• A bacon lover penned this hilariously dramatic rant to Tesco about a missing rasherA bacon lover penned this hilariously dramatic rant to Tesco about a missing rasher

    Where’s the beef, or, in this case, the bacon? That’s a question that one British man has infamously taken to Facebook to find out after his local supermarket short-changed him by a slice. 

    Ben Roberts, a lover of bacon sandwiches, stopped by at his local Tesco supermarket in Derby, UK to grab a package of bacon. All seemed ordinary until he got home and discovered that the package contained only six slices. It was supposed to contain seven.

    Outraged, Roberts turned to Facebook to write his complaint about the betrayal, which has since racked up thousands of shares and comments. 

    “Shut the front door! There was only six rashers of bacon. Six,” he wrote. “I could not believe it! Mortified! I called my other half into the kitchen but quickly dismissed her as she did not seem to understand the problem.” 

    Many Facebook users have teased Roberts about having found an extra slice of bacon in their packs. 

    One user wrote: “I just chuckled at this and then decided to check my seven pack of

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  • Ken and Richelle Morrison pose for a quick pic with Steve Tyler (Photo credit: Richelle Morrison/Facebook)Ken and Richelle Morrison pose for a quick pic with Steve Tyler (Photo credit: Richelle Morrison/Facebook)

    It looks like Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler has found much more than just love in an elevator. 

    Alberta newlyweds Ken and Richelle Morrison had just finished posing for wedding photos at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald when they walked into an elevator and discovered a rather unusual guest: an adorable little pup.

    “There was a dog all by itself,” Ken told Global News. “We thought, ‘How does a dog get on an elevator?’”

    The couple scooped the little guy up, planning to take it to the hotel’s front desk when they get to the main floor.

    But then the unthinkable happened.

    As the elevator doors slid open, there was none other than Steven Tyler standing in front of them. And little did they know, they had just what he was looking for.

    “Oh my God! You found my dog!” the singer exclaimed.

    But the shock didn’t end there.

    “Oh my God! You’re Steven Tyler,” Ken said back.

    After all of the surprises were over, Tyler thanked the two for reuniting him with his pet, chit-chatted for 15 minutes and

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  • Dog protecting kitten from thunderstorm gets meme treatment

    The “overly excited dog” has been making the rounds online


    These thunder buddies had each other during one frightful storm and are becoming Internet famous for it. 

    Over the weekend, a severe thunderstorm ripped through Los Angeles, California. 

    The three pictures showing the dog covering the frightened kitten from the loud thunder and lightning were shared on Reddit by the cat’s owner, user YungDemon.


    He was surprised by the two cuties on the couch and commented on his post in the subreddit /r/aww that “this is [the cat’s] first rain and thunder ever!”

    Redditors didn’t take long to react to these adorable pictures, which have received thousands of upvotes (likes) and comments on the content-sharing site.


    Although all three images are heart-warming, one has exploded into the latest meme. It’s been dubbed the “overly excited dog” and its been making its rounds online. Here are a few from the Reddit thread:





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  • Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, maple syrup, northern lights and Niagara Falls.

    Those are the prominent answers in a charming Internet video, in which young Japanese men and women are asked “What comes to mind when you think about Canada?”

    Shy, smiling, a little nervous but comfortable in their naïveté, they are asked some simple questions about Japan’s huge, green, friendly neighbor across the Pacific. Their responses are adorable.

    They know it’s cold in Canada, and there are “vast swathes” of nature. Building on repeated mentions of maple syrup, one young woman cheerfully blurts out “Waffles!”

    Asked about the positive stereotypes of Canada and Canadians, the responses include lots of nature (again!) and the thought that life expectancy is high, because of breathing clean air.

    When asked for negative stereotypes, bafflement ensues. “There are none,” we hear over and over. “I haven’t heard of any.” But – finally – one emerges. A young man’s eyes light up, with both joy and distress.

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  • Social media reveals the secret lives of your flight attendants

    The ups and downs of jetsetting, from #crewlife to #passengershaming

    (Getty Images)(Getty Images)

    Have you ever had a really terrible flight and wished that your flight attendants didn’t remember you?

    Well, they did.

    Cabin crew members are bringing what happens in the skies back down to earth with their – sometimes brutal – honesty in the form of stories, pictures and confessions, reports the Daily Mail.

    Searching Twitter or Instagram for the hashtags #crewlife, #passengershaming and #flyingfeet uncovers the secret life of those who seem to live in the skies.

    Shawn Kathleen is a former flight attendant and the mind behind the Rants of a Sassy Stew and Passenger Shaming blogs. Her Passenger Shaming Facebook, Twitter and Instagram give employees the chance to submit photos anonymously if they don’t want to expose terrible passengers on their own accounts.

