• We can forgive Nik Wallenda for his Grand Canyon ambitions. It must be tough to top his incredible high-wire walk across Niagara Falls last June, a 457-metre-long stunt that attracted millions of eyeballs and an equal amount of “Wows!”

    But when you hit a career milestone like that at age 33, can you never just sit back on the couch, crack open a can of soda, put up your feet and say: “Man, that was it. Time to spend the next six decades reliving it”? This may have worked for Al Bundy, but the seventh generation daredevil has already grown restless for his next adventure.

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    As he suggested during numerous press interviews last year, Wallenda wants to take on the grandest canyon of them all: Arizona’s 446 kilometer-long Natural Wonder of the World.

    “It’s just another one in the bucket list. This is a dream of mine, as was Niagara Falls,” he said during a Today Show interview. “It’s just the next chapter in my book, if you

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  • Two daredevils who flew over Rio de Janeiro in wingsuits looked more like colourful flying squirrels than birds, planes or supermen, but hundreds of thousands have watched the video of the stunt.

    Stuntmen Jokke Sommer, of Norway, and Ludovic Woerth, of France, leaped out of a plane over the Brazilian city, gliding to the ground in wingsuits for a jump sponsored by Red Bull, according to ABC News.

    Watching the jump from Sommer and Woerth's perspective is stomach-churning enough, but when they head directly for the Ventura Corporate Towers, standing at 460 feet above the ground, it's tempting to close your eyes for fear of witnessing them crash.

    They pass through the towers in a gap that measures only 26 feet, according to ABC. The video description says Sommer and Woerth did not have permission to fly in Rio de Janeiro. It says they jumped at 5:45 a.m., 20 minutes before they would have to share air space with the day's first commercial flights.

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  • A mysterious woman has been posting pictures on Allen Engstrom's lost iPad.She's been caught cross-eyed and facing the camera.

    At least, that's the view of Allen Engstrom from North Little Rock, Arkansas, who forgot his tablet on a flight from Phoenix to Denver and then started receiving pictures of a stranger from the device, according to ABC7.

    The tablet had somehow ended up with an unidentified woman who took silly pictures of herself. The images appeared on the owner's iPhone after syncing through Apple's iCloud service. Thanks to Engstrom, the woman has become famous online, apparently without even realizing it.

    In late February, Engstrom posted a picture of a woman making a kiss face and crossing her eyes.

    "Hey cool! This is an actual pic of the wonderful person who stole my iPad. Apparently the pics she is taking of herself are backing up and appearing on my phone. No I'm not kidding, this is really happening."

    The picture was a hit. It's been shared on Facebook more than 1000 times and as Engstrom continued to receive and share more pictures of the

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  • 22-ton bridge stolen from Turkish village

    Even the world's sneakiest criminals have met their match this week in a group of thieves who made a Turkish bridge disappear.

    According to Today's Zaman, villagers in the Turkish province of Kocaeli awoke on Monday morning to find their commute to work at the nearby orchards was a little trickier than usual, what with the creek in their path.

    The 22-ton, 25 metre-long bridge built over the water had disappeared.

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    A CNN video from the country with a news report in Turkish shows villagers wading through the water to reach the other side. The thieves had apparently cut the bridge into pieces and loaded it into a truck, most likely to sell for scrap metal.

    They certainly didn't waste an ounce; it seems the only sign left that a bridge had ever existed is a handful of metal pieces and some debris.

    The news report estimated the bridge's value at about $11, 300 Canadian.

    This isn't the first ever successful bridge heist. Last year,

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  • Hendrix the six-year-old English Springer Spaniel was supposed to fly cargo to Phoenix on Thursday. A slight problem arose when United Airlines handlers placed the pup on a flight to Ireland instead.While a large swath of the human population put on green wigs and pretended they were Irish this weekend in a thinly veiled attempt to get wasted for no reason, one New Jersey pooch made everyone else look like a slacker by jumping on a flight to the St. Paddy’s Day Motherland.

    Of course he didn’t actually do this himself. United Airlines handlers put him there by accident. Poor little guy was stuck in a cage and probably had no idea what was happening. But hopefully there’s enough of a green beer haze leftover from yesterday for most of you to gloss over that little detail.

