• Nick JensenNick Jensen

    An Australian Christian couple says they will divorce if Australia sanctions same-sex marriage.

    Nick Jensen, a former director with the Australian Christian Lobby, has been married to his wife Sarah for 10 years. They have two children. But Jensen told Canberra CityNews that if marriage is re-defined to include people of the same sex, he and his wife will divorce rather than recognize the legitimacy of the new definition.

    “My wife and I, as a matter of conscience, refuse to recognize the government’s regulation of marriage if its definition includes the solemnisation of same sex couples,” Jensen said.

    That’s not to say the couple would separate. He said they’ll still live together, raise their kids, call each other “husband” and “wife” and consider themselves married in the church’s eyes.

    Jensen’s main argument, it seems, is that by allowing same-sex marriage, Australia would be re-defining the covenant under which he and Sara married in 2005.

    “When we signed that official-looking

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  • Hero hippos to the rescue! (YouTube)Hero hippos to the rescue! (YouTube)

    Sometimes all it takes is a little team work.

    Although hippos are often joked about as being glutinous because of the Hasbro game ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos,’ they’ve proven that they can be something else: helpful.

    A ducking got stuck in a pool of water at Diergaarde Blijdorp Zoo in the Netherlands, and no matter how hard the little guy tried, he just couldn’t jump high enough to get himself out.

    No amount of chirping or mighty-duck power could get him over the ledge, and that’s when his friendly neighbour, the hippo, came to help.

    At first, it looks as if the hippo is hungry as it approaches the duckling, but stereotypes are made to be broken.

    Instead, the hippo tries to give him a little boost.

    After a few failed attempts, the hippo swims away from the duckling, looking as if he’s through with fighting the good fight.

    But, in a shocking development, he comes back – this time with back up.

    The two determined hippos then work together to bump the duckling to solid ground.  


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  • A Brazil university recently demanded its staff provide identifying information on all current and future Israeli students and faculty, because pro-Palestine campus groups wanted it.

    On May 15, The Federal University of Santa Maria sent out a memo “making an ‘urgent’ request for information on Israeli students or faculty members at the institution,” according to InsideHighEd.com.

      I ask you to urgently send us a list of Israeli students and lecturers in the graduate program,, the memo said, according to ynetnews.com.

    The information was to be distributed, among others, to the Association of Solidarity with the Palestinian People of southern Brazil, according to ynetnews.com.

    The university was accused of anti-Semitism and forced to apologize, but the administrator who issued the memo said the confusion centered around nationality vs. religion.

    “The controversy is caused by the deliberate confusion between Israeli nationality and Jewishness,” deputy dean José Fernando Schlosser told

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  • How Eminem helped Ed Sheeran overcome his childhood stutter

    “I learned every word, back and front, by the time I was 10."

    (Clever Music)(Clever Music)

    Long before multi-platinum recording artist, Ed Sheeran, won us over with his smooth-sounding songs about love and heartbreak, he was bullied for having a debilitating stutter.

    “I was quite a weird kid when I was little. I wore big glasses, had hearing problems, had a stutter and I had ginger hair,” Sheeran told Take 40.

    But who’s to thank for helping him overcome it? None other than rapper Eminem – otherwise known as, The Real Slim Shady.

    Sheeran’s dad bought him ‘The Marshal Mathers LP’ when the 24-year-old songwriter was just nine-years-old because his uncle had told his dad that “Eminem was the next Bob Dylan.”

    “It’s pretty similar, it’s all just storytelling,” Sheeran told the crowd, although he admitted his dad bought it without knowing what was on it.

    Eminem, also known as Marshall Mathers. (The Wrap)Eminem, also known as Marshall Mathers. (The Wrap)The LP, that sold more than 1.76 million copies in its debut week, included hits such as ‘Stan,’ ‘The Way I Am,’ and ‘The Real Slim Shady.’

    “I learned every word, back and front, by the time I was 10,” he said. “He raps very fast

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  • "R-E-S-P-E-C-T!" "Find out what it means to" Johanna Colon. "R-E-S-P-E-C-T!" "Find out what it means to" Johanna Colon.

    Johanna Colón is receiving some well-earned respect for her fierce dance moves to Aretha Franklin’s iconic song ‘RESPECT.’

    The six-year-old dancer’s mom, Elissa Colón, filmed her daughter’s tap number at the Heather’s Dance Inc annual recital this past Sunday in Raleigh, N.C.

    Elissa added the video onto her Facebook page, and titled the video “Johanna channeling Aretha Franklin!” And before she knew it the video went viral, collecting more than 34-million views in just two days.

    The girl’s infectious dedication to matching Aretha Franklin’s demanding tone has made her a viral sensation.

    Accompanied by two other little dancing divas, Johanna puts her sharp moves, exaggerated bops and sassy facial expressions on display.

    In an interview with TODAY, Elissa said the tiny dancer practiced her routine “constantly” in the weeks leading up to the show.

    Well, Johanna’s practice and dedication definitely shined through! This little dancing diva has a very bright dance career ahead of her.

