• Alberta mom left with $30,000 air ambulance bill after premature birth

    "At that point it was life or death for my baby, so we said we’ll figure it out later."

    An Alberta woman had no choice but to take an air ambulance after suddenly going into labour 32 weeks early.

    But now she’s left with a hefty medical bill, struggling to pay it off.

    Amy Savill, a mother of two from High Prairie, was visiting her family in Northern Ontario when she unexpectedly went into labour, reported CTV News. 

    She was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital.

    But according to the Toronto Star, the hospital in Timmins wasn’t equipped to handle births prior to 32 weeks gestation.

    An air ambulance was called in to transport Savill to a hospital in Sudbury, about four hours away.

    The price for the air lift ended up being $30,000.

    “At that point it was life or death for my baby, so we said we’ll figure it out later,” Savill told CTV News.

    When she arrived in Sudbury, Savill underwent an emergency caesarean section and gave birth to a baby girl, Amelia.

    Now Savill is left to cover the air lift in spite of Canada’s universal health care. 

    “Ontario won’t cover because we’re not

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  • Monkey the cat deposits a plastic ball into the machine and voila. Dinner is served! (Photo: YouTube)Monkey the cat deposits a plastic ball into the machine and voila. Dinner is served! (Photo: YouTube)

    And here you probably were, pouring your cat’s food into the bowl like a sucker! 

    Addressing what we can only assume was the sheer boredom with the mundane task of feeding his pet, Ben Millam designed a feeding machine that will only release food once a special plastic ball has been deposited by his cat.

    Millam, who refers to himself as an “aspiring geek,” took the time to train his cat, Monkey, to hunt for plastic balls that he hides around the house and drop them into the machine. When the machine processes the RFID-tagged ball, the attached feeder will release food for the cat to eat. 

    Millam developed this technique after he read an explanation of why cats go about repeatedly exploring the same areas. 

    “It’s partly to establish and survey their territory, but they’re also practicing ‘mobile’ hunting,” Millam said. “So what if my cat, while out on patrol, actually found its prey? Surely this would bring him one step closer towards a more fulfilled and self-actualized indoor kitty

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  • The Rotary Club of Burlington-Lakeshore, the charitable organization behind "Canada’s Largest Ribfest", is not exactly in the most giving mood these days. The club is caught up in a heated battle with brand new privately-run competitor the Northern Heat Rib Series.

    Why you ask? Well, the owner of the latter privately held Ribfest, Justin Brown, has decided to bring his event to the city of Hamilton in June, almost thrtee months of The Burlington Rotary’s 20th annual festival set to open this Labour Day Weekend. According to the Rotary, the timing is too close.

    While one might think a charitable organization as well-known and respected as your local Rotary club would be inclined to simply send a friendly reminder to a fellow citizen about its event and maybe even find a way to co-exist, the Burlington-Lakeshore chapter has decided to get down and dirty in this turf war over deliciously barbecued meat and take things to another level.

    After letters sent from multiple Rotary clubs to

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  • It’s safe to say that every new mother dreams of the moment her baby say ‘mama’ for the very first time.

    One mom from Utah wanted to hear her baby say the magic word so much, she tried to bribe him into it by holding up food. 

    To the shock of both mom and baby, the family’s Australian Shepherd managed to say it first instead.

    The thirty-second video was uploaded to YouTube and concludes with Samuel reaching out his hand to stop Patch the dog from talking, as if annoyed he had the chance to speak first. 

    It has been noted that Australian Shepherds are one of the most intelligent dog breeds, known for their obedience and agility. But who knew they could talk, too?

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  • Popular candy 'Peeps' will soon be adding new flavours.Popular candy 'Peeps' will soon be adding new flavours.

    Those with an unabated sweet-tooth can rejoice this autumn as Peeps, the popular marshmallow candy shaped like chicks and other animals, will be coming out with three new special seasonal flavours. 

    Consumers will soon be able to purchase the candies in pumpkin spice, caramel apple and candy corn. Do your teeth hurt yet?

    Normally popular around Easter, these additions will, seemingly make the candies a viable year-round treat.

    The jury, however, remains undecided about whether any of the new flavours actually taste good, says TIME. 

    Recently, a few editors at the Huffington Post conducted a blind taste test of the three new varieties.

    So far, the front-runner appears to be the caramel apple flavour, although registering only a lukewarm endorsement.  

    “My taste buds are rather confused, but I like it,” said one of the blind reviewers.

