is not typical of an “African American,” starting sentences with “here in America we…,” and releasing a copy of Samuel’s personal records without permission.

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  • Ontario woman accidentally wins $33,000 at Casino while reaching for a Pepsi

    “When it finished, I had $33,858. It was a complete and utter shock.”

    REUTERS/Erik De Castro  REUTERS/Erik De Castro

    For Shirley Lima, the thrill of victory had never tasted so sweet.

    “I’m still in shock,” Lima told the Whig-Standard of her $33,858 haul at the OLG Casino Thousand Islands. “It was a mistake, a good mistake.”  

    The grandmother of 12 had been a regular at the OLG Casino and she decided to play the slots last week on seniors day. It all started out as just a typical day at the slots.

    According to the Kingston Herald, Lima was playing her favourite game on the CHINA SHORES Konami Machine, which has a free spin bonus feature to which there is no limit for the amount of free spins.

    Lima usually plays with penny bets but after winning some cash earlier in the day, she switched over to five-cent bets. 

    This is when the magic happened.

    As she reached over for her Pepsi softdrink, Lima had inadvertently pushed the max-bet button. She didn’t realize the mistake at first and kept hitting the spin-out button a few more times.

    “I couldn’t believe I was betting $11.25 a spin,” said Lima. “Much to

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  • Not everyone can be the next Jack White, but playing the guitar – or piano, or violin – can make students smarter in lots of other areas, according to science.

    New research from Northwestern University in Chicago suggests learning and playing music sharpens other cognitive skills in young minds – including listening and language.

    “Results showed that students who were the most actively engaged in making music – those who attended class more frequently, those who were judged by their teachers as more engaged, and those who played an instrument rather than taking a music appreciation class – showed greater neural improvement,” Nina Kraus, director of Northwestern’s Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory, told Yahoo News.

    She noted that best improvement was shown in students who studied music consistently for at least two years.

    “Music, then, can’t be thought of as a quick fix.”

    Kraus and her team found intriguing structural similarities between sound waves and brain waves.

    “If you take a

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  • Baby’s first words shock his parents

    "My baby boy Ben said 'I love you' for the first time"

    A child’s first words are always a heart-warming moment for any parent.

    And thankfully, the camera was rolling to capture this baby’s adorable first complete sentence and his dad’s shocked reaction.

    YouTubeuser Ted Moskalenko from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, posted a video on his channel of his three-month-old baby boy saying “I love you.”

    Moskalenko is seen in the short clip holding the infant, named Ben, on his lap and making baby sounds. The two go back and forth babbling, and then the dad tells his three-month-old that he loves him.

    At first there’s complete silence and then Ben looks up at his dad and says “I love you” back. 

    Moskalenko appears to be shocked as he smiles and looks up at his wife, who is filming the unexpected special moment. 

    Although Ben’s first words are a little garbled, both his parents think it counts. 

    Posting alongside the video, Moskalenko wrote: “My baby boy Ben said 'I love you' for the first time.” 

    Ted’s wife, Michelle, commented on the video saying

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