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  • A Texas high school student with autism thought he was going to walk during his school’s graduation ceremony on Saturday. He didn’t, his family is upset and demanding answers, and the school is promising to find out what went wrong.

    On Monday, a Tumblr post with a screenshot of a Facebook complaint began to draw attention. The complaint was written by Maria Nanez, mother of student Julian Nanez. Julian is a high school senior with autism; he’s in the special needs program at Sam Houston High School in Arlington, TX.

    Maria and Julian thought he was going to walk in Sam Houston’s graduation ceremony last Saturday, along with the other special needs students. The four others made it; Julian didn’t. What’s unclear is why that happened. There is no indication from the school that Julian was ill-equipped to participate in the ceremony.

    Maria said in her post, and in an interview with CBS 11 in Dallas-Ft. Worth, that Julian’s teacher told her he wouldn’t be allowed to walk in the ceremony.

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  • Adou Ouattar shares a hug with his mother, Lucie, in this handout photo. Adou Ouattar shares a hug with his mother, Lucie, in this handout photo.

    Reunions are nearly always happy occasions, especially those between a mother and her child.

    The young boy who was almost smuggled out of West Africa in a suitcase was reunited with his mother on Monday.

    Adou Ouattara and his mother, Lucie, are shown hugging in a handout photo released on June 8, 2015, after being reunited in the territory of Ceuta, where the boy has been staying at a youth centre.

    Boy found in suitcase gets Spanish residency. (Yahoo News)Boy found in suitcase gets Spanish residency. (Yahoo News)

    Last month Spanish border police found the eight-year-old boy huddled in a suitcase after he was detected by the luggage scanner.

    Adou’s parents had applied to the Spanish authorities to have their son join them on the Spanish island of Fuerteventura, but their request was denied citing a lack of funds, reported the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

    Originally from the Ivory Coast, Adou was brought across the border by a now-detained Moroccan woman. His father knew about the smuggling attempt and was consequently detained as well in Ceuta. Adou’s father was also released on bail Monday, reported

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  • Doctors perform a very rare nine-way kidney transplant. (Flickr/Tareq Salahuddin)Doctors perform a very rare nine-way kidney transplant. (Flickr/Tareq Salahuddin)

    Kidney transplants are complicated enough as they are, but a transplant involving 18 recipients certainly makes for a very challenging procedure.

    This phenomenal procedure is known as a kidney-transplant chain and over the past weekend, two hospitals in San Francisco have completed the challenging task.

    A kidney-transplant chain involves a sequence of carefully timed transplants that match donors to recipients for compatibility. 

    The procedures were completed at UC San Francisco and California Pacific Medical Center.  

    According to The Orange County Register, aside from the regular logistical hurdles of so many surgeries, the challenges with the transplant also required the kidneys needing to be ferried back and forth between the two hospitals. On Friday, two kidneys were sent from California Pacific to UCSF via a special organ transport service and twootherss were sent from UCSF to California Pacific for a total of four, three-mile trips. Two trips were made Thursday.

    Dean Fryer, a

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  • The Earthship. (YouTube)The Earthship. (YouTube)

    The concept might sound unusual at first, but nestled right in a valley just north of Lethbridge, Alta., is the location of one of the most sustainable homes in Canada: The Earthship.

    Owned and operated by the Kinney family, the infrastructure is built out of 12,000 aluminum cans, encased in concrete and recycled tires that are filled with dirt.

    The three-bedroom bungalo is capable of collecting rainwater caught by the metal roof, where it is collected, treated and filtered down into the home where it is ready to drink.

    The facility also comes equipped with fully functioning toilets, a full garden, and can generate electricity from both the sun and wind.  

    “When people first hear the word (earthship), they think hippie-dippie tinfoil hat type things,” Glen Kinney, the home’s co-owner and a former oil and gas worker, told the Calgary Herald.

    While the Earthship was being completed last year, a process that only took an astounding five weeks, Duncan Kinney (co-owner) chronicled the

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  • (Facebook / وزارة البيئة المصرية - الصفحة الرسمية)(Facebook / وزارة البيئة المصرية - الصفحة الرسمية)

    We’re living in a whale-eat-whale world.

    The remains of a 40-million-year-old whale, with another whale trapped inside of it that researchers believe was then eaten by sharks has been discovered by scientists in Egypt, the Huffington Post reports.

    The fossils were discovered at Wadi al-Hitan, a UNESCO World Heritage site that is commonly known as “Whale Valley” located southwest of Cairo.

    (Facebook / وزارة البيئة المصرية - الصفحة الرسمية)(Facebook / وزارة البيئة المصرية - الصفحة الرسمية)The smaller whale that was found inside the fossils of the 60-foot-long basilosaurus is likely to have been a fetus, but since the basilosaurus had pretty interesting eating habits, it’s debateable. The long-gone predator was also known to eat other whales, comparable to today’s orcas.

    Relics from other sea creatures were also found inside the whale, such as crab and sawfish, the Cairo Post reports. Large bits of shark teeth were found next to the whale’s skeleton, showing evidence that sharks likely ate the whale after it died.

    The fossils include the smallest vertebras of the tale making it the

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