• Pizza Hut has a new box that turns into a movie projector for your smartphone.Pizza Hut has a new box that turns into a movie projector for your smartphone.

    Pizza Hut is trying to change your idea of what a home theatre should be.

    The pizza company that has been delivering the cheesy goodness to homes everywhere now wants to deliver something else: entertainment.

    Pizza Hut has created a new box cardboard pizza box that, when paired with your smartphone, turns into a movie projector.

    It’s called the Buster Box, and it was designed by Ogilvy Hong Kong, The Verge reports.

    The boxes comes with a pop-out hole on the side and unique pizza-tables that double as the projector’s lens. The lens goes in the hole perforated on the pizza box and the legs of the pizza table are used to prop up your phone.

    After you’ve come to a decision on what you want to watch, you set it up on your smartphone, put your phone into place, and the display gets blown up onto a nearby wall.

    If that wasn’t enough to make you want to stay in instead of going to your local theatre, there are actually four different kinds of boxes, and each comes with a separate movie to

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  • Photo of Tasha Sturm's son's handprint and the bacteria found in it. (Tasha Sturm/Microbe World)Photo of Tasha Sturm's son's handprint and the bacteria found in it. (Tasha Sturm/Microbe World)

    When microbiologist Tasha Sturm performed a simple experiment with her eight-year-old son, she had no idea it would get so much attention online.

    "I have been doing things like this for so long that it's normal to me... and my kids!" Sturm, a microbiology technician at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California, told Yahoo Canada News.

    Sturm asked her son to press his hand into a TSA plate after he came in from playing outside, which was filled with agar, a substance that contains the nutrients ideal for bacterial growth. It was then incubated for a week  at 37°C, then another several days at room temperature, which is the perfect for bacteria to flourish, and the result was an almost floral-looking design.

    When she posted the photo to the website ASM Microbeworld, the stunning patterns attracted attention across the web, as people marvelled at the beauty of bacteria. But Sturm says it's pretty typical stuff for her line of work.

    "The first [thing] lab students do is swab something in the

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  • Queens Zoo welcomed a baby pudu in May. (Queens Zoo/Facebook)Queens Zoo welcomed a baby pudu in May. (Queens Zoo/Facebook)

    For such a small little guy, he's sure going to elicit a big bunch of "awwww"s!

    Queens Zoo in Flushing, N.Y. debuted their newest addition, and he's a tiny one. He's an as-yet-to-be-named pudu, the world's smallest species of deer.

    The pudu was born May 12, but the zoo only just posted a photo of the little guy yesterday, encouraging people to come and see him in person.

    At birth, he was about six inches tall and six inches long, Barbara Russo of the Wildlife Conservation Society told ABC News.

    When full grown, he'll stand about 12 to 14 inches measured to his shoulder (meaning they may never need more than a standard foot-long ruler to measure him). The southern pudu is native to South America, and is classified as an endangered species.

    Once the fawn is weaned, he'll move on to a diet of grains, greens, carrots, and hay, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    After all, you can't survive on cute alone!

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  • Female UFC fighter Leslie Smith beats apology out of man sexually harassing her friend

    "Then I stopped as soon as he said sorry, because that was really the only thing I went over there for.”

    Leslie Smith.Leslie Smith.

    A man made a huge mistake over the weekend when he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman outside of a California nightclub. 

    The incident then led to a physical altercation with the woman’s friends, both of whom are professional mixed martial arts fighters in the UFC and certainly not the ladies you want to be messing with.

    According to the tabloid The Mirror, the incident went down like this:

    Leslie Smith, a bantamweight fighter and Heather Clark, who fights in the UFC straw weight division, were standing outside of a nightclub with some friends when a man grabbed Clark’s behind.

    Smith objected and confronted the man, who then allegedly spat in her face saying “F*** you. I can do whatever I want.”

    Heather ClarkHeather Clark

    Smith responded by telling the man that he, in fact, could not do whatever he wanted. The man then allegedly threw a punch in Smith’s direction — which of course, she dodged, forcing him up against a wall.

    She then managed to take him onto the floor where she rained elbows down on the man.

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  • In this day and age, viral videos and crazy dogs seem to go hand in hand.  

    And this newest viral vid definitely shows why dogs need much more recognition and praise for their extreme athleticism. 

    This video went viral on Reddit over the weekend, receiving more than 5,000 views in just one day.  It has now been shared all over Facebook, including famous musicians such as The Game and Keri Hilson. 

    Witness the pure power and agility of a young pitbull as it runs full force and scales a 20-foot wall! in the video above.

    At first you think the dog will only be capable of jumping at least a foot, but it continues to run up the wall, eventually grabbing a large pulley at the top.

    With the proper training and nutritional diet, pitbulls can develop amazing skills such as this, and this dog most certainly has received the best of the best!


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  • Man proposes to girlfriend with McDonald’s sandwich and she’s not happy about it

    “You can’t be serious. This is not what you do!”

    You know what they say: nothing screams romance like McDonald’s.

    At least that might be what Michael Joseph thought when he asked his girlfriend to marry him via a crispy chicken sandwich.

