Airline accidentally books delayed passengers into S&M-themed hotel room

Two complete strangers were given a shock when the airline through which they were flying booked them into a shared hotel room on Valentine’s Day – complete with hand and ankle cuffs, chains, and a sex chair, no less.

[Not exactly what two delayed flyers were expecting/Facebook/CCTVNews]

The two women were trying to fly from southwest China’s Chongqing to Hangzhou via Hainan Airlines, this past weekend, when poor weather conditions delayed their travel, reported Fox News.

The airline booked a complimentary hotel room for the women, who then discovered the themed suite was actually an S&M short stay room.

[Is that a…you know what never mind/Facebook/CCTVNews]

The shocked women took to Chinese social media site Weibo to complain and post images of the room, which quickly went viral.

Hainan Airlines responded by explaining they booked the hotel because it was close to the airport, and they did not know what the “theme” would be, reported CCTV.

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