Alberta cabinet minister Dave Hancock mistakenly targeted in U.S. attack ad

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

Democrats in Minnesota put his picture in the ad instead of the Minnesota representative David Hancock

Races for political seats in the U.S. are heating up and candidates are throwing lots of punches in all directions hoping to gain support. Now an Alberta cabinet minister is under attack by Minnesota politicians.

Alberta Human Services Minister Dave Hancock's photo was one of two featured recently in an ad sponsored by the Minnesota House DFL Caucus. The ad is criticizing Rep. David Hancock and Rep. Larry Howes for their votes on the state's budget.

But, as discovered by Minnesota Public Radio, they used a photo of the wrong Dave Hancock. It turns out the politicians don't even know what the person looks like they are opposing.

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So instead of putting a picture of the correct individual they used one of a Canadian politician. In all fairness though, the two do kind of look alike. Our Hancock is on the left of the image.

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Dave Hancock, the Canadian, is taking it with good humour sending out this tweet yesterday.

Hopefully they take Hancock's advice and learn who they are fighting against.

(Twitter photo posted by Dave Hancock)