• A Texas high school student with autism thought he was going to walk during his school’s graduation ceremony on Saturday. He didn’t, his family is upset and demanding answers, and the school is promising to find out what went wrong.

    On Monday, a Tumblr post with a screenshot of a Facebook complaint began to draw attention. The complaint was written by Maria Nanez, mother of student Julian Nanez. Julian is a high school senior with autism; he’s in the special needs program at Sam Houston High School in Arlington, TX.

    Maria and Julian thought he was going to walk in Sam Houston’s graduation ceremony last Saturday, along with the other special needs students. The four others made it; Julian didn’t. What’s unclear is why that happened. There is no indication from the school that Julian was ill-equipped to participate in the ceremony.

    Maria said in her post, and in an interview with CBS 11 in Dallas-Ft. Worth, that Julian’s teacher told her he wouldn’t be allowed to walk in the ceremony.

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  • Adou Ouattar shares a hug with his mother, Lucie, in this handout photo. Adou Ouattar shares a hug with his mother, Lucie, in this handout photo.

    Reunions are nearly always happy occasions, especially those between a mother and her child.

    The young boy who was almost smuggled out of West Africa in a suitcase was reunited with his mother on Monday.

    Adou Ouattara and his mother, Lucie, are shown hugging in a handout photo released on June 8, 2015, after being reunited in the territory of Ceuta, where the boy has been staying at a youth centre.

    Boy found in suitcase gets Spanish residency. (Yahoo News)Boy found in suitcase gets Spanish residency. (Yahoo News)

    Last month Spanish border police found the eight-year-old boy huddled in a suitcase after he was detected by the luggage scanner.

    Adou’s parents had applied to the Spanish authorities to have their son join them on the Spanish island of Fuerteventura, but their request was denied citing a lack of funds, reported the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

    Originally from the Ivory Coast, Adou was brought across the border by a now-detained Moroccan woman. His father knew about the smuggling attempt and was consequently detained as well in Ceuta. Adou’s father was also released on bail Monday, reported

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  • Doctors perform a very rare nine-way kidney transplant. (Flickr/Tareq Salahuddin)Doctors perform a very rare nine-way kidney transplant. (Flickr/Tareq Salahuddin)

    Kidney transplants are complicated enough as they are, but a transplant involving 18 recipients certainly makes for a very challenging procedure.

    This phenomenal procedure is known as a kidney-transplant chain and over the past weekend, two hospitals in San Francisco have completed the challenging task.

    A kidney-transplant chain involves a sequence of carefully timed transplants that match donors to recipients for compatibility. 

    The procedures were completed at UC San Francisco and California Pacific Medical Center.  

    According to The Orange County Register, aside from the regular logistical hurdles of so many surgeries, the challenges with the transplant also required the kidneys needing to be ferried back and forth between the two hospitals. On Friday, two kidneys were sent from California Pacific to UCSF via a special organ transport service and twootherss were sent from UCSF to California Pacific for a total of four, three-mile trips. Two trips were made Thursday.

    Dean Fryer, a

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  • The Earthship. (YouTube)The Earthship. (YouTube)

    The concept might sound unusual at first, but nestled right in a valley just north of Lethbridge, Alta., is the location of one of the most sustainable homes in Canada: The Earthship.

    Owned and operated by the Kinney family, the infrastructure is built out of 12,000 aluminum cans, encased in concrete and recycled tires that are filled with dirt.

    The three-bedroom bungalo is capable of collecting rainwater caught by the metal roof, where it is collected, treated and filtered down into the home where it is ready to drink.

    The facility also comes equipped with fully functioning toilets, a full garden, and can generate electricity from both the sun and wind.  

    “When people first hear the word (earthship), they think hippie-dippie tinfoil hat type things,” Glen Kinney, the home’s co-owner and a former oil and gas worker, told the Calgary Herald.

    While the Earthship was being completed last year, a process that only took an astounding five weeks, Duncan Kinney (co-owner) chronicled the

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  • (Facebook / وزارة البيئة المصرية - الصفحة الرسمية)(Facebook / وزارة البيئة المصرية - الصفحة الرسمية)

    We’re living in a whale-eat-whale world.

    The remains of a 40-million-year-old whale, with another whale trapped inside of it that researchers believe was then eaten by sharks has been discovered by scientists in Egypt, the Huffington Post reports.

    The fossils were discovered at Wadi al-Hitan, a UNESCO World Heritage site that is commonly known as “Whale Valley” located southwest of Cairo.

    (Facebook / وزارة البيئة المصرية - الصفحة الرسمية)(Facebook / وزارة البيئة المصرية - الصفحة الرسمية)The smaller whale that was found inside the fossils of the 60-foot-long basilosaurus is likely to have been a fetus, but since the basilosaurus had pretty interesting eating habits, it’s debateable. The long-gone predator was also known to eat other whales, comparable to today’s orcas.

    Relics from other sea creatures were also found inside the whale, such as crab and sawfish, the Cairo Post reports. Large bits of shark teeth were found next to the whale’s skeleton, showing evidence that sharks likely ate the whale after it died.