    “It’s … great to see people reading all

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  • Was she making sure the phone was secure? Do they know how this thing works? So many questions. (Photo from imgur)Was she making sure the phone was secure? Do they know how this thing works? So many questions. (Photo from imgur)

    At the very least, this photo suggests the selfie stick might not be meant for everyone.

    Designed to help people take photos from a range beyond arms-length, the selfie stick makes it so you don’t have to click ‘capture’ with your own hands. But this couple seems to have failed to understand how this thing really works.

    A Reddit user by the name of devoe recently captured this image in Halifax, N.S. As you can see, the man is seen holding the selfie-stick while the woman holds the phone attached at the end, appearing to snap a photo of him and rendering the stick, well, useless.

    The photo eventually reached Reddit’s front page with the title ‘I think they need to read the manual…’ and had quickly generated more than 3,000 ‘upvotes’ (comparable to ‘likes’ on Facebook).

    But instead of declaring the couple foolish and incompetent, Redditors took on the general attitude of the today's Internet, which is to question everything.

    “Or maybe, just maybe, she’s adjusting the angles or setting

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  • While the Internet is abuzz over Australian surfer Mick Fanning’s shark attack in the middle of a competition in South Africa on Sunday, not many are talking about the incredible heroism displayed by the other surfer in the water at the time.

    Fanning was competing in the final of the J-Bay Open, a competition that brings together the top 34 surfers on the World Surf League professional tour. WSL finals feature head-to-head matchups, and Fanning was competing against fellow countryman Julian Wilson, one of the tour’s up-and-coming young stars.

    When Fanning was attacked by the shark, Wilson was on the other side of the competition area, well out of danger from that shark, at least.  But as the threat to Fanning became apparent and the beach marshals shouted orders to vacate the water, Wilson instead turned his board the other way - and began paddling towards the shark.

    Mick Fanning (blue) screams for help after being attacked by a shark during the FInal of the JBay Open as Julian Wilson (red) paddles towards him.

    “I was like “I've got a board; if I can get there, I can stab it or whatever,” Wilson said in an interview after the

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  • Comedian leaves humourous shopping tips at grocery store

    "Try to fill that eternal pit of sadness inside you with cookies!!"

    (Obvious Plant tumblr)(Obvious Plant tumblr)

    Jeff Wysaski, the comedian behind the popular blog Obvious Plant, has done it again.

    Wysaski is known for posting his funny work in public spaces and he recently placed shopping tips throughout a local grocery store.

    Tips included pick up lines in the pasta section, staying warm in the freezer aisle, and even advice on burning calories in the checkout line. 

    Wysaski also tried to convince shoppers to start a lightsaber battle with baguettes in the bread aisle. He then warned against pouring Redbull on a pigeon because it will end up growing an extra wing and the other birds will make fun of it.

    It’s certainly not the first time Wysaski has pranked a store, and he shares all of his latest antics on the Obvious Plant tumblr.

    In the past, he’s renamed some paint colours at a hardware store, inserted photos of himself into picture frames, and replaced some descriptions of animals at a local pet store. 

    Although his advice may be pointless, they’re sure to put a smile on your face.


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  • Husband busted smoking in front of his houseby Google Street View. Husband busted smoking in front of his houseby Google Street View.

    Sneaking in a quick cigarette when you’ve promised your wife that you had quit certainly comes with its fair share of risk. Just ask Donny Ryding, an Englishman who was busted by the most unlikely of culprits: Google Street View.

    As he enjoyed a cigarette on his driveway in Liverpool, England, Ryding was certain that he was in the clear. His wife was none the wiser, oh so he believed. 

    According to Liverpool Echo, Ryding told his wife, Julie, he had quit smoking after doctors warned him to adopt healthier habits following his heart attack. 

    Julie Ryding became suspicious of her husband when she found Hobnob biscuits in his car after cleaning it out, clearly breaking the doctor’s orders.

    When he was confronted, Ryding denied it and “stormed out of the house.” Later that day, the Google Streetview cameras were driving around taking pictures of their area.  

    The curious wife just happened to use the popular mapping website to check out their street when, lo and behold, she spotted an

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  • (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

    A mother was charged with abandonment after seating her children 30 feet away in a mall food court while she had a job interview.

    Laura Browder said that her children – a 6-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy – were always in her line of sight during the interview, KHOU reports.

    Having just moved to Houston, Browder said she didn’t have enough time to line up child care, so she took her kids with her.

    But when the interview was over and she returned to her children, there was a police officer on site waiting to arrest her.

    Someone at the mall had called the officials saying that the children were left in the food court crying, reports Raw Story.

    “It was very unfortunate what happened,” Browder said in a statement. “I had an interview with a very great company with lots of career growth.”

    The arrest came just moments after she had been offered the job and accepted it, leaving her unsure about whether it would affect her new opportunity.

    Browder, who is a college student and a mother of

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