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  • Inspirational 12-year-old breakdancer’s story warms the heart

    No matter what happens, there is joy in dance.

    At least that's the message behind a new viral video called With a Piece of Chalk, which has already garnered about 700,000 views in the first few days since it appeared on YouTube.

    In the video, 12-year-old Justen Beer overcomes a painful past with some breathtaking breakdancing moves on a chalked-out hopscotch board.

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    "The little kid escapes his misery by dancing and playing and finally feeling free," filmmakers Julian Bam and Gong Bao told Mashable.

    Bam and Bao shot the film over three days. Beer, whose amazing dance moves have been featured in a number of online videos, is a breakdancer with the group Hustle Kidz.

    "We were not only fascinated by his dance moves, but also by his acting and his dedication during the shootings," the filmmakers said.

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    There's little doubt this short piece has all the impact of

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  • Bear covertly robs Colorado candy store

    The bear broke into the shop seven times through the front door to steal candy and barely left a mess

    This bear is definitely smarter than the average bear and quite possibly smarter than the average burglar.

    Early one July morning, the Colorado animal opened the front door to an Estes Park candy store, stole some treats and walked out. The store's surveillance camera caught it all on film.

    The bear took the treats outside, ate them and then repeated his actions. According to The Associated Press, he made seven trips into the store in about 15 minutes and finally left after a passing car scared him away. At least he was nice enough to not make a mess inside the shop. Store owner Jo Adams said the bear could open the door to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory shop because the deadbolt wasn't completely secured.

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    "He was very clean and very careful. He ate a lot of candy," said Adams in an AP article.


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  • John Unger takes his dog, Schoep, into Lake Superior.John Unger takes his dog, Schoep, into Lake Superior.

    In case you needed another example of the profound bond between human and dog, a photo snapped of a Wisconsin man rocking his sick pooch to sleep in Lake Superior may fill that quota for a long time.

    Photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson captured the image of her friend, John Unger, cradling his 19-year-old dog, Schoep, in the Great Lake.

    Schoep suffers from arthritis and his advanced condition has made it difficult for the aging canine to get any rest.

    To ease his pain and help him relax, Unger started taking his best buddy out into the warm water. The gentle rocking motion acts as a sort of therapy and allows Schoep to grab some much-needed shuteye.

    But what started out as a visual memento of Unger's deep love for his dog has touched a global heartstring.

    To date, the photo posted on Hudson's Facebook page has gone viral, attracting two million views and hundreds of thousands of "likes" and shares.

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    Hudson told Pioneer Press that she's

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  • Must-see videos of the week – August 10

    From an incredible landing on Mars to a first-person view of a plane crash, there have been some great videos this past week and here are some of the best.

    1. Mars rover makes incredible landing

    The NASA team is receiving what one scientist is describing as a gold medal for sticking the landing. The $2.5-billion Mars rover Curiosity landed in a crater sending scientists jumping in to the air in celebration. It ended an eight-month, 567-million kilometre journey and required a supersonic parachute to slow the mobile lab down as it plummeted toward the ground. The vehicle comes equipped with 17 cameras and has been sending back images including high-resolution and 360-degree ones since shortly after it landed. Curiosity will not drive or move its robotic arm for weeks and is on the Red Planet to look for evidence that life could exist there.

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    2. Plane crash filmed from cockpit

    Leslie Gropp was

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  • Officer sets moose tangled in swing set chains loose

    There's a moose loose ... and it's a good thing.

    A sheriff's deputy responded to a call from a homeowner in Huntsville, Utah, to find an adult moose snagged in the chains from a backyard swing set.

    "I walk up and there's this full-grown moose with three swings wrapped around its horn and it's completely trapped," Sgt. Lane Findlay told ABC 4 News.

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    Findlay said it was obvious the moose was agitated by its stuck state and in pain, with blood on his antlers and tears to the velvet on his skin.

    Man Saves Moose Stuck In SwingsetA moose whose antlers were tangled up in the chains of a backyard swing was set loose after Utah Deputy Lane Findlay stepped in and saved the day. That was a brave act!

    Findlay used a set of bolt cutters to carefully free the big fellow, cautiously clipping the swing chains.

    "Every time I would cut one, he would feel that tension release and start to move around," he said.

    Finally Findlay had clipped all the

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  • Austin Wierschke captures second straight fastest texter title

    It's official - Austin Wierschke has the fastest thumbs in America. Again.

