• PETA had a quick response to the Cecil the lion Killer costume (L).PETA had a quick response to the Cecil the lion Killer costume (L).

    The costume battle began last week when a company called costumeish.com unveiled the “Cecil the Lion Killer” Halloween costume.

    As you can imagine, a costume featuring a blood-spattered dental coat and a severed lion’s head really didn’t sit well with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and for good reason.

    Back in July, an American dentist named Walter Palmer became a victim of global public shaming after killing Cecil, Zimbabwe’s beloved lion and a popular attraction for wildlife tourists. Moral condemnation quickly swept every corner of the Internet, prompting the UN to unanimously adopt a resolution to combat illegal wildlife trafficking.

    With today’s trend of attempting to make a joke out of tragic events, the “Cecil the Lion Killer” costume was almost inevitable. So in response to the tasteless idea, the good folks at PETA have created their own alternative entitled “Cecil’s Revenge.” 

    (Photo: PETA)(Photo: PETA)

    As you can see, the ensemble features a stuffed lion mauling a dentist,

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  • No lemonade for you! Cops shut down Jerry Seinfeld’s family lemonade stand

    The comedian stayed true to himself, had a little fun with the ordeal

    (Photo: Instagram/@jessseinfeld)(Photo: Instagram/@jessseinfeld)

    In a scenario fit for an episode of his classic sitcom, local police in East Hampton shut down a lemonade stand operated by Jerry Seinfeld, as peddling of any form in the area is strictly deemed illegal.

    The lemonade stand was set up last week for Seinfeld’s son Julian and his pals to not only have some harmless summer fun, but to raise money for Seinfeld’s wife Jessica’s charity Baby Buggy, the Huffington Post reports.

    Apparently, a neighbour wasn’t to happy with cars being illegally parked near the stand’s location and a complaint with the East Hampton Village Police was quickly phoned in. Our best guess: it was Seinfeld’s pesky television neighbour, Newman, up to his old tricks once again.

    When police arrived on scene, the Seinfeld clan was informed that “village code does not permit lemonade stands on village property and the village prohibits all forms of peddling on its property,” the East Hampton Press reported.

    Seinfeld, of course, managed to have some fun with the ordeal,

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  • After being pursued in a high speed chase by police and getting caught, the only thing left to do is… get out of the car and do a little dance?

    That’s what a suspected car thief ended up doing in downtown Los Angeles, California, after leading police on a wild chase Wednesday night.

    According to Sergeant Ramirez of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), 25-year-old Kelsey Woods ran over a spike strip and blew a tire before coming to a haltNBC Los Angeles reports. 

    Before Woods was arrested, she decided to get her groove on for the officers surrounding the car.

    The video shows the suspect getting out of driver’s seat, spinning around and dancing to Future’s “Where Ya At,” featuring Drake, playing from the car’s radio. She then gets back inside before a group of cops swoop in and drag her out of the vehicle.

    The pursuit began when Woods was spotted driving erratically through the streets and failing to stop at red lights, while weaving in and out of lanes, the New York Daily News

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  • On August 15th, 2015, 59-year-old Rick Rice of Takima, Washington passed away due to "...complications resulting from being stubborn, refusing to go to the doctor, and raising hell for nearly six decades".

    That was the lead sentence written by his daughter Jeni, acknowledging her dad’s passing in a local newspaper on Monday.

    What an awesome way to pay respect to the man that gave birth to you. Clearly the apple doesn't fall far from the tree as the daughter's sense of humour in eulogizing about her dad's personality, charisma and life experiences continues on throughout the 500-word piece.

    "There will be no viewing since his family refuses to honor his request to have him standing in the corner of the room with a glass of Jack Daniels in his hand so he would appear natural to visitors," the obituary said.

    Sounds like something out of a Weekend At Bernie's movie. Kudos to the family for not going through with dad's idea of a natural look though. There really is nothing worse than

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  • In a matter of days, most, if not all, students will be back to school. Which means we’re primed for another round of dress code foolishness.

    While much of the silliness is focused on incidents like exposed collarbones and the banning of yoga pants, there’s an early leader in exposing the hypocrisy of dress code enforcement.

    During the first week of school at Neuqua Valley High School in Naperville, Ill., one student apparently came dressed in a Confederate flag - and got away with it.

    The garb caught the attention of a number of students who were taken aback.

    Considering the backlash against the Confederate flag after this summer's church shooting in South Carolina, one would assume thestudent was stopped and reprimanded immediately, but apparently

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  • (Photo: YouTube)(Photo: YouTube)

    Thanks to drones, there are now very few places where people can find privacy, and you can add the top of a 200-foot tall wind tribune to that list.

