• ‘You Are Gay’ among odd retired candy heart sayings

    Sorry, lovers, you won't be able to tell your crush 'Fax Me' via candy Sweetheart this year.

    The Atlantic has unearthed a list of retired sayings from the treat produced by NECCO since 1866. Things have changed in almost a century and a half and sadly, these classic lines had to go. We'll miss some more than others.

    The list includes phrases such as 'You Are Gay,' and 'Oh You Kid.' While it's hard not to argue that 'Groovy' and 'Saucy Boy' are out of date, wouldn't we all like to suggest a hot date with our Valentines using 'Let's Read'? C'mon.

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    Text speak has permitted shorter sayings and short-forms in recent years that fit more easily onto a candy heart than 'My, Such Eyes,' for example.

    NECCO now advertises personalized candy hearts by order but some people have preferred to use social media to invent their own phrases, using the trending hashtag #candyheartrejects. A warning, some of the jokes are not PG.

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  • Typos are forgivable when people make them on Facebook or in a casual email. But when they are glaring errors made by schools or people representing schools, they become hard to ignore.

    (Photo submitted to the News-Leader)

    Missouri State University recently handed out 6,000 free canvas book bags with their team logo on them. A very nice offer by the school except for one little issue ... They misspelled the word "University." Apparently those students attend "Missouri State Univeristy."

    According to the News-Leader, MSU spent $70,844 for 17,800 bags and initially handed out 6,000 last month with the mistake. They then destroyed 2,500 with the error and will be handing out half of the bags with the correct spelling in August. The school has no chance of recouping the costs, which would be roughly $35,000, because they submitted the original artwork with the error and then approved a proof, which also contained the mistake.

    [ Last week's gaffe: Fake cop busted pulling over real cop ]

    The mistake was discovered after a few

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  • OK, so they’re not quite at the rank of monkey butlers (yet), but the two adorable primates who serve beer and hot towels to patrons at Japan’s Kayabuki restaurant seem like they could handle any great Remains of the Day-style household with those quick, agile steps and nimble shoulder-climbing techniques.

    Except for the human masks Yat-chan and Fuku-chan wear when they enter the dining room. Now those are creepy. But owner Kaoru Otsuka insists there is no monkey exploitation going on at his Utsunomiya sake house.

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    In fact, Oddity Central notes that local authorities have even certified the pair to wait tables for two hours each day. Yat-chan, a 16-year-old monkey and the older primate of the pair, started the trend one day by aping the behaviour of his human.

    “Yat-chan first learned by just watching me working in the restaurant,” Otsuka said. “It all started when one day I gave him a hot towel out of curiosity and he

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  • Camera records the inside of a lioness’ mouth

    Cameras that can't stand up to the likes of a lioness are falling closer to the status of useless.

    An Australian photographer's GoPro camera looked beat up after its trip into the safari but the device never stopped recording, even when a lioness tried to eat it. Chris Bray, a nature photographer and photography teacher, mounted his camera onto a remote-controlled car and sent it over to greet the lions.

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    The video became an unexpected adventure when a lioness approached, putting her face directly into the camera lens. Then she leaned over and picked up the camera in her teeth. That's about the only way I ever want to see the inside of a predator's mouth.

    Another camera films the lioness carrying the tiny car away in her teeth, like she's a giant house cat with a squeaky toy. Here, kitty kitty.

    The camera lands safely in the grass at her feet. She chews on it, paws at it for a while but never manages to destroy the resilient device.


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  • Pushing 40 releases funny single '45 is The New 15′

    There's no need to put an age-limit on boy bands anymore, if you believe the middle-aged singers of a comedy single that touts 45 as the new 15.

    The band Pushing 40, described as "middle-aged musical masterminds," released its debut single on YouTube yesterday. Musical masterminds might be a stretch but the song, "45 is The New 15," makes some good points about why being 45 is pretty great.

    [ More Buzz: Stephen Colbert mocks Quebec cardinal as being ‘too polite’ to be pope ]

    Actually, the only point that's clear is if you're in a boy band with an average age exceeding 30, you're allowed to wear a hoodie in your music video.

    The song is featured in the web series My Dad Is In A Boy Band by Warner Music Group.

    The goofy song and accompanying video starts with one of the balding singers turning on his weedwacker and holding his back in pain. Another band member, who looks like the youngest, looks out the window in envy and says he can't wait until he's 45 too.

