• Adorable two-year-old struggles to blow out his birthday candle

    His dad comes up with a quck solution

    No birthday is complete without a delicious piece of dessert and blowing out your candles and making a wish. In this case, it was beautifully decorated chocolate cupcake with extra vanilla icing and sprinkles. But unfortunately, the birthday boy isn’t able to get his hands onto his cupcake, because he can’t blow out his candle.

    “Our son was having some trouble blowing out his birthday candle,” explains Ashleigh Williamson on her YouTube page.

    The little boy diligently continues to try and blow his candle out, but his efforts went unfulfilled.

    After the third unsuccessful attempt and a very disheartened look on the little boy’s face, his father was quick to come up with a solution.

    His dad rushes off camera and grabs a straw for the boy to try blowing through and it worked. 

    The excited look on the little boy’s face once he finally gets his candle out is priceless.

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  • Despite the rising concerns over inactivity and obesity among children, one Washington school district has decided to ban a favourite recess past time, in an attempt to squash any physical and emotional harm and encourage team sports.

    “The Mercer Island School District and school teams have recently revisited expectations for student behavior to address student safety. This means while at play, especially during recess and unstructured time, students are expected to keep their hands to themselves,” the district’s communications director Mary Grady explained via email to Fox News.

    “The rationale behind this is to ensure the physical and emotional safety of all students.”

    “Good grief, our kids need some unstructured playtime,” one mother, Kelsey Joyce, told Fox News.

    “I totally survived tag,” she said, laughing. “I even survived red rover, believe it or not.”

    Melissa Neher has two kids at public schools on Mercer Island. After finding out not from the school board, but from her kids

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  • If you pride yourself on all those early morning dashes to the bus stop, Hidekichi Miyazaki, a 105-year-old from Japan, just may make you feel not quite so accomplished.

    The centenarian set a new world record this week, as the world’s oldest sprinter, completing the 100-metre dash in 42.22 seconds, reports Reuters.  

    Outfitted in tiny red shorts and red t-shirt, Miyazaki missed his previously set record of 34.2 seconds, which he set at the age of 103. 

    “I’m not happy with the time,” Miyazaki told AFP.

    “I started shedding tears during the race because I was going so slowly. Perhaps I’m getting old.”

    The recently turned 105-year-old started running at 93, after his friends started passing away, he told the Guinness Book of World Records.  

    His nickname, the “Golden Bolt,” is derived from his lightening bolt pose, copied from Jamaican Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, whom he longs to race against.

    Miyazaki trains every day in a nearby park, his daughter told CNN. Only skipping practice

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  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch’s #SelfieSpoon keeps selling out

    “Selfies and cereal together at last.”

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch has released the Selfie Spoon, a 30-inch extendable spoon with a cell phone holder on the other end. It fits most smartphone models and comes with a remote control. 

    The cereal giant will be giving away 1,000 of the newest breakfast accessories over ten days as part of the “Cinnimilk” campaign.

    The item is continually selling out, which is unsurprising considering they were offering it for free, only charging the shipping and handling costs.

    “Cereal and phone are not included,” warns the website.

    The Selfie Spoon’s mission is to make documenting the most important meal of the day a lot easier, eliminating the problem of “choosing between eating and posting,” according the company’s ad.

    “Everyone loves a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but if you don’t post it on social media, did it really happen?”

    The company is not only selling

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  • There are a lot of stories out there about ridiculously expensive phone bills, but one couple in Oregon have been dinged with charges that would set them back more than two million dollars.

    The exact charge: $2,156,593.64 USD or $2,876,248.94 CAD, to be precise.

    Ken Slusher, of Damascus, Oregon, and his girlfriend opened new plans with Verizon in November, but cancelled their accounts a month later when they were being over-billed for services, according to KPTV Fox 12 Oregon.

    Slusher told Fox News despite only racking up around $120 in charges on their first bill, the bottom line read $698 plus a $451 carryover.

    Their next bill, just $9.

    “The number of errors and the comedy of which they happened is astounding to me,” he told the station.

    A Verizon spokesperson told ABC News the company has apologized to the couple saying the balance was the result of a ‘programming error’.

    The couple are reportedly looking to close on a new house next Monday, but, if the collections agencies don’t

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  • (Facebook/Sarah-Nelle Malaprop)(Facebook/Sarah-Nelle Malaprop)

    Tourism campaigns that plaster subway stations and buses are intended to highlight the magical, mystical qualities of a destination, in an effort to lure transit riders in droves.

