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  • Quebecers known as bad tippers when visiting Vermont

    Are Canadians cheap or just used to tipping less than Americans?

    Canadians may be known for being polite and nice, but apparently we're also developing a reputation for being bad tippers - at least Quebecers are.

    Burlington, Vermont isn't far from the Quebec border and staff at restaurants say people from La Belle Province are developing a bad distinction.

    "When you're busting your butt and it's a large table or even a small table of Canadians, you just don't want to leave it to chance that you're going to get a $3 tip on a $100 bill, said Niall McMahan, a server at one restaurant. He said about three quarters of Canadian tourists tip five to 10 per cent so sometimes servers add the gratuity on to the bill.

    People at other Burlington restaurants had similar feelings about Quebecers.

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    While many comments online from waiters to cruise ship personnel may call Canadians the worst tippers, according to the New York Times,

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  • Bill Bouton captured the images from the shore which shows just how close the whales were to people on the water

    Some people in small boats and on paddle boards along the California coast got up close with a pod of humpback whales, who seemed to be enjoying a meal.

    Retired biology instructor Bill Bouton captured these images while he was photographing birds near San Luis Obispo, in the central part of the state. He took the images on Saturday and uploaded them to his Flickr account.

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    The pod of whales are feeding at a "bait ball", which is what happens when small fish swarm in a tightly packed group because they are threatened by a predatory animal.

    According to a comment by Bouton on his Flickr page, he was sitting in his car on the shoulder of the road and just happened to stumble across the whales.

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    It must have been an even more spectacular and scary sight for

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  • The Ebay logo at a computer fair. REUTERS/Tobias SchwarzEarlier this week, a Florida man made headlines for selling his "American Dream" on eBay.

    Now the popular peer-based auction site is in the news again, but this time for its austerity measures.

    Known as the place you can pretty much find anything for sale (even abstract concepts), the company has decided to put a kibosh on some of its more intangible items.

    What that means, as ABC News reports, is that people will no longer be able to buy and sell magic spells and curses.

    All disappointed would-be Merlins will have to find another spot to hack their love potions, hexes, and demon-banishing wares come Aug. 30.

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    "We are discontinuing a small number of categories within the larger metaphysical subcategory, as buyers and sellers have told us that transactions in these categories often result in issues that can be difficult to resolve," reads a statement from the eBay website.

    While potential curse victims are likely to be comforted by

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  • Video shows rescuers using hydraulic pliers to widen the opening and free the boy

    A Chinese kid is proving why it's important to listen to your parents when they tell you not to touch the stove, lick the ski lift or put your head in a small opening.

    Raw Video: Boy Stuck in Stone Balcony FreedA Chinese boy gave authorities in Hezhang Country a bit of a headache on Sunday - when he managed to get his head firmly lodged in a stone balustrade. He was freed using hydraulic spreading pliers. (Aug. 15)

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    Firefighters raced to a local government building in Guizhou province in Southwest China to free a boy who got his head stuck between two stone pillars on a balcony. It's unclear why he decided to put his head in the opening, but according to China's state television, he is reported to have been playing with friends. Firefighters had to use hydraulic spreading pliers to crack the balcony and widen the opening.

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  • George Edwards captured the image and people in the military say it's an animate object

    George Edwards has spent the past 26 years of his life searching for the elusive Loch Ness Monster and now says he has the best picture yet to prove its existence.

    The Scottish sailor takes his boat, "Nessie Hunter", out on the water almost every day, often leading tourists who hope to see the mythical creature. According to ABC News, he was turning his ship back to shore when he noticed something out of the ordinary.

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    "I saw something out of the corner of my eye, and immediately grabbed my camera," he said to ABC News. "I happened to get a good picture of one of them."

    Most images of Nessie show the monster having three humps, but Edwards believes it probably looks more like a manatee and there are more than one in the water.

