• While most sports enthusiasts out there may not equate those with physical disabilities as athletically gifted and elite, one boy from Worksop, England changed the minds of many and inspired them in the process last weekend.

    8-year-old Bailey Matthews is a budding young triathlete with a twist. He suffers from cerebral palsy, a neurological condition that affects muscle co-ordination and balance, making it much more difficult to perform some of life’s most routine daily tasks.

    Although Matthews struggles to dress himself without assistance, he completed the Castle Howard Triathlon on Saturday, a grueling event that included a 100-metre lake swim, a four kilometre bike ride and a 1,300 metre run. Bailey used an adapted bike and walker to complete the race in spite of distance, terrain and disability. On top of all that, Matthews left the walker behind, crossing the finish line unassisted, making his parents Jonathan and Julia proud, inspiring those in attendance and becoming a social

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  • Watch men react to their girlfriends as they’re catcalled on the street

    “It sucks. I’m glad that that people are making it an issue and not standing for it anymore."

    (Photo via YouTube screengrab)(Photo via YouTube screengrab)

    It’s something that your girlfriends probably deal with when you’re not around: catcalling.

    But unless you experience it firsthand — whether you’re a man who catcalls or a woman who gets catcalled — you probably don’t understand the severity of it. 

    So, in order to put things into perspective, Cosmopolitan.com had a camera follow around a few women in New York City and asked their boyfriends to watch what they had to endure.

    After watching multiple men make inappropriate comments towards his girlfriend Olivia, Seth remarked that he was “getting pissed off.”

    “I’m not happy with this,” he said.

    Some of the call-outs include comments about how “gorgeous” she is, her body and calling her a “prize” or “baby girl.”

    After Olivia passes a strip club, one man yells out, “We’re hiring!”

    “Real tasteful,” her boyfriend says sarcastically.

    Jon, after watching his girlfriend Tessa receive similar treatment, tells her “those people are scary.”

    “It sucks. I’m glad that that people are making it an

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  • 0726_1800_sa_parking0726_1800_sa_parking

    Normally, real estate property listings include homes or condos, but in this case someone is looking to sell a different type of property: a parking spot.

    The listing on Realtor.ca says a spot in the commercial parking lot is located near Rogers Arena, in downtown Vancourver, B.C., for a whopping price tag of $45,000. And you don’t have to be owners of any building in order to buy this space.

    “I’m not surprised parking lots are for sale,” Andrey Pavolv, a professor at Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business, told CTV News. “I’m a little bit surprised by the price […] I think it’s clearly way above construction costs.”

    While the price may be high, the reality is that parking spaces are a hot commodity in the city.

    “It’s quite an anomaly actually,” Richard Collins of Prompton Real Estate, the agency overlooking the sale, told CBC News. “I think it’s taken people by surprise that there is actually a market for parking stalls.”

    Collins told CBC News it’s not unusual for

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  • With most of Canada in the midst of a sweltering stretch of overheating, it’s a good time to know the difference between uncomfortable and unsafe.

    An infographic is making the rounds on Tumblr that offers some simple education on the differences between heat exhaustion and heat strike, to help you tell when you should take a water break, and when you should seek medical attention.


    Feel faint or dizzy? Sweating a lot? It’s probably just heat exhaustion (which is still a serious thing to which you should attend immediately). But if you stop sweating or get a headache, that’s very bad and you need to find a doctor right away.

    The graphic was originally distributed by the Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services (OES). The OES seems to be taking heat-related emergencies very seriously this summer; on Wednesday its officers tried to bake cookies on a dashboard to show how hot it gets inside a car in the summer (it worked, although the cookies were a bit mushy).

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  • Here’s another ‘biggest fear’ that you may not have known you had.

    A 92-year-old woman who was declared dead by a doctor in Germany suddenly awoke screaming inside of a freezing mortuary, reports the Associated Press.

    The doctor has since been charged with negligent body harm for the fairly large oopsy-daisy and if convicted, the doctor could face anything between a fine and a prison sentence.

    After the 92-year-old was found without a pulse and not breathing, the doctor, whose name has not been released, declared the woman to be dead.

    But when she was taken to a funeral home that evening, a worker heard screams coming from the refrigeration room, where the woman was discovered alive.

    Two days later the woman died from heart disease, unrelated to the mishap.

    And as if this story isn’t already the stuff of nightmares, it’s not necessarily the first time something like this has happened.

