• Watch 100 years of men’s fashion in three minutes

    “From seersucker suites and double breasted blazers to Greased Lightning and hipster chic.”

    The styles that you miss, missed or wish you had missed.

    “From seersucker suites and double breasted blazers to Greased Lightning and hipster chic,” MODE.com gives us a three minute history lesson on men’s fashion throughout the last 100 years.

    Starting from the year 1915 and increasing by ten year intervals, a male model is shown changing outfits – and hairstyles.

    The styles range from dapper to retro to straight up spiffy, but unfortunately for the boys, there are a few styles that should probably stay in the past.

    “The ‘90s were so, so bad,” Reddit user ‘New_Car_Wrecked’ remarked.

    Redditor ‘definitelynotaspy’ agreed, writing that “the period from around 1990-2010 really was a dark age for menswear.”

    “There was a definite, deliberate anti-fashion cultural movement in menswear that started with grunge and lingered in different forms until relatively recently,” the user wrote.

    If you want to continue your trip down memory lane, MODE.com released a two minute video of women’s fashions

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  • Police in Norway fired their guns just twice last yearPolice in Norway fired their guns just twice last year

    Norway’s latest statistics has attracted international attention.

    Last month, the government released data pertaining to the country’s police department and their use of guns in recent years.

    According to the report, Police Threat or Use of Firearms 2002-2014, Norway’s police only fired two bullets over the entire year. There were no fatalities or wounded, either. 

    Why is there such limited police violence in Norway?

    According to the Washington Post, Norway has strict gun laws. It’s is just one of many European countries where most police officers patrol the streets without a pistol on their hip.

    The report shows that Norwegian police officers threatened to draw their weapons 42 times in 2014.

    “For the 10th time in 12 years, not a single person was killed by police gunfire in Norway in 2014,” the report stated. The last time someone was killed by police in the Nordic country was in 2006.

    In 2011, terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, killed eight people in Olso and shot 69 people,

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  • Parisians' favourite picnic spot becomes outrageous dump


    It is the favoured spot by Parisians for after-work drinks and weekend apéritif parties.

    With its paved banks and 19th century locks, the Canal Saint-Martin resembles a scene from "Amélie;" and quite rightly so since it is where the 2001 movie was shot.


    But if you happen to meet a resident of this neighborhood, do not mention any of that. Even though Parisians are well-known for their exceptional sense of civility, this time it is actually hard to blame them for being less than their usual courteous selves.

    Take a moment to look at the following picture.


    Almost every morning during the summer months, the dreamy romantic canal becomes a place of disgust where empty wine bottles, chip bags and other refuse floats.


    For many years, citizen groups have formed to point out the issue to their mayor's office without success. So what do you do when your problem isn't being taken seriously? Use the internet.

    A Tumblr account called “

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  • Wasting food is a significant and serious problem. Almost all of us do it, and we’re doing it more than we think.

    Overall, over all of North America, we are wasting almost 40 per cent of the food we produce.

    It’s a shocking number.

    A new study from the University of Arizona says this is less about what we buy, and more about how we buy it.

    “People in this country are very price sensitive at the grocery store, but tend to overlook the cost of discarded and unused food at home,” U.A. researcher Victoria Ligon told treehugger.com.

    “The problem is that people are not shopping enough, which sounds counter-intuitive.”

    Except, maybe it doesn’t. For five years, from the late 90s into the early 2000s, I lived directly above a delicatessen and butcher shop in the east end of Toronto. One of the things I quickly noticed was that there was hardly ever any food in my refrigerator.

    If I wanted a hamburger for lunch, I just went downstairs and bought one bun, some toppings and a quarter pound of

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  • Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, left, greets Prime Minister Stephen Harper with a handshake in Calgary, Alta., on Monday, July 6, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntoshAlberta Premier Rachel Notley, left, greets Prime Minister Stephen Harper with a handshake in Calgary, Alta., on Monday, July 6, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh

    Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has drawn the ire of many critics on Twitter, after she was pictured wearing her white cowboy hat on backwards.

    Her ill-advised fashion error has even lead to some Albertans to begin to question her credibility as a political figure.

    In the photos, Notley is seen giving a handshake to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who is wearing his black cowboy hat properly. She, on the other hand, is wearing it from tail to front, which is backwards.

    “Face palm,” one user wrote. “And this woman runs Alberta. #fail.”

    Another tweeted: “Indicates the direction the #Alberta #NDP is taking in this province.”

    Just mere hours before the official photo was snapped, Notley received her white cowboy hat as part of the Stampede tradition.  

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  • The new Archie #1 unveiled this weekThe new Archie #1 unveiled this week
    America’s favourite wholesome, redheaded teenager, Archie Andrews has taken on a modern new look.

