• Lieutenant delivers epic message to culprit who burglarized his favourite lunch spot

    “If you’re the man that committed this felony, look at me son – I’m talking to you."

    Lieutenant Higgins wasn’t happy to hear that someone burglarized his favourite lunch eatery.

    Higgins, who works for the St. Landry Perish Sherriff’s Department in Louisiana, took to the city’s Crime Stoppers to share a few choice words for the culprit.

    “If you’re the man that committed this felony, look at me son – I’m talking to you,” Higgins says with his hands firmly on his belt.

    “We’re going to identify you, arrest you and put you in a small cell.”

    And after all of the day’s work has been done and justice has been served, Higgins vows to wind down with a cheeseburger, fries and Coke at the very supermarket (Shelly’s) that the culprit burglarized.

    “Meanwhile, your next meal will be served through a small hole in a cell door,” he says matter-of-factly.

    And although the police have found DNA on the rock the offender used to smash the window and have a “perfect boot print,” Higgins realizes the popularity of his coverage, and hopes to use it to catch the criminal.


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  • What would you do for, say, two million YouTube views? YouTuber Pikachu The Pokemon would record himself eating the world’s hottest chili pepper – which he did, to hilarious results.

    The fourth-grader ate a Carolina Reaper, which is said to be 100 times hotter than a jalapeno, and while he downs an entire glass of milk, there’s no denying the small pepper is wreaking havoc on his insides.

    “You’re not supposed to swallow it!” the boy’s grandfather is heard saying in the background, while his grandson drinks the milk in a panic.

    “Later on my stomach was burning like Satan was burning me with fire,” he says wide-eyed, in a video recorded after eating the chili pepper.

    The chili peppers were bought off Amazon for just over £3, he explained in the follow-up video.  Despite the obvious pain and discomfort (not to mention the, ahem, after-effects), he says he would do it again – just for all the YouTube views.

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  • As if the monstrous waves of Teahupo in Tahiti wasn’t even to scare any surfer, one brave man rode the waves while on fire.

    Jamie O’Brien is a professional surfer from North Shore, Hawaii. While filming his original series Who Is Job 5.0 in Tahiti, he got an idea to attempt a daredevil stunt: to light himself on fire and surf the “world’s heaviest waves.

    The idea came to him through Instagram. According to O’Brien, he received a comment that said ‘it would be cool if you lit yourself on fire.’ So the surfer went to Red Bull and pitched the idea.

    The stunt took around a year to perfect with several trial runs on land and in the water, reported the Daily Mail. Even Hollywood stunt coordinator, Riley Harper was called in to be part of the team.

    After each run, the surfer had to plunge into the water to prevent himself from getting burnt. During one of his test runs, O’Brien got a quarter of his eyebrow singed from the fire.

    The challenges, however, didn’t stop O’Brien from accomplishing

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  • After shark attacks plagued the Outer Banks of North Carolina in the last few weeks, the Bergmans thought of an interesting way to quell the possibility of further attacks.

    Using PVC pipes, Scott and Sandi Bergman made protective cages that they then painted silver to look like steel.

    Beachgoer M.K. Rainville remembers watching the two casually walk into the ocean with their homemade shark-protectors.

    “We first knew something was up when the wife was taking photos of her husband with the cage and then proceeded to take a video,” Rainville told WTVR.

    A video of the event has since been uploaded to YouTube, and currently has just over 950,000 views.

    In it, the two are shown taking on the wavy waters, while hoisting the ‘steel’ cages above their knees.

    The couple are then seen getting a few feet away from shore, but are they quickly called back to shore by a confused-looking lifeguard.

    It has since been revealed that the entire operation was a prank.

    Following the recent series of shark

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  • Want to avoid divorce? Here's when to get married

    by Kelly Putter

    You’re smart, right? You waited till your mid to late thirties to tie the knot after earning a post-secondary education, travelling some and getting a solid foothold in your career.

    Better hang on to that pre-nup.

    A new study flips conventional wisdom on its head by suggesting that those who marry older face a higher risk of divorce, according to a sociologist at the University of Utah whose data unearthed surprising results about marriage success and age.

    Nicholas H. Wolfinger found that people who marry after their early thirties are more likely to divorce than those who wed in their late twenties. While his data confirms the commonly held belief that getting hitched in your late teens and early twenties is a sure-fire ticket for failure, the finding that older brides and grooms are more likely to split is an eye opener.