    That’s why the pictured banner ad for Okotoks, Alta., found on the outside of a Calgary subway car, is puzzling. Instead of highlighting the beauty and splendor of the town, it highlights its "number of things to do."

    The matter-of-fact tagline had the Calgary Herald crafting their own spinoffs, and they even photoshopped their own ads.

    Some of their standout one-liners include:

    Okotoks: A great place to stop on the way somewhere fun.

    Okotoks: We didn’t flood.

    Okotoks: Okotoks is just nine kilometres from a big rock.

    Okotoks: Okotoks is a town in Alberta

    Okotoks: We’ve got a Costco.

    Shane W. Olson, economic development manager with the town of Okotoks, says his department worked with the ad firm AdMaki, out of Bragg Creek, Alta., to come up with the infamous ad.

    He stresses that while the banner has gone

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  • Woman sends robot to line up for the new iPhone 6S

    "It is a cool demonstration of what the future of technology will be."

    Photo: Atomic 212Photo: Atomic 212

    When it comes to queuing, this Australian is a pro.

    The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are due to launch on Friday and, as with every new Apple product release, line-ups outside the company’s stores have already begun.

    That’s where a robot assistant comes in pretty handy.

    It’s not unusual for people to pay others to wait the long hours, even days, in line for them, but one woman in Australia decided to give the task to her trusty robot ‘Lucy.’

    The bot is a ‘telepresence robot,’ consisting of an iPad resting on top of a mechanized base similar to a Segway, according to the tech website CNET.

    Sydney’s Lucy Kelly reportedly borrowed her line buddy from the marketing company where she works.

    iPad Lucy took her spot in line around 5 A.M. Thursday morning, according to Mashable Australia, and is holding strong behind three other ‘people’.

    Meanwhile, real life Lucy continues to go about her business, going to work and staying out of the cold.

    “We use [the robots] for everything, just to show new

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  • Video game voice actors want better compensation

    A strike could cripple the industry

    The actors who bring to life your favorite heroes and villains are considering taking a step back from the mic to re-negotiate their contracts.

    SAG-AFTRA, the union representing voice actors for video games is pushing for more regulation and clearer definition in job titles. 

    Some of the issues in particular are bonus pay for physically demanding roles where an actor may have to scream or yell for an extended period of time, according to the union's negotiation website. They are also looking to have stunt co-ordination and supervision for roles that include CGI motion capture work. 

    Union members are also asking for a share of profits should a game sell over 2 million copies or downloads.

    “It’s where most games start to turn a profit, and it’s where all the union talent is found,” says the union’s website. 

    Members have until Oct. 5 to make a decision. If the votes in favor to strike reach 75 per cent, all union members will be forced to stop working on video games until a new contract

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  • Nicole Arbour is back on YouTube and this time with her new controversial video called “Why Abortion is WRONG!” 

    “If more kids were aborted, less kids would be on ADD drugs. Not because those kids need them but because their parents didn’t want to have kids and don’t want to deal with their energy,” Arbour says in the video. “ Stop feeding them sugar, you dumb f***s.”

    Arbour then goes on to talk about Jesus, Joan of Arc and Michael Jackson.

    If all these famous people were put on ADD pills, their history would have looked a lot different, she says. She goes on to imitate each person on ADD medication.

    Arbour also explains her own theory about abortion and just when you think her rambling has reached a coherent moment in the video she says this: “Some kids were supposed to be aborted. And the ones who weren’t turned into murders and crazy people.”

    She also addresses all the critics of her “Dear Fat People” video.

    “Hey people, with the giant signs of dead babies protesting, you’re really

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  • Eugene Bostick is not your typical train conductor.Eugene Bostick is not your typical train conductor.

    Eugene Bostick is not your typical train conductor.

    After retiring 15 years ago, Bostick built his very own train. Now, he spends his days taking rescued stray dogs out for fun rides around the neighbourhood.

    “Whenever they hear me hooking the tractor up to it, they get so excited,” Bostick, 80, told The Dodo. “They all come running and jump in on their own. They’re ready to go.”

    Bostick and his brother, Corky, have a horse barn and live on a dead-end street where “people sometimes come by and dump dogs out here, leave them to starve,” Bostick told The Dodo.

    Bostick started to take care of the dogs by feeding them, taking them to the vet and made a place for them to live.

    One day, Bostick noticed a guy with a tractor who had carts attached at the back in order to pull rocks. That idea inspired him to build the dog train, The Dodo reports.

    “It started out with my tractor. I had a little trailer and I put four or five dogs in there and took them riding. Then more started to show up,”

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