    Last year it was a 91-year-old woman from Poland who had to suffer 11 hours in cold storage. It

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  • Left: Chanel White, Right: Lisa Goodman-Helfand (supplied)Left: Chanel White, Right: Lisa Goodman-Helfand (supplied)

    Lisa Goodman-Helfand has dealt with some hardships as a result of her scleroderma, but she wasn’t expecting rejection by Facebook for the appearance of her face to be one of them.

    Scleroderma, a chronic condition that causes the skin and connective tissues in the body to harden and contract, is a topic that the Chicago-area blogger is well versed in, as she has been dealing with it personally for 30 years.

    Goodman-Helfand writes about scleroderma as well as body image, confidence and more on her blog Comfortable In My Thick Skin. In a recent post titled ‘You Won’t Believe the Story Behind These Two Faces,’ she showcased another woman who was living with scleroderma.

    “I’d written an article about myself and another woman, Chanel White,” Goodman-Helfand explained to Yahoo Canada. “The point was to illustrate that can someone can look perfectly healthy, but also be facing life-threatening health issues, while someone who doesn’t look healthy… can actually be much better off.”


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  • One British man had an unusual reaction to receiving a speeding ticket.One British man had an unusual reaction to receiving a speeding ticket.

    Rarely do people have a sense of humour when they receive a speeding ticket.

    Apparently, however, one British man found a cute way to respond to his misfortune.

    The Reddit user, CapnHammered, from Lincolnshire, England, recently shared an image on Imgur showing a Disney “Bambi” envelope that he used in order to pay for his ticket. 

    He was caught by a speed camera going at 35 mph in a 30 mph zone. After receiving the ticket in the mail, he decided to “return the favour.” 

    “Recently got a speeding ticket,” he wrote in the caption. “This was the only envelope I could find, so I felt obliged to ‘dot my i’s’ with little hearts.”

    Thus far, the image has been viewed over 800,000 times.

    It didn’t take long for a few people to start suggesting additional embellishments to place on the envelope. 

    One user suggested to “fill the envelope with GLITTER!” 

    And another saying: “you should draw a blue light on the rabbit.”

    His adorable response is gaining speed. One user saying: “I’m gonna go get a

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  • (Thinkstock image)(Thinkstock image)

    There are a few things that can be said about Canadians: we like our hockey, we say sorry too much, we’re proud of our poutine, and of course… we like to have sex in our cars.

    That last one might not be as commonly known as the others but thanks to a survey conducted by autoTRADER.ca, we now know this to be true. 

    The car culture survey, which featured more than 1,500 residents across the country, found that more than one-third of the population uses their car to get down, rather than to just get around.

    Now, we don’t want you to over-analyze the cars sitting on your driveway, but the survey found that the more cars in a household, the more likely sexy-time has happened in one of them. Sixty-three per cent of those with four cars in their household have done it in at least one.

    And if you’re from New Brunswick and you see foggy windows, there’s probably only one explanation. More than half of the people from this lovely province has admitted to having car sex.

    However, if you’re in

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  • New Yorkers are known to have a quick, no nonsense-kind of humour.  And in the city that never sleeps, the sarcastic quips don’t really ever stop.

    When an alligator was seen casually crossing 9th Avenue in the Upper Manhattan area of Inwood, the local police did not waste time in announcing it on Twitter.

    But a short comment from journalist Lizzie O’Leary, calling the reptile a crocodile, rubbed the NYPD 34th Precinct the wrong way.

    The reptile was later confirmed to be an alligator and was taken into

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  • Florida man banned from Starbucks for calling out illegal handicap parking

    Starbucks was serving something, but unfortunately it wasn’t justice


    Starbucks was serving something, but unfortunately it wasn’t justice.

    After asking people who were illegally parking in handicap-only spots to move their vehicles, Rob Rowen was banned from a Starbucks in Tampa, Florida, reports WTSP.

    Rowen later received a letter from the massive corporation, which he suspected would be an apology. WTSP reports that it was actually an expulsion from all Starbucks in the country (which has since been reversed) because he was “disrupting business and threatening customers.”

    The letter “shocked” the Florida man, whose son-in-law has muscular dystrophy and is in a wheelchair.  

    When seeing parking injustices, Rowen took it upon himself to urge people to abide the law.

    “I saw someone park, and it was obvious they weren’t handicapped,” Rowen told Bay News 9. “There was no handicapped parking sticker. It wasn’t a handicapped plate. And so I said to him, ‘You’re parked in the one handicapped space, and you need to move your car.’”

    Rowen would snap a photo of

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