• A total of 257 people with mohawks gathered one place on Friday and it wasn't for a punk convention.

    The Irish Cancer Society and its radio station partner, Today FM, set a world record for the largest gathering of people with with a mohawk hairstyle.

    Canada has fundraisers for which volunteers shave their heads, such as Shave for the Brave. A Canadian also holds the record for the longest beard on a living man.

    However, Ireland has taken cancer fundraising to a rockin' new level with its 'Shave or Dye' campaign, advertising it as a war between two factions — monks versus punks.

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    The idea is that volunteers can choose to shave all of their hair off, becoming monks, or they can choose a mohawk and join the ranks of punk.

    The volunteers weren't only teenage boys, either, the event's Facebook page shows kids and women sporting multi-coloured mohawks for the cause. But the group shot shows a considerable number of men versus women

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  • We've all wished, while standing at a transit stop waiting endlessly for the next bus, that a yellow sports car would pull up and offer a ride.

    That, along with a dog sled and jugglers on stilts were some of the surprises that met commuters at bus stops during an advertising campaign for Qualcomm's Born Mobile.

    The company placed bus stop advertisements to peak the curiosity of bored commuters.

    "In a hurry?" one of the ads said.

    "Bored?" said another. "Use your mobile device to entertain yourself. Right now."

    Qualcomm distributed the advertisements, with little more than the simple slogans and a website URL, to various stops. And then they waited.

    When people visited the website, the scene transformed into the 'best bus stop ever,' as Qualcomm describes it. A woman pulled up to rescue one young man in her shiny yellow car. In other instance, a sled led by six dogs pulled up to offer a pavement dogsled ride as people turned their heads in awe.

    [ More Buzz: Teen tumbles 45 feet from ski

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  • File this one away in the “KIDS, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME” folder.

    A 17-year-old student from Albuquerque, New Mexico, thought he’d try to lob a snowball at his buddy in front of him. So far so good, right? Right.

    Except the teens were on a ski chairlift more than 45 feet in the air, and when Teen #1 raised his arm to peg Teen #2, the momentum from the throw caused him to slip from the chair and dangle precariously off the bottom while hanging on for dear life.

    The incident occurred Feb. 2 at Ski Santa Fe atop the area’s highest lift, the ominously named Millennium Triple Chair.

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    Because sometimes there’s nothing to do in the face of impending doom except film it on your smartphone camera, an 18-second video clip shows the boy lose his grip and plummet to the snowy ground below.

    And while he won’t be winning any Boy Scout badges for survival instincts, the Santa Fe New Mexican reports that the boy miraculously survived and is now

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  • Must-see videos of the week – Feb. 22

    From a snowplow driver having a jolly time burying parked cars to a man who went out of his way to plow all of his neighbours driveways, we've seen some great videos this week. Here are some of our favourites:

    1. Plow driver brags about burying cars

    If this happened to my car I would definitely want to punch this guy in the face. Snowplow driver Mark Hussey recorded this video of himself plowing the street, but burying cars in Lowell, Mass. He posted the video of himself to YouTube confirming what many think: Plows make the roads clear, but pile mounds super high at the ends of driveways and trap cars. This shows at least one plow operator has fun making people stuck. The video was filmed Feb. 10 after the area was hit with more than 60 cm of snow. At least he likes his job. He says in the video, "If you're plowing, I know you're not having as much fun as I am."

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    2. Woman calls 911 because she needs

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  • Giant goldfish invade Lake Tahoe

    If thousands of dolphins swimming in a super-pod off the coast of San Diego wasn't enough to convince you that marine life is planning its overthrow of humanity, now there are giant goldfish breeding in Lake Tahoe, according to the news station KCRA.

    Monster goldfish are breeding in Lake Tahoe Biologists are finding more and more of the invasive species in the lake, and fear the fish could affect the ecology.

    Researchers who comb the lake for non-native species say they've pulled up enormous goldfish, like the kind most people keep in fish tanks. It looks like humans have engineered their own demise: scientists theorize that pet owners are spilling their aquariums into bodies of water, fish and all.

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    Goldfish have popped up in the past but their numbers appear to be growing, and they're more destructive than they look while they're hiding in the underwater fish tank castle. Goldfish eat underwater plants, which

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  • You're going to Disney World! Actually, that's a joke. Get it?

