• Video game voice actors want better compensation

    A strike could cripple the industry

    The actors who bring to life your favorite heroes and villains are considering taking a step back from the mic to re-negotiate their contracts.

    SAG-AFTRA, the union representing voice actors for video games is pushing for more regulation and clearer definition in job titles. 

    Some of the issues in particular are bonus pay for physically demanding roles where an actor may have to scream or yell for an extended period of time, according to the union's negotiation website. They are also looking to have stunt co-ordination and supervision for roles that include CGI motion capture work. 

    Union members are also asking for a share of profits should a game sell over 2 million copies or downloads.

    “It’s where most games start to turn a profit, and it’s where all the union talent is found,” says the union’s website. 

    Members have until Oct. 5 to make a decision. If the votes in favor to strike reach 75 per cent, all union members will be forced to stop working on video games until a new contract

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  • Nicole Arbour is back on YouTube and this time with her new controversial video called “Why Abortion is WRONG!” 

    “If more kids were aborted, less kids would be on ADD drugs. Not because those kids need them but because their parents didn’t want to have kids and don’t want to deal with their energy,” Arbour says in the video. “ Stop feeding them sugar, you dumb f***s.”

    Arbour then goes on to talk about Jesus, Joan of Arc and Michael Jackson.

    If all these famous people were put on ADD pills, their history would have looked a lot different, she says. She goes on to imitate each person on ADD medication.

    Arbour also explains her own theory about abortion and just when you think her rambling has reached a coherent moment in the video she says this: “Some kids were supposed to be aborted. And the ones who weren’t turned into murders and crazy people.”

    She also addresses all the critics of her “Dear Fat People” video.

    “Hey people, with the giant signs of dead babies protesting, you’re really

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  • Eugene Bostick is not your typical train conductor.Eugene Bostick is not your typical train conductor.

    Eugene Bostick is not your typical train conductor.

    After retiring 15 years ago, Bostick built his very own train. Now, he spends his days taking rescued stray dogs out for fun rides around the neighbourhood.

    “Whenever they hear me hooking the tractor up to it, they get so excited,” Bostick, 80, told The Dodo. “They all come running and jump in on their own. They’re ready to go.”

    Bostick and his brother, Corky, have a horse barn and live on a dead-end street where “people sometimes come by and dump dogs out here, leave them to starve,” Bostick told The Dodo.

    Bostick started to take care of the dogs by feeding them, taking them to the vet and made a place for them to live.

    One day, Bostick noticed a guy with a tractor who had carts attached at the back in order to pull rocks. That idea inspired him to build the dog train, The Dodo reports.

    “It started out with my tractor. I had a little trailer and I put four or five dogs in there and took them riding. Then more started to show up,”

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  • Footage captured on dashcam video shows the exact moment an amateur driver hits a guardrail, which then propels his car skywards before tumbling to a halt. 

    The accident happened on amateur day at the Nurburgring in Germany on Sunday, where drivers can pay a fee to ride the world-class circuit.


    Luckily for this paying costumer, after crashing at nearly 190 kmh, he can be seen exiting the wreckage, and reportedly walked away relatively unscathed, according to New Zealand blog stuff.

    The Renault Megane, as seen below, did not fare as well.

    The original post shared on Facebook says the driver is well considering the circumstances.

    Here’s another angle of this spectacular crash.

    Let’s hope the driver is just as lucky when they have to deal with this insurance headache.

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  • A Scottish bagpiper took to the street in an attempt to drown out hatred being spewed by a preacher.

    In the video, a man is seen screaming on the street, which is reported to be Market Street in St. Andrews. 

    Although what he’s saying is hard to understand, the man who posted the video told the Joe My God blog that it was hate speech about how gay marriage is ruining the economy.

    As the irate man carries on, bagpipes can be heard in the background. 

    Soon, a young man in a blue shirt carrying the pipes is seen circling the man, who continues screaming into a microphone, which is projected through an amp. 

    People around them cheer on the piper’s efforts to drown out the hate speech. A police van pulls up to them moments later.

    The young piper is undoubtedly following in the footsteps of a sousaphone player who provided a hilarious soundtrack to a South Carolina KKK rally back in July.