    Wierschke, a 17-year-old student from Rhinelander, Wisconsin, beat out 10 other competitors to capture the sixth annual U.S. LG National Texting Competition in Times Square Wednesday. Wierschke also took the crown last year.

    The competition tested texters on their speed, accuracy and dexterity on four separate challenges: spelling out text abbreviations, texting while blindfolded, texting phrases as quickly as they could and decoding jumbled words.

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    All contestants used the same type of cellphone, an LG Optimus Zip phone with QWERTY keyboard. The contest was sponsored by LG.

    For his trouble, Wierschke won $50,000. He plans to use this year's winnings and last year's $50,000 to pay for college.

    Sixteen-year-old Kent Augustine of Queens, New York, got $10,000 for finishing in second place.

    And how did Wierschke train for the competition? By sending 500 texts a day to

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  • The Sig Sauer 308 Winchester precision rifle.It wasn't an elaborate practical joke played by the NRA, although Seth Horvitz may have found that scenario slightly less disturbing.

    Instead, the Washington, D.C. resident must contend with the fact that a shipping error was the reason he received a fully assembled Sig Sauer .308 assault rifle in the mail — and not the wide-screen TV he had actually ordered.

    Horvitz told Fox 5 News that he felt something was wrong when the UPS delivery person deposited the decidedly un-TV-shaped box on his doorstep.

    He called out to the man, who confirmed that this was, indeed, the correct package.

    When Horvitz took the package inside and opened the box, his suspicions were confirmed. Abruptly.

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    "I just flipped out, I didn't know what ... how could that happen, you know?" the musician told the news network. "It was absurd to think it could just be left out in the hallway first of all and this kind of mix up could happen."


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  • Kailash Singh, 66, says he won't bathe or cut his hair until he has a son

    Kailash Singh works all day tending cattle in heat that sometimes reaches 47 C, but at the end of the day he doesn't shower to cool down or get the sweat off. In fact, he hasn't showered in 38 years and is considered by many to be the world's smelliest man although Guinness won't give out an award in the category.

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    The 66-year-old farmer, who lives near the holy city of Varanasi in the northwest part of India, stopped showering and cutting his hair in 1974 shortly after he got married on advice from a priest. The holy man guaranteed him a son if he stopped showering, according to the Daily Mail. Now 38 years later, Singh has six-foot long dreadlocks from his head, a beard, seven daughters but no son. Even though it's unlikely he and his 60-year-old wife will be able to have their first son now, he's still holding out hope and won't shower.

    Yes, he

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  • Mentos and BBH launched a campaign and rap so people will make babies on National Day

    For people who live in Singapore today is their day to do their civic duty and what one advertising firm has in mind is a lot more fun than voting or cleaning up a park.

    The country has seen a declining population for years so Mentos mints and advertising firm Bartle Bogle Hegarty have declared tonight "National Night." The idea of the night is to increase the population by making babies. We'll let you figure out the details.

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    And the best part about the campaign is the hilarious rap and YouTube video that encourages people to get their national night on and let their patriotism explode.

    According to Business Insider, the number of baby boomers reaching the age of 65 is growing and almost half of men and a third of women between the ages of 30 and 34 remain single. So with this fact and Singapore celebrating its independence from

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  • The Yarn Bomb Yukon Collective plans to give the territory's historic DC-3 the tea cozy treatment.Ever heard of a yarn bomb? It's a type of street art whereby outdoor objects get adorned with beautiful knitwear.

    A tree inexplicably wearing a colourful crochet trunkwarmer? That's a yarn bomb. And it's a lovely, albeit technically illegal way to brighten up a dull space.

    If you haven't witnessed this "guerrilla crochet" phenomenon, you're not alone. The fibre arts — or the use of textiles to create fine art pieces — tend to get less attention than painting or sculpture amidst Canada's crowded cultural landscape.

    But a group of Yukon fibre artists wants to raise the profile of their under-appreciated craft and they've selected an ambitious way to do it.

    As the Whitehouse Star reports, a historic WWII-era landmark will get the giant tea cozy treatment when a group of fibre artists "yarn bomb" the 70-year-old DC-3 plane with a massive knitted covering.

    "It's probably going to be the largest yarn bomb in Canada; we're trying to see if in the world," Casey McLaughlin, curator of the Yukon

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