Anderson Cooper slams Twitter follower Pamela Weiss for ‘ridiculous claim’

Jordan Chittley
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The CNN host was critical of Weiss' 'dull' tweets as he accuses her of not following the news

Foodie Pamela Weiss learned the hard way that Anderson Cooper is not the person to mess with on Twitter.

The CNN reporter was once again in a war zone covering the Israel-Gaza situation from the ground. While it may seem like full-time work to duck rockets and do live hits, Cooper still had time to fire back at a Twitter critic.

Cooper was in Gaza City live tweeting what is happening, including when rockets are fired from either Gaza or Israel and how the Israel Defense Force dropped leaflets warning people in Gaza to stay away from Hamas. He also had time to tweet about who will co-host his daytime talk show, which has been cancelled.

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In one tweet he wrote about rockets being fired from a media centre in Gaza that was hit by IDF missiles earlier in the day and Weiss didn't really like that.

The self-proclaimed travel nut and social media junkie tweeted Cooper saying, "Report a fair story. Report facts. Why not talk about the rockets being fired FROM Gaza?!? #Losingcredibility." It appears Weiss didn't read the tweet she responded to so Cooper did some quick research into Weiss' Twitter history and shot back.

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Some people tweeted Weiss and she responded with a bit of humour:

She also asked what the problem was with loving cooking and Israel?

(Photo posted by Anderson Cooper on Twitter)

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