A look at the large process it takes to make this tiny candy


[They’re short and sweet, but did you know how much work it takes to make this confectionery treat? / Mashable]

Sprinkles are the unsung hero of the dessert world.

Often an afterthought, or overlooked entirely, these tiny, rainbow coloured morsels can transform cakes, cookies and ice cream sundaes from a regular dessert into a celebratory occasion.

But did you know how the confectionery is made?

A video created by How It’s Made demonstrates how much work and precision goes into creating the candy, which has been around since the late 18th century.

The best part? Watching the long strands of the shortening and sugar mixture being pressed out like pink spaghetti.

The next time you take a walk to the ice cream parlour, make sure you ask for extra sprinkles on your sundae.

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