    He first became fascinated with Nessie at was 13 when his father would take him fishing by the lake. He

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  • The unidentified player was caught sneaking in blank tiles at a Florida tournament

    Some people will do whatever they can to win. Belarus shot putter Nadzeya Ostapchuk was just stripped of her Olympic gold medal after she was caught doping, U.S. figure skater Tonya Harding conspired with her husband to hit rival Nancy Kerrigan in the knee and even Scrabble players have their own way to cheat.

    One of the top Scrabble players in the U.S. was kicked out of a national championship tournament in Florida after it was discovered he was hiding blank letter tiles.

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    The cheater, who has not been identified by name because he's a minor, was spotted by a player at a nearby table, reports The Associated Press. The player saw the cheater conceal a pair of blank tiles by dropping them on the floor. Blank tiles can be used as any letter in the alphabet and are considered very valuable even though they don't carry any points. The unidentified

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  • Popular online shopping depot eBay offers some pretty unusual wares — anything from "annoying but cuddly grandmothers" to a piece of Britney Spears' used chewing gum has been found among its ranks of items for sale.

    (Full disclosure: bidding on the gum reached $14,000).

    But as Oddity Central reports, a Florida man is upping the ante by putting his entire life up on the auction block.

    Shane Butcher has done very well by any standard. In his 29 years on the planet, the Tampa Bay resident has managed to accumulate millions through his video game business and multiple properties.

    In addition to his two beachside homes, Butcher has acquired several luxury cars and two kayaks.

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    Despite his success, however, the young entrepreneur has grown weary of his lot and is looking to embark upon newer and more impressive challenges.

    "If you build a castle, it's awesome to sell it and then start building another one, hopefully bigger and

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  • Ph.D. candidate Esther Kim took numerous cross-country bus trips to see how people disengage when on public transit

    Millions of Canadians rely on public transit to get to work or school each day and for a large majority of those people, complaining about the transportation is a popular pastime.

    There are "technical issues", buses run late, trains are overcrowded, the general smell isn't always the best especially when it's raining outside and in some cases we have to sit next to or be close to questionable and sometimes smelly characters.

    But luckily a lot of people have solutions for these issues that allow them to make their commute easier. For many people it's all about keeping from sitting next to, standing by or talking to "weird" riders. A quick survey around the newsroom reveals people quickly put their cellphone to their ear, pretend to sleep and hunch over the seat next to them, read a book, put headphones on even if they aren't attached to a device and even act odd themselves

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    People at the online forum quickly came up with so many suggestions the company had to take down the page

    Mountain Dew, in an attempt to boost sales and get people involved, created a viral contest called "Dub the Dew" where people would get a chance to name a new green apple infused beverage. People also had the opportunity to vote on suggestions for which would become the new name.

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    The contest appeared to be going according to plan until users at online forum 4chan got involved. They descended on the company's site, hijacking it and offering many funny and politically incorrect suggestions for names.

    Some of names included "Diabeetus," "Moist Nugget," "Meany greeny," "Applejack," "Soda" and "Sierra Mist."

    According to Hypervocal, Reddit may have actually been the culprit, with that site and 4chan now pointing fingers at each other.

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    4chan, usually known for

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  • Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in hot water again for reading while driving

    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has admitted that he "probably" was reading while driving Tuesday morning.On the same day a story broke about texting possibly causing a plane crash and just days after a woman was charged for reading a book while driving over 100 km/h comes a new photo of Toronto's mayor breaking the same law.

    The photo was posted on Twitter by user @RyanGHaughton, who said in a later tweet that "the picture was taken around 10am while on the Gardner and traffic was moving about 70 km heading eastbound just by Jameson."

    Ford admitted later Tuesday that he "probably" was reading while behind the wheel of his black Cadillac Escalade.

    "Yeah, probably, yeah. I'm try[ing] to catch up on my work and you know I keep my eyes on the road, but I'm a busy man."

    The woman caught reading a book was charged with careless driving under the Highway Traffic Act. But Ford was not impressed with the line of questioning.

    "Ridiculous questions sometimes, seriously."

    The twitter account the offending photo first appeared on has been deleted.

    It's not the first time Ford has had an incident

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