Abandoned ducklings find new breastfeeding mom – a cat

A cat in Ireland has taken in three ducklings as her own.

There's been a breakthrough in duck-feline relations.

Clara the cat in County Offaly, Ireland, has adopted three ducklings and started to breastfeed them along with her own kittens, according to video footage.

And now we can play a new game called duck, duck, kitten.

RTÉ Radio's Mooney show first shared the story after local farmers Ronan and Emma Lally emailed the station, according to the account.

Videos show Clara protecting the ducklings as they breastfeed and cuddling them as though they can meow like one of her own.

The situation began as a case of missing ducks, according to the radio station. One of the farmers' hens was "broody," meaning she was determined to incubate and hatch eggs.

They acquired a few duck eggs and put them under the hen to satisfy her maternal needs and three of the ducks survived, according to the story.

But then, the ducklings went missing.

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The farmers said they suspected the little birds had become a snack for their cat, Clara. The first sign of evidence emerged when they caught Clara with a duckling in her mouth.


However, the farmers later found that she had carried the three ducklings over to meet her kittens, where the troupe of little ones suckled on the cat like one, big, dysfunctional family.

When the ducks start to meow, we'll start to worry.

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