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  • Hammerhead shark stalks kayak fisherman

    “I’m pretty sure I just kicked a hammerhead’s ass.”

    A fisherman kayaking off the shores of Santa Barbara, California, ended up attracting some unwanted attention from a hammerhead shark.

    In Mark McCracken's video, he tries to ram the shark with his paddle as it repeatedly charges at the kayak.

    As the exchange continues, McCracken’s breathing can be heard getting quicker.

    Although he has a fishing line in the water, no bait or fish is attached, which likely means the shark just wanted to toy with the 33-year-old.

    “I’m pretty sure I just kicked a hammerhead’s ass,” he tells the camera at one point. “I just beat up a shark. How was your day?”

    After paddling back to shore for a few seconds, McCracken sees his new rival following him.

    “He’s not done, he’s right there,” he says. “He must of heard me. What are you doing bro? Get out of here!”

    The hammerhead continues to push McCracken until he’s in water about three feet deep. The entire incident lasted 15 minutes.

    “Even after I got out of my kayak and made it to the beach, he was sitting

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  • Duane “Dog” Chapman makes his living as a bail bondsman catching criminals who are breaking the terms of their release. One person he won’t have to track down is his stepdaughter Nicole, who is safely in police custody after she allegedly robbed Territorial Savings Bank in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii on Monday.

    A report suggests that 35-year-old Nicole Gillespie allegedly walked into the bank around 8 o’clock in the morning on September 3rd and handed the teller a note listing her demands, after which she fled on foot. Dog and his wife Beth released a statement about the incident:

    “It's always difficult and disheartening when someone you knew as a child grows up and chooses a life of crime. That is the case with Nicole Gillespie, who has been accused of robbing the Territorial Savings Bank on Bishop Street on September 3rd.  We have not seen "Nickie" in over 10 years. Watching her on Crimestoppers left us all shocked and heart broken.”

    Now before we all go smirking at the irony in

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  • Most of us are not fans of our eight-legged friends, but one woman took her fear of spiders to a whole new level.

    An Indiana mother’s reaction to spotting a spider on her shoulder allegedly led to a crash with a school bus that injured her son. 

    Angela Kipp was backing her Dodge Avenger out of her driveway in Syracuse last week while her nine-year-old son was in the car. She discovered a spider crawling on her shoulder and jumped out of her car while it was still reversing, USA Today reports.

    Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department told 11 Alive that the boy then climbed into the driver’s seat and tried to hit the brakes. He mistakenly pressed on the gas pedal, sending the Dodge Avenger into a passing school bus.

    Officials found the boy lying on the ground beside the car when they arrived at the scene. He was taken to hospital with minor head injuries.

    Thankfully, there were no other passengers on the school bus besides the driver, who wasn’t injured, reports 11 Alive.

    Police said that

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  • Elderly man sings a love song to 93-year-old dying wife

    This couple's love has never faded

    If you ever doubted true love, a heartbreaking video of an elderly man singing to his dying wife may just restore your faith.

    Howard and Laura Virginia have been married for 73 years and their love has never faded.

    Their granddaughter, Erin Solari, shared this tearjerker moment on Facebook and YouTube of her 92-year-old grandfather serenading his dying wife at hospice facility with a love song.

    The 1940s classic song ‘You’ll Never Know’ by Rosemary Clooney and Harry James is the couple’s favourite, which they’ve shared many times throughout their lives together.

    When Howard was deployed for WWII, the song comforted Laura while her husband was away fighting. During their 50th wedding anniversary, when the couple renewed their marriage vows, they performed the song to their family. 

    Now at the end of their time together, their song is shared once more.  

    “Love you, always have,” Laura says to her husband in the video before telling him to behave when she’s gone.

    (Photo: YouTube)(Photo: YouTube)
    As their melody starts to

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  • The Internet villain of the day is a former hedge fund manager who bought the rights to a life-saving drug and then increased it by 5500 per cent.

    The news even riled up presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who tweeted that price gouging in the specialty drug market is outrageous, and had plans to “take it on.”

    Martin Shkreli, CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, upped the price of the drug Daraprim from $13.50 a pill to $750. The medication is used to treat

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