• A 62-year-old Arizona man faces multiple charges after leaving his 5-year-old granddaughter alone in the desert with a loaded and cocked gun.

    The little girl was ditched in the Phoenix desert so her grandfather, Paul Rater, could have “a few drinks and a cheeseburger,” according to NBC News.

    Authorities began an aerial search for the girl after her mother reported her missing four hours after leaving with her grandfather, according to KPHO 5.

    The search was reportedly called off when relatives told the sheriff’s office they had found her alone in the desert with a cocked and loaded .45 calibre handgun.

    Police then tracked Rater to a local store with the help of the girl’s family where he admitted to leaving her alone.

    During his first court appearance, Rater told the judge his truck had gotten struck in the desert and was walking to get help when the girl started crying because she was tired, that’s when he decided to leave her behind, according to ABC 15 Arizona.

    Rater said he walked

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  • Caffeine-less coffee shop pops up in NYC

    Swiss Water’s head office is in Burnaby, B.C.

    (Facebook/The Art of Coffee Without Caffeine)(Facebook/The Art of Coffee Without Caffeine)

    The Internet is buzzing over a weird New York City coffee shop that seems to be missing one key ingredient: caffeine. 

    The Swiss Water Coffee Studio is a pop-up shop that will serve coffee without the kick until November 8th. It set up shop on the bustling Lafayette Street on October 30th.

    The chatter started to brew after the event’s Facebook page appeared. Outlets around the world collectively wondered: what’s the point?

    I look forward to the alcohol-free wine bar, and the cheese-free patisserie. What more fun things can we be freed from,” wrote one Jezebel commenter.

    “Why are they doing this in NYC? I could see it going down in LA, but New York? Know your market, people,” another chimed in.

    “Caffeine can cure your hangover, save your life and make your colleagues moderately tolerable at 9 a.m. And now some Canadian weirdos are taking it away from us,” the New York-focused Gothamist blog said.

    Yes, that’s right. Swiss Water’s head office is in Burnaby, B.C.

    The temporary café will

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  • There are renewed claims of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) sighting after a live stream from a camera on-board the International Space Station zoomed in on a bright spot in space before cutting off mid-stream.

    Footage from the feed shows the camera panning towards a bright circle off in the distance before zooming in on the ball of light.

    “The object had matched its speed with the space station,” Scott Waring, editor of the website UFO Sightings Daily says in his commentary on the stream. “The camera then continued to zoom closer and closer, but all we could see was a glowing white oval.”

    "The vibrate light from the UFO was so powerful that even NASA’s new seven million dollar HD cameras could not focus on it,” according to Waring.

    Waring describes the object as being similar to a foo fighter, saying there’s a luminescent cross that can be seen coming from it.

    “It almost looks like it has a cross and a bright halo around it. Very unusual and NASA keeps an eye on it until they go

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  • Jeb Bush’s uphill battle to become the Republican nominee seems to be getting steeper and steeper with every passing day.

    The former governor of Florida attempted to “reset” his campaign with a speech in Tampa on Monday.

    I believe America’s best days are not behind us, but squarely in front of us. If we elect the right leadership. And as your President, I will fight every day with a reformer’s heart. I will lead. And I will tear down the barriers that keep Americans from rising up and realizing their God-given potential.

    Part of the “reset” was also introducing a new campaign hashtag, #JebCanFixIt, which became an ironic meme rather than a political tool.

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  • Canadian Kickstarter for ‘Book Mustaches’ starts Movember off right

    "A stylish way to read books when you are on the go or lying down!"

    The month of facial hair for a good cause is upon us, and three Canadians want everyone to be sporting some – on their books. 

    The Book Mustache is “a beautiful reading instrument,” according to its Toronto-based creators.

    Designed to look like a classic “handlebar” or “imperial” ‘stache, the plastic tool fits over your thumb so that, when held against your reading material, its curvy sides keep the pages open and flat.

    Inventor Lazar Demin explained how his lifelong passion for reading got sidetracked by modern life – but it wasn’t that he lacked the time to indulge in books, he simply did not have enough hands.

    “I realized the reasons holding me back were completely silly: I needed to hold on to a pole while riding the bus, I needed to drink my coffee, I needed to have one hand free at all times and reading got in the way of that,” Demin wrote on the Book Mustache Kickstarter page.

    “That’s why I came up with the Book Mustache; worn on your thumb, it keeps your reading material wide

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  • Questionable ad suggests men give their wives maids as gifts

    “Diamonds are useless! Gift your wife a maid.”