    In a video that Joseph posted to YouTube, he picks up his girlfriend, Ann, and drives her through a nearby McDonald’s drivethru.

    Joseph, who claims that he’s “never been very good at making plans in advanced” on his YouTube, wrote that the two wound up having their very first date at that restaurant.

    And so, proposing in the same place where he discovered he liked her is romantic… right?

    Wrong – according to his girlfriend’s reaction.

    “Will you marry me?” Joseph wishfully asks as his girlfriend opened the sandwich box that reveal a ring (the restaurant was in on it, according to Joseph).

    “You can’t be serious,” Ann finally chokes out after a few stammers. “This is not what you do!”

    Unfazed by the incredulous remark, Joseph takes the ring, sitting atop the chicken sandwich, and forces it onto her

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  • Haunting 100-year-old blackboard lessons uncovered at Oklahoma school

    “It’s all kinds of different feelings when you look at this.”

    Photo: Oklahoma City Public School DistrictPhoto: Oklahoma City Public School District

    A high school in Oklahoma City went under renovation, but instead of getting something new, they got something very, very old.

    When contractors went to remove the old chalkboards from Emerson High School, they made a shocking discovery: underneath them laid another set of chalkboards – perfectly preserved and untouched in almost 100 years.

    “We find a lot of hidden things, but rarely do we find kid’s work and teacher’s work and text like this on blackboards,” MAPS program coordinator, David Todd, told The Oklahoman. “We usually find broken pipes and wires and things that we have to work around.”

    The markings on the chalkboard, which date back to 1917, range from handwriting lessons to a lesson about Pilgrims.

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  • Man calls 911 after 4-Hhour standoff with ‘aggressive’ cat.Man calls 911 after 4-Hhour standoff with ‘aggressive’ cat.

    They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but cats made no such promise.

    After a long-winded, four-hour standoff with his feline friend-turn-foe, a Connecticut man decided that it was finally time to call for back up.

    After leaving the house, he and his wife were unable to re-enter because his cat, which had kittens the previous night, was getting “too aggressive.”

    “I was inside and he attacked me and scratched me in my leg and bite me,” he told the dispatcher. “So me and my wife, we come outside and now we cannot go into the home for like three to four hours.”

    It’s not every day that the police receive calls of this nature, as evidenced by the incredulous dispatcher’s reaction. 

    “So you want to come and remove the cat? What is the problem, like…”

    Yes, dispatcher. That’s exactly what he wanted.

    “Okay…” she said in response. After a few moments of dead air, she asked him, “was something wrong with the cat?”

    “She had a baby last night, and then she was good until 10, 11 o’clock today, and I

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  • Pigeon flies into man's Norway apartment, leaves egg in frying pan

    Norwegian Stian Fjelldal got a feathery surprise in his apartment in Oslo

    Fired egg: The surprise in Stian's frying pan. (CEN)Fired egg: The surprise in Stian's frying pan. (CEN)

    Norwegian Stian Fjelldal got a feathery surprise when two pigeons flew into his flat - and left an egg in his frying pan.

    The pigeons left droppings all over Stian's kitchen in Oslo before leaving a single egg surrounded by twigs on his stove (which was turned off).

    Unsure how to deal with the situation, Stian ushered the pigeons out of his kitchen window.

    The egg still remains in his frying pan while he figures out what to do next.

    Egg-stra special: The pigeons abandoned their flat gift. (CEN)Egg-stra special: The pigeons abandoned their flat gift. (CEN)


    Stian is still unsure what to do with the mystery egg. (CEN)Stian is still unsure what to do with the mystery egg. (CEN)

    Stian said: 'It was of course terrified when it saw me and started flapping around in the kitchen.

    'It was chaos and a lot of feathers. My first thought was to get it out.

    'I had to clean, the kitchen was a total mess. I noticed two of the birds on the windowsil looking at the egg. I almost felt a little guilty.'

    Stian posted a video of the incident on Facebook, and asked what he should do with the egg.

    On his way out: The pigeon makes his exit. (CEN)On his way out: The pigeon makes his exit. (CEN)

    One reply said: 'Lock the window, clean the kitchen, fry the egg and enjoy yourself,' suggested one user.

    Another said: 'Don’t think of mother dove, there are

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  • Guess what guys? It's time to go home! (Thinkstock)Guess what guys? It's time to go home! (Thinkstock)

    Are you still in your chair at work, typing away on your keyboard? (Or, if you’re reading this, surreptitiously checking Yahoo on your phone while taking a quick break? Don’t worry, we won’t tell.) And do you find yourself pining for the hours to fly by faster, so you can start the rush-hour trek home?

    This is the one day a year (at least unofficially) you don’t need to wait until 5 PM for take your leave.

    Today is National Leave The Office Early Day, an American "holiday" that has gained some interest abroad, too (and let’s be honest, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo last month, what’s to stop us from adopting another foreign holiday?). You’re not likely to see this printed on any calendar, and it might require some convincing to get your boss to go along with it, but there’s actually good reason why he or she should be game to let you make an early departure every once in a while.

    The day was created by Employee Productivity Specialist Laura Stack, an American public speaker who

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