    The rest of the song

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  • A Canuck can't be pope: Stephen ColbertWhile Quebec native Marc Cardinal Ouellet is considered a leading contender for pope, Stephen Colbert isn't having any of it. The satirical newsman says Ouellet has one major flaw: he's Canadian.

    Stephen Colbert has taken another jab at Canadians, and like always, we're lapping up the attention.

    When the late-night pundit recently called Windsor Earth's rectum, Canadian media quickly picked up on the joke and Windsor reacted by inviting him to lead a parade, according to the Windsor Star. Residents seemed unsure whether they wanted to defend the city or embrace its new anal image.

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    This week, Colbert mocked Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the Canadian in contention to replace Pope Benedict when he resigns at the end of February.

    A Canadian for pope? He would be too polite, says Colbert, and he might replace the golden staff with a Team Canada hockey stick.

    The joke that Cardinal

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  • New Yorker projects unique art in the heart of a snowstorm

    Last week's winter storm, dubbed "Nemo", crippled transportation, stretched municipal resources and left millions of frustrated residents along the East Coast to dig out.

    But for Brian Maffitt of Chestnut Ridge, New York, it was an opportunity to create art.

    Maffitt saw the thick, falling snow as a canvas — or more precisely, as a screen. He set up a camera with a dark pine as his backdrop and projected a movie onto the falling flakes to create a unique, once-in-a-lifetime piece of art.

    He posted the video results on YouTube and still photos on Flikr, and they've become a viral sensation.

    The movie creating the effects is The Lorax, which not only had strong colour saturation, but "was at the top of the list under 'Children's Movies' on Netflix," he told The Atlantic.

    And the colours only grew more robust as the storm intensified.

    More images can be found on Maffitt's Flickr account.

    "It proved to be an extremely fortunate confluence of nature and digital," he said.

    (Photos courtesy

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  • (Screen cap from BBC News Magazine)Sending mail can be eating dessert too, thanks to the Belgian postal service.

    Belgium is taking kicking its chocolate-loving image up a notch with the introduction of flavoured postal stamps.

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    bpost announced it would start selling stamps that smell and taste like chocolate on March 25. The statement, issued in French, says bpost has designed five stamps, each devoted to a different type of chocolate.

    The sticky part on the back of the stamp is flavoured with cocoa oils that release when someone licks the postage. Finding a way to flavour paper so it actually tastes like Belgian chocolate wasn't easy, according to the statement. Collaborators from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland worked on the project.

    This isn't the first time Belgium has issued Chocolate-themed stamps but in the past the fun stopped with a scent.

    Beware, though, if these stamps are like the chocolate-scented variety issued in Switzerland more than

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  • The zombie apocalypse may have hit your local area first, living residents of Montana.

    An emergency message flashed on the screens of those watching the Steve Wilkos Show on the KRTV on Monday, warning them about a violent army of the undead wandering the streets. No one is safe.

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    The message warned of attacks on the living and said more information would follow.

    Civil authorities in your area have reported that the bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living. Follow the messages on-screen that will be updated as information becomes available. Do not attempt to approach or apprehend these bodies as they are considered extremely dangerous.

    There was no time for safety instructions, however, because the television station quickly pulled the message. KRTV apologized in a statement that said someone had hacked into the system and displayed the silly alert.

    "This message did not

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  • Winter storm’s force documented in time-lapse videos

    A destructive winter storm unofficially dubbed 'Nemo' hit parts of the Eastern U.S. and Canada over the weekend, causing widespread damage in some areas, burying cars and sending shivering residents inside — where they set up cameras.

    An assortment of time-lapse videos show in high-speed how the storm racked the outdoors. Pour a cup of tea before watching these chilly videos. The snow looks like a growing monster.

    Darren Wright in Guelph, Ontario recorded this video of Nemo's wrath in one part of Canada.

    Another video, recorded in New Hampshire, shows the slow, sad death of a gnome by gradual piling of snow because as you know, gnomes can't move while humans are watching. You should have run away before the camera came on, gnome friend.

    There's nothing like a snow blower set to classical music, as this videographer in Boston proved when he sped up the storm's progress, documenting some rigorous snow removal and speedy snowman building.

    The world was getting fuzzy near the end of

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