• (Photo: Duranno Father School)(Photo: Duranno Father School)
    A school is looking to help improve the relationships Korean fathers form with their children.

    The Father School is like a four-day retreat catering to Korean men of all ages, according to Public Radio International.

    It’s comprised of four five-hour sessions packed with lessons and activities including one where students learn the proper ‘way to hug.’

    Students are typically in their 20s and 30s but have been known to include men up in their 70s as well. One thing transcends the age groups, they all say they’re there because their wives signed them up.

    “She basically signed up and said, this is the start date. Go ahead and go,” one man told PRI. “But I’m glad I did it. They had homework, you know, that I normally wouldn’t do. It gave me some insights.“ 

    The school started in 1995 at the Duranno Bible College in Seoul with a mission to help ‘abusive, ineffective and absentee fathers’, according to the New York Times.

    It spread to the U.S. in 2000 with lessons targeted more towards

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  • (Photo: Imgur / Watstofferson)(Photo: Imgur / Watstofferson)
    One mother has taken an interesting step in trying to get her daughter to show a little respect for what she does around the house.

    A photo posted to Reddit shows a handwritten note forbidding anyone who doesn’t ‘contribute or respect the owners’ from using the soft toilet paper.

    What’s she expected to use instead? The newspaper hanging in the background.

    The full note reads: 

    “Due to the increased cost and lack of respect for the house owners, soft toilet paper is only to be used by those who contribute or respect the owners.

    Newspaper is available for anybody else needing it!


    Cleaning fairy + owner !! AKA Mum.”

    The post has garnered mixed reaction online, many people writing to show their support for the mother, others not so much.

    “Jokes on them when management has to unclog the newspaper filled drain,” one comment reads. 

    Another suggests the girl raise the stakes by using the hand towels instead saying “the cleaning fairy will take care of it.”

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  • (GIF credit: Vine / Mo Khan)(GIF credit: Vine / Mo Khan)

    Unbelievable sights, indescribable feelings.

    Anyone considering dressing as Aladdin for Halloween, you can thank Mo Khan and his ingenious play on the Disney character for setting the bar extremely high.

    Khan uploaded a video to his Vine and Instagram accounts showing himself dressed as Aladdin on his “magic carpet,” cruising down the street, browsing through Wal-Mart and even hitting up the McDonald’s drive thru.

    The background music is a snippet of the classic Disney song A Whole New World.

    To get the look down, Khan covered his hover board with a piece of red carpeting.

    The video clip was posted Tuesday and already has more than 140,000 likes.

    All he needed to complete his look is Abu the monkey.

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  • Right to left: Nasrulla's father, son and mother pose for a photo. (Amber Nasrulla)Right to left: Nasrulla's father, son and mother pose for a photo. (Amber Nasrulla)

    My mum is making a high-pitched hooooooo noise that’s part-owl, part 19th-century train. She’s a soft-spoken 68-year-old and these sounds are seriously freaking me out. We’re hang-gliding above the snowy Sierra Nevada Mountains in Lake Tahoe and whoosh! Suddenly, we’re in Redwood National Park in California. My mother shrieks. She doesn’t have much experience with – or fondness for – theme park rides and this attraction, Soarin’ in Epcot at Walt Disney World, simulates flying over California’s coast, desert, and inland regions. I can’t tell if she’s about to barf or worse, faint. 

    I knew the risks. My septuagenarian dad might tire of walking through the 47-square-mile resort; Walt Disney World is the size of Ottawa. Plus, he’s more of an attend-university-lectures kind of fellow. And he carries earplugs to muffle the click-clack of roller coasters. My eight-year-old son might meltdown at any time. But none of that deterred me from bringing my family along on this vacation, as I

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  • image

    (Photo: Whitney Constantine)(Photo: Whitney Constantine)It’s always sad stumbling across the dead remains of any animal, and one woman in Alabama unfortunately encountered a strange sight in her front yard.

    Hurricane Patricia is currently making it’s way through the Alabama coast, and with it came flooding and a startling surprise for Mobile resident Whitney Constantine, Fox 10 reports.

    As flood waters began to recede, Constantine noticed the carcass of a small shark left in her yard, presumably washed ashore from the local river during the Oct. 26 flood.

    While used to flooding in the area, Constantine told Fox 10 the flood waters were knee-deep in her drive way after Monday’s flooding.

    Constantine and her husband have decided to bury the shark.