    Anyway, here’s the actual story. As CNN reports, Hendrix the six-year-old English Springer Spaniel was supposed to fly cargo to Phoenix on Thursday. A slight problem arose when United Airlines handlers placed the pup on a flight to Ireland instead.

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    His human, Meredith Grant, received the unsettling news 10 minutes before Hendrix’s original Arizona-bound

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  • Sea lion visits Brazilian city street, stops traffic

    A sea lion decided to spend an evening in the city on Saturday, maybe catch a movie and go for a stroll.

    According to Brazilian media, the creature crawled out of the ocean and found its way onto one of the busiest streets in Balneario Camboriu, Brazil. Don't worry, it used the crosswalk.

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    Crowds gathered as authorities shut down traffic and kept onlookers from getting too close. The animal wiggled across the street and stopped to look around. A biologist told media the sea lion might have emerged to take a rest from swimming and fishing, according to the blog Nothing to do with Arbroath.

    Another video shows the sea lion crawling out of the ocean to embark on his city adventure, pulling himself up onto the sand.

    The sea lion opens its mouth wide as beach visitors whip out their cell phones for pictures. Later, while the sea lion laid on the pavement in the middle of the road, authorities poured water on it to keep it

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  • An actor look-alike of U.S. President Barack Obama is stirring up social media after appearing in the History Channel's series The Bible — playing the part of Satan.

    Conservative political pundit Glenn Beck suggested on Twitter that the actor playing Satan in the series, Mohamen Mehdi Ouazaanni, looks like the president.

    Others also saw a similarity, but reactions varied from laughter to shock, depending on political stripe.

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  • Kitten’s meow sounds like a goat

    Cats have long ruled the Internet, in videos, memes and with a few elevated to stardom. Lately, however, goats have encroached upon their cute territory. This kitten is fighting back.

    Last month, a video of goats yelling like humans circulated the web, teaching the Internet to share their affection for a new kind of four-legged animal. Then, suddenly, Taylor Swift was goatified, along with many other musicians, and baby goats started yelling their way into the Internet's collective heart.

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    Wired magazine editor Nate Lanxon declared this the year of the goat.

    Not to be outdone, Pickles the cat has decided that kittens can be goats too.

    When Pickles tries to meow at the camera, the result is a quivering sound similar to a goat bleating.

    Chattering is a common reaction among cats who spot prey, such as a bird outside the window. However, it sounds like Pickles is doing more than chattering at birds.

    [ More Buzz: Music is

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  • Music is everywhere; even in fences and brooms

    Xavi Lozano proves that even a metal rail can be an instrument

    Performers Bufa & Sons host musical adventures using instruments you could find in your garden, refrigerator or even in a pile of scrap metal.

    In a video posted this week, member Xavi Lozano proves a flute doesn't have to be a flute, in the traditional sense, it can also be a fence. When he lifts the corner of the yellow fence to his lips, it's confusing. But then suddenly, magically, there's music coming from that rusty metal.

    Street Musician Plays Railing Like a Flute

    It isn't the strangest instrument ever to feature in his performances with colleagues Guillem Aguilar and Marc Vila. Images on their website show them playing lamps and in a past video, Lozano chose a watering can.

    The fence flute is more than a novelty. It accompanies guitar and drums in Bufa and Sons' song, Tanca, and to hear it, you wouldn't know it was a recycled instrument.

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    Other tales of recycled music have emerged recently, including those from

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  • Must-see videos of the week – March 15

    From an incredibly elusive animal captured on film twice this month in Alberta to some tough fights with icicles in Saskatchewan, we've seen some great videos this week. Here are some of our favourites:

    1. Dad pretends to punch toddler

    If any child advocates thought this video was real they would probably be up in arms right now, but just like a Hollywood fight scene, the punches aren't real. Either that or this is the toughest toddler ever.

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    2. Lynx put on a show in Lake Louise

    A Parks Canada conservation officer captured a female lynx as she stared at her reflection in a Lake Louise window. Parks staff say the mother may have thought it was another animal that may have been a threat. The lynx is a very elusive and reclusive animal, but has been putting on a show this past winter. Two were also seen last month and photographed. Staff believe the cats are taking advantage of the increased

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