    Kevin Miller was recently flying his drone when he spotted Brother Joseph Byron flat on his back, catching some rays way up on Portsmouth Abbey’s wind tribune in Rhode Island.

    According to ABC News, Byron is a Benedictine Monk who works at a private Rhode Island school. Ever since the tribune was installed in 2006, Byron often climbs it to find some peace and quiet while enjoying the cool breeze. 

    But his peace was recently disturbed when a drone had discovered his special hiding spot. 

    While on vacation in Rhode Island, Miller spotted Byron after noticing the maintenance door was opened at the bottom.

    “I thought this was my chance to get up close to capture what is usually tough to access,” Miller told Mirror. “So I decided to drive up to get a super close video while [the turbine] was not in operation.”

    In the footage, Byron is seen waking

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  • A Michigan father faces jail time for robbing a bank to pay for his daughter's pricey cancer treatments.A Michigan father faces jail time for robbing a bank to pay for his daughter's pricey cancer treatments.

    A man desperate to pay for his infant daughter’s cancer treatment is now in jail after attempting to rob a bank.

    Brian Randolph is accused of robbing a Michigan credit union earlier this month. Police say he passed a note to the tellers saying he had a shotgun and demanded they give him money, though he never revealed the firearm.

    After being arrested, Randolph told officials that his motive was to pay for his child’s chemotherapy since his insurance company was no longer paying for the pricey treatments. The child suffers from an eye cancer called retinoblastoma.

    The 23-year-old has been charged with armed robbery and bank robbery, which could land him a maximum sentence of life in prison. His bond is set at $500,000.

    The child’s mother has set up a GoFundMe account, which, at the time of publication has raised over $10,000. Their original goal was to raise $5,500.

    “To some of the world he is a monster” the mother, Asia Dupree wrote. “To us he is a father that wanted to protect his

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  • Get ready to pucker up to your morning coffeeGet ready to pucker up to your morning coffee

    Those who can’t get going in the morning without a cup of joe can now show their appreciation - by giving it a huge kiss.

    Thanks to Korean designer Jang Woo-Seok, there’s a new coffee cup lid, which features a human-shaped nose and mouth.

    Woo-Seok came up with the “Take ‘Kiss’ Out” coffee lid after noticing existing coffee lids “lacked flair,” Mashable reports.

    According to the designer, he has coffee everyday but not always a kiss. So the cup lid allows you to experience both. 

    He sketched the design in a cafe and came up with a prototype. At first, the lid only had a mouth with a small hole to sip through, but Woo-Seok felt something was missing. He later added a nose to make the close encounter feel more like a real kiss.

    He adds that the design is “fun but functional” and is a way to draw public attention.

    “Take-out coffee is a symbol of city culture and fashion,” he added. 

    The quirky coffee cup design will begin distribution by the end of this month in Korea. No word on when you

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  • We all know what it feels like to be caught doing something we shouldn’t: You halt in your tracks and quickly return to what you should be doing, hoping that you will avoid punishment.

    Two playful babies know this feeling all to well. Their mother, popular YouTube blogger, Judy Travis, managed to watch their reaction on her baby monitor, which she recorded with her cellphone and then shared online.

    In the video, you can see her two baby girls jumping around in their cribs, completely unaware that their mom is watching. The second they hear her voice, however, they stop dead in their tracks and fall into bed, pretending to be asleep. 

    Since sharing the video online, it has already received more than 15 million views, and has moms from all over the world laughing, as they can definitely relate to this situation.

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  • Looks like not everyone is a fan of dark chocolate.

    Although it may be healthier than milk chocolate, these kids clearly could care less based on their facial expressions after trying it. 

    For them it was all about the taste. 

    BBR Saatchi & Saatchi created an ad for Splendid Chocolates and decided to give small squares of dark chocolate to little kids for the very first time.

    “Most Israeli moms actually keep a full drawer stocked with goodies, which by the end of the week is bound to need serious refurbishing,”  agency rep, Eva Hasson, told Adweek about the idea behind the ad.

    “The only pack left half eaten in the drawer is the dark chocolate. This got us thinking, and we realized Splendid Chocolate – being as dark and bitter a chocolate as you can get – probably lacked the sweetness kids were after,” she said. 

    In the video posted on YouTube, the youngsters’ reactions to their first bites of dark chocolate are priceless.

    After seeing many faces displaying disgust and regret from

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