    The fossils include the smallest vertebras of the tale making it the

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  • The Bar-N Ghost Pine Ranch. (Sotheby's Realty)The Bar-N Ghost Pine Ranch. (Sotheby's Realty)

    If you have US$42.5 million kicking around and are looking for somewhere peaceful and private to settle in, this newly listed property might be exactly what you are looking for.

    This one of a kind luxury ranch is set on nearly 6,000 hectares of land and includes six residential homes. According to Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, it is landscaped with lush meadows, rolling hills, steeper mountain country with scatterings of aspens and evergreens, as well as water springs, trout ponds and a lake.

    Besides its position as one of Alberta’s great cattle ranches, the Bar-N Ghost Pine Ranch also offers world class hunting with populations of elk, mule deer, white tail deer, and several species of birds.

    The Bar-N Ghost Pine Ranch. (Sotheby's Realty)The Bar-N Ghost Pine Ranch. (Sotheby's Realty)

    This prime piece of real-estate is located just 1-½ hours South of Calgary, and close to Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. The spectacular and scenic grounds include a fully operating cattle ranch with 800 cattle and 36 Angus cross bulls. It has winter cabin facilities, corrals, barns,

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  • Terminally ill 22-year-old rejects organ donations to complete her bucket list

    “I know I’ve taken a massive risk but I want to enjoy the time I have left."

    Channan Petrides (Twitter/@PA_Real_Life)Channan Petrides (Twitter/@PA_Real_Life)

    Terminally ill 22-year-old, Channan Petrides, has made the difficult decision to turn down the opportunity for a new heart and lungs so that she could pursue the items on her bucket list.

    Petrides, who has cystic fibrosis, has been on the transplant list since last September, the Metro reports. But after learning about the hidden risks that the operation would pose, she decided to remove herself.

    “I know I’ve taken a massive risk but I want to enjoy the time I have left, rather than stick waiting for a call that may never come,” Petrides told the Metro.

    “Nobody could say for sure that the transplant would work, and I wouldn’t have been able to do anything on my bucket list because of the risk of infection.”

    The disease is brought on by a gene that controls the salt and water movement between cells, and as a result, the lungs become clogged with mucus, making it difficult to breathe.

    Petrides said it “feels like having a plastic back over your head and [like you’re] breathing through a

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  • Pizza Hut has a new box that turns into a movie projector for your smartphone.Pizza Hut has a new box that turns into a movie projector for your smartphone.

    Pizza Hut is trying to change your idea of what a home theatre should be.

    The pizza company that has been delivering the cheesy goodness to homes everywhere now wants to deliver something else: entertainment.

    Pizza Hut has created a new box cardboard pizza box that, when paired with your smartphone, turns into a movie projector.

    It’s called the Buster Box, and it was designed by Ogilvy Hong Kong, The Verge reports.

    The boxes comes with a pop-out hole on the side and unique pizza-tables that double as the projector’s lens. The lens goes in the hole perforated on the pizza box and the legs of the pizza table are used to prop up your phone.

    After you’ve come to a decision on what you want to watch, you set it up on your smartphone, put your phone into place, and the display gets blown up onto a nearby wall.

    If that wasn’t enough to make you want to stay in instead of going to your local theatre, there are actually four different kinds of boxes, and each comes with a separate movie to

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  • Photo of Tasha Sturm's son's handprint and the bacteria found in it. (Tasha Sturm/Microbe World)Photo of Tasha Sturm's son's handprint and the bacteria found in it. (Tasha Sturm/Microbe World)

    When microbiologist Tasha Sturm performed a simple experiment with her eight-year-old son, she had no idea it would get so much attention online.

    "I have been doing things like this for so long that it's normal to me... and my kids!" Sturm, a microbiology technician at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California, told Yahoo Canada News.

    Sturm asked her son to press his hand into a TSA plate after he came in from playing outside, which was filled with agar, a substance that contains the nutrients ideal for bacterial growth. It was then incubated for a week  at 37°C, then another several days at room temperature, which is the perfect for bacteria to flourish, and the result was an almost floral-looking design.

    When she posted the photo to the website ASM Microbeworld, the stunning patterns attracted attention across the web, as people marvelled at the beauty of bacteria. But Sturm says it's pretty typical stuff for her line of work.

    "The first [thing] lab students do is swab something in the

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  • Queens Zoo welcomed a baby pudu in May. (Queens Zoo/Facebook)Queens Zoo welcomed a baby pudu in May. (Queens Zoo/Facebook)

    For such a small little guy, he's sure going to elicit a big bunch of "awwww"s!

    Queens Zoo in Flushing, N.Y. debuted their newest addition, and he's a tiny one. He's an as-yet-to-be-named pudu, the world's smallest species of deer.

    The pudu was born May 12, but the zoo only just posted a photo of the little guy yesterday, encouraging people to come and see him in person.

    At birth, he was about six inches tall and six inches long, Barbara Russo of the Wildlife Conservation Society told ABC News.

    When full grown, he'll stand about 12 to 14 inches measured to his shoulder (meaning they may never need more than a standard foot-long ruler to measure him). The southern pudu is native to South America, and is classified as an endangered species.

    Once the fawn is weaned, he'll move on to a diet of grains, greens, carrots, and hay, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    After all, you can't survive on cute alone!

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