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  • Ever hear of the story of the boy who got lost in the woods and is taken in and raised by a pack of wolves?

    Seems that boy became a man, grew himself a great beard, and decided to leave the woods to raise his own family.

    Youtube user Larry Woods uploaded this video of his 5-month-old son getting into the howling action with his two labs, garnering over 100,000 views since being posted on Oct. 26.

    Now of course this Larry fellow wasn’t raised by a pack of feral wolves, but hearing his offspring howl in his arms could convince you otherwise.

    “This is a video of our yellow lab and chocolate lab that constantly get into “howling battles” over who is louder and more ridiculous,” Larry Woods posted to YouTube, “They do it so often that our son has decided to join in the war.”

    Let’s just hope his neighbours are cool with his baby versus dog howling duels.

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  • While many of us are thinking of smiling trick or treaters, real witches don't have it so lucky. (Thinkstock)While many of us are thinking of smiling trick or treaters, real witches don't have it so lucky. (Thinkstock)

    This holiday season is supposed to be one where witches get to come out to play. But around the world, many real witches are still hiding in the broom closet. In Canada, the number of people who openly identify with a pagan faith has been steadily on the rise.

    According to Kerr Cuhulain, pagan author and retired pagan police officer in Sechelt, B.C., the dangers faced by modern pagans have decreased proportional to the access we all have to accurate information. An employer is less likely to be able to fire someone who wears a pentacle to work, and family court judges who use pagan practices as a reason to discriminate in custody cases face challenges from pagan rights groups across Canada, the U.S. and Europe. “It just can’t happen these days,” Cuhulain said in an interview with Yahoo Canada. “And if it does, there’s an organization ready to fight it.”

    Pagan organizations for specific professions as well as for general advocacy have ensured that there are fewer legal barriers for

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  • One Krispy Kreme doughnut shop in High Point, North Carolina, is under fire on social media after a woman filmed what appears to be huge bugs dropping into the glazing machine.

    YouTube user Ashh Nicole recently posted a video of ‘black spots’ coming through the glaze covering the donuts, as they made their way through the conveyor belt. 

    Apparently the spots turn out to be bugs that were crawling on the machine, she wrote in the description.

    Krispy Kreme is known for making delicious melt-in-your-mouth donuts but on top of the bugs there were a lot of other health code violations that Nicole noticed that day.

    The machine’s gears had mold on them, the employees handled the donuts with the same hands that touched the floor and one employee even used a spatula that they dropped on the floor earlier to scrap the belt where the donuts were coming from.

    She expressed her concern to the supervisor but he just shrugged her off, Nicole wrote.

    It’s save to say she ended up not buying any Krispy

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  • A witch and warlock are going to court.A witch and warlock are going to court.

    Double, double toil and legal troubles.

    Two masters of the dark arts will have their day in court today, as a judge will hear the case between a self-proclaimed “witch priestess” and the world’s “best known warlock”.

    Lori Sforza, 75, alleges that Christian Day has been harassing her with late night phone calls and malicious posts via social media, the AP reports.

    According to Sfroza’s website, she is a clairvoyant, psychic, and descendant from Italian witches who cured the plague. She owns a witchcraft shop and is a leading member and organizer of the Pagan church in town.

    The man she said has been harassing her is Day, 45, a self-proclaimed warlock who lives in Louisiana, but is very involved in the Salem witch scene. He owns his own occult store in town and is also organizing Salem’s Festival of the Dead, which leads into the Official Salem Witches Halloween Night Ball. 

    The two parties have previously worked together. In 2011, the pair got media attention after they performed

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  • Four years ago, the worst costume ever debuted. 

    It was a low-cut, low-quality dress with a skeleton printed onto it. The costume was called “Anna Rexia”. 


    Around the same time, Jessi Davin was fighting for her life. She had been diagnosed with anorexia at 19 and was in treatment until she was 22.  


    After realizing that the world saw her potentially deadly struggle as a gag at a Halloween party, she created a blog post that went viral two years ago explaining the reality of trying to survive with an eating disorder. 

    -4 years of hospitalization
    -A nasogastric feeding-tube because you’ve starved yourself so much that your body doesn’t recognize food as a good thing and tries to attack itself.
    -Re-Feeding Syndrome, which can kill you.
    -Emotional struggles for years.
    -A father crying and pleading on his knees begging for you to get help
    -A mother who cries every time she sees you because you look and SMELL like death.
    -Holidays missed, birthdays crying in a hospital.
    Almost every major

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