    Archie and the gang will no longer be sporing letterman sweaters, polyester pants, or seen splitting milkshakes at Pop’s Diner, or cruising in Archie’s beat up Jalopy.  Instead, we see Archie wearing skinny jeans and leather jackets while America’s sweetheart, Betty Cooper, shows off some low rise, ripped jeans.  But thankfully one thing that hasn’t changed is sidekick Jughead Jones’ burger habit and  iconic grey crown.

    The unveiling of the new image and look came just in time for this year’s 2015 Comic Con event in San Diego, Bloomberg Business reports. Apparently the comic has spent the last six years trying to connect with a today’s youth, and this might just be the way to do it.

    The most obvious changes come from bringing in Mark Waid, writer of iconic comic Daredevil, and Fiona Staples, artist for the hit series Saga. With these two paired at the core of the creative team, supported

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  • Danny Damon pictured in a Victoria Police department posting on Facebook.Danny Damon pictured in a Victoria Police department posting on Facebook.
    When there is a warrant out for someone’s arrest, the last thing you would expect a wanted fugitive to do is start up an exchange with the police on the mugshot they shared online.  But in the case of Daniel Damon, that is exactly what happened.

    Police from Victoria, Australia posted a public appeal on Facebook this week in an attempt to locate 25-year-old Damon, who is wanted for failing to answer bail for traffic and drug charges.  

    Surprisingly enough, Damon replied to the post, and went as far as asking if the police would mind using another photo of him, as he believed it was a “horrible mugshot.”

    Victoria Police replied back to Damon and said, "Hi Daniel, please visit your nearest police station and we’ll arrange for a new photo to be taken!“

    Silly police, the last place Damon would want be going while there is a warrant for his arrest is to the station!

    Damon then replied with, "Yea I plan on it once I get a few things in order… just gotta organise myself a lawyer and get

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  • The crowd at the rave gets excited before the DJs' prank.The crowd at the rave gets excited before the DJs' prank.
    Now this is a perfect prank for electronic music fans who love huge drops.

    At a recent Good Life Festival in Brisbane, Australia, DJ duo Mashd N Kutcher dropped a beat that the crowd wasn’t expecting at all and the result is hilarious.

    In the video posted by the DJs, the EDM rave starts off like any other with a bunch of ravers going wild to the music. The pair is seen working the crowd up as the beat escalates for a bass-heavy drop in the song.

    But instead of the heavy beat the crowd was craving,  the Australian DJs did something else. They drop a 1980s ballad, ‘True’ by Spandau Ballet, into the mix. 

    They’re bold move was followed by a few sighs from the crowd. But after a few seconds the clubbers realize what the song is and start swaying their hands.

    The video has already gathered close to three million views on YouTube and even a world-known DJ took notice of their hilarious prank.

    On Twitter, Tiesto, a famous Dutch DJ, congratulated the pair for their nice work.

    “100-0 real

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  • A man who thought he was anonymously sharing regrets about his moderate success in life got a pleasant surprise via social media - from his wife.

    Patrick Petrides was profiled by the popular photoblog Humans of New York on July 6, where he shared his feelings on his job and the pressure he thinks he places on his wife. Humans of New York doesn’t include the names of the people it profiles; there’s just a picture and a quote. So Petrides may have thoguht he was sharing a secret, albeit publicly.

    Humans of New York often receives thousands of comments on irts posts on Facebook, so words of encouragement aren’t surprising. But in Petrides’ case, the surprise wasn’t what was said, but who said it. 

    Only an hour after the Humans of New York post went up, Petrides’ wife Aly replied with words that set many a heart aflutter.




    Aly's reply generated over 115,000 likes and 2800 comments of its own, making the duo a true social media power couple - if only for a day.

    Heartwarming show of

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  • An ensemble of Alberta politicians play the 'name-association' game - and lose.An ensemble of Alberta politicians play the 'name-association' game - and lose.

    An ensemble of prominent Alberta politicians are taking serious flack from a popular industrial rock artist, after appropriating the band’s iconic logo for their own political purposes.

    The Calgary Sun reported that last week, Canadian politicians Rachel Notley (Premier of Alberta), Don Iveson (Mayor of Edmonton), and Naheed Nenshi (Mayor of Calgary) unveiled a new t-shirt commemorating their provincial partnership. Their shirt has ‘NIN’ written in big block letters, and underneath the logo it reads, “Building Alberta Together.”

    Shortly after the politicians tweeted a photo of what they thought was a harmless, fun, name-association gag, Trent Reznor, frontman of the Nine Inch Nails got whiff of their unauthorized use of the band’s image. Needless to say, he was not pleased.

    Reznor’s representatives soon contacted Naheed Nenshi’s office with “a very polite letter”, stating their concern over the shirts, and requesting that the politicians refrain from any use of the band’s logo, the

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