    In the world of odd advertising choices, Indian maid-hiring service bookmybai.com has taken the lead. 

    The company recently published a new ad on their website encouraging men to hire maids for their wives.

    “Diamonds are useless!” the ad copy says. “Gift your wife a maid.”

    The image shows a happy couple smiling and embracing, while a happy maid in a white apron stands nearby grinning just as happily.

    While the ad isn’t overtly offensive, it didn’t take long for Twitter to take note of its implications.

    Others had a more mixed reaction to the company.

    Others found the ad more funny than anything else.

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  • Sydney reisdent JR Hennessy is seen in this Twitter photo.Sydney reisdent JR Hennessy is seen in this Twitter photo.
    If you post a cheesy selfie on social media, you might expect a little bit of teasing from your buddies, but what happened to one young Aussie after posting a picture has made him an Internet sensation.

    Sydney resident JR Hennessey changed his Twitter profile picture to a shot of himself on the beach in a grey tank-top (“singlet” in Australian) and sunglasses. What makes the picture wonderful is that he is making the surfing “hang loose” or “shaka” hand symbol — you know the one.

    Well, Hennessey’s friends found this photo pretty hilarious, and they quickly transformed it into a meme and then created a community post on BuzzFeed about all the funny stuff people were saying about his photo. 

    This all happened a couple of months ago, and Hennessy thought the joke was over. Not so.

    He arrived early at a Halloween party on Oct. 31, and as people started coming, Hennessey realized that every single person was dressed up as his profile picture — complete with grey tank top, sunglasses and

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  • (Photo: Imgur)(Photo: Imgur)An ornate fountain cup from a popular burrito chain has one mother concerned.

    A woman took to Imgur to complain about an illustration found on a disposable cup from fast food joint Chipotle. Amongst the intricate fonts and squiggly shapes of viruses and cells, is an arm with a wristwatch that says “Reproductive Sex.” 

    “My son’s Chipotle cup says ‘reproductive sex’ on it,”the woman wrote on the online image sharing community.

    The comments ranged from sympathetic to confused.

    “If your son is old enough to understand it then he’s already heard it, otherwise he’s too young to understand it,” one person wrote.

    “My 8-year-old nephew knows what reproductive sex is…It’s not bad for him to know, just why the hell is it on a fast food cup,” asked another.

    The cup in question is part of Chipotle’s Cultivating Thought author series, in which writers submit original short stories to be published on the chain’s paper cups, alongside illustrations. Author Anthony Doer submitted the text, which was

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  • Spooky slumber party takes place underneath Paris

    A once in a lifetime opportunity to spend the night with the dead

    Francois Mori/The Associated PressFrancois Mori/The Associated Press

    Every kid knows no slumber party is complete without a few creepy moments, but one contest winner got an entire evening of skeletons and spirits in Paris’ infamous catacombs.

    Pedro Arruda of Brazil submitted the winning essay to Airbnb’s macabre Halloween contest, earning himself the chance to sleep 65-feet beneath Paris’s historic streets with some of its oldest residents.

    Arruda and his 65-year-old mother spent the night in a candle lit room somewhere in the winding dimly-lit maze of femurs, skulls and spines.

    The two were accompanied by a story teller, to make the night truly terrifying.

    As a self proclaimed “history nerd,” Arruda was excited about the experience, and said the dead do not bother him.

    “I’d be much more scared if they were alive,” he told the PostStar.

    The catacombs are open for Parisians and tourists to walk through during the day, but sleeping among the walls of bones is unheard of. 

    Airbnb paired up with Paris City Hall to make the experience possible, reportedly

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  • (Facebook/SNS Outfitter & Guides)(Facebook/SNS Outfitter & Guides)

    A slow-moving but enormous crevasse has formed in Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountain Range and the mystery formation is capturing the attentions of outdoorsmen and geologists alike.

    The “Gash” or “Crack” is so large it could engulf seven football fields, according to the Tech Times. The image was first broadcast to the world via SNS Outfitters and Guides Facebook page.

    The hunting and outdoor expedition company operates in the Big Horn area and wrote that the crack in the earth had developed over two weeks.

    “Everyone here is calling it ‘the gash.’ It’s a really incredible sight,“ the company wrote. 

    Wyoming Geological Survey Manager of Groundwater and Geologic Hazards and Mapping Seth Wittke told the Casper Star Tribune that the 45 metres long by 45 metres wide formation was likely caused by a landslide.

    He said geological officials have not had the opportunity to visit the site in person because it is on private property and is also not an imminent threat.

    “It’s a really unique thing to

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