• It’s the stuff childhood dreams are made of: your favourite breakfast treat without all those pesky (not to mention, healthy) whole grains.

    Lucky Charms announced it will be releasing a limited number of marshmallow-only boxes to a very lucky few. Until October 18th, fans of the cereal have the chance to win one of 10 boxes by posting a photo of themselves holding an imaginary box on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, using the hashtag #Lucky10Sweepstakes.

    According to the General Mills blog, a box of just marshmallows is the “unicorn of the cereal world,” and the company has received countless Tweets, emails, and comments requesting the sugary-goodness.

    As for whether it is still fortified with 12 vitamins and minerals – do you really care? It’s magically delicious!

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  • Shoppers at a California Target store were treated to some alternative music while they browsed the aisles on Wednesday when someone accidentally broadcasted porn over the PA system.

    One shopper pulled out her phone and captured the moment on video, unfortunately she also had her two children with her.

    Gina Young said the audio caused one of her twin boys to cry while store employees frantically tried to turn the audio system off, according to New York Daily News.

    “People were up in arms. Some people threw their things down and walked out. Others were yelling at employees,” Young reportedly wrote on Facebook.

    Young said the audio played for more than 15 minutes. 

    “The employees ran all around the store picking up and hanging up the stores phones,” she said. “Finally it worked… But for about 2 minutes then it came back on.”

    “I felt violated, and my body said wait a minute, this ain’t right. So I was uneasy,” another shopper, Chris Minor told KPIX 5

    I thought it may have been

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  • If you’ve ever ventured into the dark, jaded world of the YouTube comments section, then you may be fully aware of the breed of human that litter those drop-down boxes.

    Grammar fan? Avoid these sections like the plague.  Enjoy racism, bigotry and just plain ignorance? Well, come on down!

    Negative comments aren’t just reserved for YouTube. That’s why Tanner Stokes has developed a tool to help rid you off all that negativity with just a swift touch to a plasma ball.  

    Simply highlight the egregious text, tap the ball, then BOOM, content gone!

    This isn’t the first time Stokes has tackled negative comments, his last creation Herp Derp allowed users to modify the YouTube comments section which converts dumb comments.


    If you are technically inclined and want to blast away negative comments from your social feeds, Stokes posted a how-to-guide on GitHub.

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  • Like everything else, food colouring way more amazing in space

    Science: what’s not to like

    When astronauts decide to have a little bit of fun while carrying out the awesome task of exploring space, we all benefit. Why? Because goofing around with everyday objects in space is profoundly more interesting than doing it here on earth.

    Take food colouring. Not exactly thrilling, right? But when astronauts on the International Space Station decided to dye some water with regular old food colouring and film it with their fancy new high definition camera, the results were gasp-worthy.

    In the video, published by NASA on Oct. 9, we see a ball of clear water, floating mid-air. Then, an astronaut carefully squirts a drop of blue food colouring into the shimmering orb and — boom! — in an instant the orb is blue. Not the most surprising outcome, but still, right on!

    But the fun doesn’t stop there. Next, the astronaut adds a drop of orange, which mixes with the blue to give the ball a mossy hue. Then, as if things weren’t getting crazy enough, he carefully pops an effervescent tablet into

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  • Still in search of a Halloween costume? Consider going as Norm Kelly

    For $20 and the proceeds go to to charity

    From Twitter wars to passionate displays at city hall, Toronto councillor Norm Kelly has cultivated a pretty notorious public persona over the last year.

    It is perhaps no surprise, then, that the 74-year-old politician’s face is now available as a mask for a Halloween costume.

    Kelly took to Twitter where he has over 190,000 followers to advertise the mask, using his social media powers for good.

    The proceeds of the ‘Norm mask,’ which is selling for $20, is going to Canadian Feed the Children, a charity with a focus on reducing the impact of poverty on children in different parts of the world.

    The Scarborough-Agincourt councillor gained attention on Twitter in the summer for trolling Meek Mill during the rapper’s feud with Drake. Twitter Canada even declared it the #SummerOfNorm after the politician

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  • A Jeopardy contestant saw his epic 13-game winning streak come to an end last night, in part, because of a gesture of remarkable honesty.  