    The pumpkin spice Peep had mixed reviews with one editor saying “[it] tasted like pumpkin chapstick.” Another reviewer said they would actually eat it

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  •  It seems the days of the good old-fashioned back-to-school promotion that featured a pack of three-ring binders with a stack of pencils and run-of-the-mill lined paper at discounted prices have passed us by.

    Just look at the promotion well-known grocery store brand President’s Choice ran on really sharp knives.

    The one in the bottom right corner of the display is particularly appealing to the young student in your home who aspires to pursue a career in culinary arts…or your local butcher shop. The promotion was featured on Tumblr; we're not sure when it actually ran in store (it appears to date back as far as 2012).

      For those worried that sending kids to back to the classroom with a brand new set of knives is a bad idea, consider making a stop by the local liquor store and discover yet another candidate for the worst back-to-school promotion ever.



    Discounted liquor is sure to be a hit with students moving away for college this fall, but not so much with the parents that are

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  • Anyone with young children can understand the importance of a security blanket or a special stuffed animal. They act as a sense of safety and reassurance, easing away any form of stress or fear. 

    What you might not expect to see, however, is a baby kangaroo who clings to his precious teddy bear. It just goes to show that comfort and reassurance are sentiments that are shared throughout the animal kingdom. 

    This adorable little joey is named Doodlebug, an eastern grey kangaroo that was brought into the care of Gillian Abott, who runs the wildlife company WIRES in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia.

    According to the Daily Mail, Doodlebug was brought into Abott’s care when he was only a few months old. She gave the small joey a teddy bear to play with and the two have been

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  • "Awkward!": Comedian embarrasses couple making out on New York subway

    “They’re all watching you!” Everybody’s watching you!”

    Sometimes, the only way to handle an awkward situation is to make it a little more awkward. (Photo: YouTube)Sometimes, the only way to handle an awkward situation is to make it a little more awkward. (Photo: YouTube)

    Most of us understand the sheer awkwardness of encountering a couple getting a little too friendly in public. More often than not, it’s easy to simply walk away and pretend you didn’t just see that couple playing tonsil hockey.

    Sayings such as “get a room!” often come to mind.  

    But if you’re travelling on, say, a subway car, fleeing the scene may not be in the cards. So you scramble for other things to look at while still feeling compelled to look up and check if the PDA is ongoing. 

    That is, unless you’re comedian Josh Nasar, whose hilarious approach to acknowledging the awkwardness was to simply embarrass the couple by yelling “AWKWAAAAAAARD!”

    In a video shared on YouTube, Nasar captures the PDA happening just behind him on his smartphone. As he awkwardly taunts the affectionate couple, all eyes on the subway car are quickly drawn to the action. 

    “They’re all watching you!” he screams. “Everybody’s watching you!”

    The couple then turns to look at the camera, seemingly laughing it

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  • MADD P.E.I. chapter president resigns after charged with impaired driving

    “It was very disappointing and shocking to be honest."

    (Photo: CBC)(Photo: CBC)

    The Mothers Against Drunk Driving organization is committed to preventing potential drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel. But when one of its members gets charged with impaired driving, what happens next is inevitable.

    David Griffin was a volunteer president of the East Prince County chapter of MADD in Prince Edward Island, and he also had experience working in law enforcement.

    The 52-year-old served as a police officer in Summerside for more than 40 years before retiring.

    “He was a great volunteer. He led that chapter and was engaged with the organization,” MADD Canada CEO, Andrew Murie told Global News. “You couldn’t have asked for a more model volunteer.”

    But back in June, Griffin’s rosy reputation was tarnished when he was pulled over with a blood alcohol level above the legal limit. He was later charged with driving under the influence.

    According to the Globe and Mail, Griffin sent an email to Murie the next day to inform him about the charges.

    “He basically send three

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  • Bacon may arguably be one of the most delicious cured meats, so when it’s taken from just under your nose, what’s a hungry guy (or girl) to do?

    One irate man from Northern England was left with this very dilemma after his girlfriend gave his bacon to their cat. And instead of simply cooking more or eating something else, the man reacted quickly — by calling the police and asking to press charges.

    “Sir, it’s not a criminal offense to let your cat eat your bacon,” the operator says in the video.

    “We don’t arrest cats,” she adds, apologizing.

    With resigned defeat in his voice, the man says goodbye to the operator, and hopefully has since had some bacon.

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