    According to his numbers, once past the age of 32, the odds of divorce increase by five per cent per year of age at marriage. His analysis is from

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  • Reporters doing live TV hits are frequently video bombed by strangers from the public and, most often, the result isn’t hilarious.

    But in this case, two pranksters performing magic tricks during a live broadcast have won over the internet.

    Reporter Ashish Joshi, from Sky News, was completely oblivious to what was going on behind him while doing a live update in Westminster, England.  

    Standing outside the Houses of Parliament, Ashish was presenting on UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s latest National Health Service (NHS) reform plans.

    Meanwhile both magicians, Richard Young and Sam Strange, appear in the shot and make light of the whole situation. 

    In the YouTube video posted by Young and Strange, the two are seen doing a “shrinking man” illusion magic trick, which has since gone viral with over 100,000 views. 

    “We thought it might get a few hundred views!” the magicians told the Guardian. “Videobomb videos are boring, everyone just makes faces or waves to their mum, we wanted to try

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  • REUTERS/Pilar OlivaresREUTERS/Pilar Olivares

    For all the parents who tell their kids to log off their devices and get outside – a new program may just keep them online a little longer.

    North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS), an online school funded by the North Carolina General Assembly, is set to launch an online physical education class this coming school year.  

    How will it work?  

    “Teachers will provide video demonstration of a physical activity or sport, then students will practice those skills and build their own video portfolios to document their progress and display mastery,” a press release posted by the N.C. Department of Instruction explains.

    The online gym class will provide those students enrolled in the virtual school with a well-rounded education, says Karen Creech, an instructional director.

    “We knew there was a need to offer PE online, so we thought outside the box and came up with a program that we believe will give students a valuable high school physical education experience,” Creech told reporters.

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  • Florida woman wrestles with an alligator to save her dog

    “It was the dumbest, bravest thing I’ve ever done, but I wasn’t going to let her go.”

    There’s nothing this woman wouldn’t do for her beloved dog, even if it means risking her own life.

    Lori Beiswenger owns a golf course in Inverness, Florida, where alligators lurking in the water hazards are fairly common. But earlier this week, a gator on the course became much more than a simple occupational hazard. 

    According to ABC News, Beiswenger was out and about earlier this week, doing some gardening with her nine-year-old terrier-mix, Hope.  

    Beiswenger was working when she heard the dog frantically screaming and quickly noticed a seven-and-a-half foot gator pulling her dog into a nearby pond. 

    “I hear the most God awful, piercing scream that I have ever heard in my life,” she told ABC News.

    Instinct took over and Beiswenger jumped into action, leaping into the pond and grabbing the alligator by its tail with her bare hands.

    “I wasn’t thinking,” Beiswenger told WTSP 10 News. “It was the dumbest, bravest thing I’ve ever done, but I wasn’t going to let her go.”

    Beiswenger began

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  • Summer hasn’t reached one Canadian province and police have issued a nation-wide manhunt to locate the missing season.

    Yesterday, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) released an official statement on Twitter seeking help from the public in an effort to find the whereabouts of summer.

    Last seen, police describe it “being 20-30 degrees Celsius, blue skies with a bright and warm source of light in the sky.”

    The police also identified “two persons of interest,” which happen to be the local meteorologists in Newfoundland– Ryan Shoddon from CBC and Eddie Sheerr from NTV. 

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  • Craigslist user vows to track down bike thief

    “You return my bike to Jones and Gerrard and I won’t kill you.”


    A Craigslist user whose bike allegedly got stolen is not messing around.

    The user took to the classified advertisement website to send a colourful message to the unidentified bike thief.

    “Someone broke into my house and stole my bike,” the ad reads. “If I find you I will mame [sic] you for life.”

    In an attempt to instill fear into the culprit, the poster added: “I was in the military for 9 years and got paid to kill people.”

    “You return my bike to Jones and Gerrard and I won’t kill you.”


    So far there is no word of the poster getting his bike back, but since the ads inception, a Reddit user posted it under the title ‘Craigslist bike theft victim is not messing around’ and it has has since gained over 450 ‘upvotes.’

    Redditor ‘GreasyBreakfast’ admitted to trying something similar years ago.

    “I tried the revenge route on Craiglist when my bike was stolen,” the user wrote. “Even going as far to meet up with several people with listings that described what could be my bike. I

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