    Matt Jackson, a 23-year-old paralegal from Washington, D.C., lost when he wagered almost everything on Final Jeopardy and didn’t come up with the correct answer.

    But even in his defeat, Jackson may end up being the game show’s most honest contestant ever.

    Towards the end of the first round, he buzzed in to respond to a clue about a two-word ‘A’ category.

    The game show’s host, Alex Trebek, thought Jackson had mispronounced the correct response “au,” a two-letter French word meaning “with the” and ended up getting $800, Mashable reports.

    Before the game continued to Double Jeopardy, Jackson informed the judges, during a commercial break, that he did not mispronounce “au”. Instead, he meant to say “al.”

    As a result, the mistake cost Jackson $1600.

    “Kudos to our champion,” Trebek said before announcing the score change.

    Jackson leaves the show with

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  • Beer cansBeer cans

    A woman travelling from Kelowna to Edmonton unpacked more than happy memories when she arrived home from her trip.

    Nicole Squires discovered five cans a Coors Light beer and unwashed men’s clothing while unloading her luggage following a Westjet flight.

    “When I opened it a beer fell out. I was like ‘Oh no, I have someone else’s luggage.’ Then I started going through it and I’m picking up men’s clothes,” she told CBC News. “Not just a random shirt or jeans – a full outfit.”

    When Squires called Westjet’s customer service line, the company wasn’t able to give her much of an explanation, so she tweeted a photo of her acquired treasures.

    Their response? What happens in Vegas…

    When Squires again took to Twitter to call out the

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  • The “Lowe”down on the Internet’s favourite “Rob”bery.

    Rob Lowe. 

    Classically handsome. Talented thespian. Narcissistic home invader?

    Only the first two are true, though a family who returned home to find their home plastered with Rob Lowe photographs may have for a moment, thought it was a crime committed by the star himself.

    It turns out it was all an elaborate prank on Imgur user StudyOfWumbology’s family.

    It began with the StudyOfWumbology leaving this note for his parents.


    While this note would have anyone running through a list of valuables in their home, the family was relieved to walk in and find all their belonging still in place.

    But there was proof someone had been in the home and Rob-bery had in fact taken place.


    The prank was all in good fun and garnered nearly 300,000 views in three days. There is no evidence as to whether the views are due to the cleverness of the prank or the handsomeness of Rob Lowe.

    Feast your eyes.


    Baby Rob Lowe


    Rob Lowe marrying himself.


    Rob Lowe’s first day on

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  • (Photo: Flickr / Mark O'Sullivan)(Photo: Flickr / Mark O'Sullivan)
    The residents of Tisdale are in the process of re-branding their small farming community north of Saskatoon.

    The town’s current slogan is representative of an earlier time, when honey and the bright yellow flowering crop rapeseed were two of the main agricultural products.

    Currently, rapeseed makes up only 1 per cent of crops in the area, with honey production also in decline.

    With the outdated and potentially sexually offensive slogan posted on signs around the community, its no surprise residents voted 57 per cent in favour of changing it to a more modern and less intimidating phrase. 

    Mayor Al Jellicoe said changing the town slogan will be good for the town of Tisdale.

    “Updating our brand with a focus on our current strengths and local capabilities will help us better convey what our community has to offer to residents, visitors, tourists and investors,” he said.

    Town council voted on Oct. 13 to go ahead with the change. 

    Some prospective new slogans are:

    • Hub of the Northeast
    • Land
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  • I’ve always enjoyed sushi, but after watching this video I must admit that my delight for eating raw fish has been put into question.

    Japanese diners were recently enjoying a dish known as “Ikizukuri,” which is considered the freshest way of preparing sashimi fish; cut and served off the body of a live fish.

    The internal organs of the fish are kept intact, ensuring the fish is still alive when served diced up and presented on a plate. The still-moving head of the fish is suppose to signify how fresh the sashimi is.

    But when this particular fish began to twitch on the plate, the dinner guests watched in astonishment. And that’s not even the worst of it.

    Suddenly, the fish flips its tail and jumps off of the plate, promptly scarring the bejesus out of the patrons.

    Yeah, no thanks. Nope, nope, nope.

    But if you’re interested in learning more about the ikizukuri dish, watch the video below.

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