    Windsor teacher pull Disney hoax on studentsWindsor teacher pull Disney hoax on students

    Parents of students at a Windsor, Ontario, public school are failing to see the humour in a prank teachers played on their 8th grade kids by announcing a fake trip to Disney World, according to the Canadian Press.

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    The scheme began when a teacher at Roseland Public School thought students had been looking through his desk, according to the story. He planted a decoy, in the form of a fake brochure for the trip, to ferret out the snoopers.

    Nothing moves faster than a rumour in a public school and before long, teachers said the hallways were buzzing with whispers about the supposed trip. The lesson might have ended there, but the teacher collaborated it to take it much further.

    They staged a presentation announcing the trip before all of the school's 8th graders,

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  • Girl burns hair off in curling tutorial

    When Tori Locklear set up a camera near her mirror, she was planning to upload another one of those 'How to Curl Your Hair' instructional videos.

    The result was much worse — and much funnier — when Locklear pulled the curling iron away and a chunk of her hair came away with it. Her reaction was, understandably, horror.

    But when she uploaded the video a few months after recording, it seemed as though Locklear might be ready to laugh with the world.

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    "Me around October 2012 attempting to curl my hair, but instead something else happened. It burned off. Cool," the description says.

    At least we hope she was ready for the attention, because the video has gained more than a million views since it was uploaded on Feb. 18.

    The video has viewers asking how it is even possible to burn off your hair with a regular curling iron.

    The American Academy of Dermatology has issued warnings to women against using too many chemicals and heat

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  • The Prince has a long history of cracking the sorts of jokes that end up making headlines.Leave it to Prince Philip, everyone’s completely inappropriate old uncle, to stick his foot in it once again.

    Britain’s 91-year-old multicultural ambassador was on a tour of the new cardiac centre at Luton & Dunstable Hospital in Bedfordshire, when he turned to a nurse of Filipino extraction and said: "The Philippines must be half-empty – you're all here running the NHS."

    The Independent notes that he punctuated this impromptu comedy hour by joking that he was the world’s “most experienced curtain puller” and asked when the hospital would be receiving a helipad to spare him the inconvenience of visiting by car.

    Fans of the royal card are used to this sort of humour by now, as the Prince has a long history of cracking the sorts of jokes that end up making headlines.

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    Take this infamous quip, for example. During an official tour of China in 1986, Queen Elizabeth’s other half turned to a British student studying in Beijing and said: "If

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  • How to become pope instructional video goes viral

    Since Workopolis hasn't posted the job criteria for pope yet, someone took it upon himself to teach the public how to achieve ambitions of leading the Catholic Church.

    It's not that hard to become pope, says the narrator of an instructional video uploaded by YouTube user C.G.P. Grey. The video has more than 700,000 views, no doubt from aspiring popes who needed a quick job development lesson.

    There are really only two rules: you must be Catholic and you must be a man. Easy, right? Not so much.

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    For just as soon as C.G.P. Grey outlines the minimal skill requirements, he reminds us that the last time a regular churchgoing Catholic became pope was basically never. Popes are almost always Cardinals first, and that's when your stellar work in Sunday school simply won't cut it anymore.

    To reach the first rung of the "Catholic corporate ladder," as he describes it, priesthood, a candidate often needs a bachelor's

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  • Underwater ice hockey not for the faint of breath

    Team Germany I plays Austria II during a match at the Underwater ice hockey Championships in lake Weissensee in Austria February 17, 2013.
    Shadowy figures moved beneath the 15 cm of ice covering Lake Weissensee in Austria this month, wielding sticks and surfacing periodically for air.

    A few brave divers have flipped Canada's favourite sport upside-down — and taken it underwater. Reuters photographer Michael Dalder was there in mid-February to capture the highlights of the Underwater Ice Hockey Championships.

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    Dalder documented the trip, during which he dove with the daredevil hockey players on his blog.

    He says the hockey players on each team are apnea divers, who plunge deep into waters while holding their breath. Since that wasn't difficult enough, apparently, now they compete for goals in upside-down nets, using a foam puck floating on the underside of an ice-covered lake.

    There is no risk of skate blades cutting anyone in this game. Still, Dalder writes that ice diving is considered one of the most dangerous varieties because

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