• Canadian sports anchor drops cringe-worthy space joke on air

    “Gotta say it seems like a better idea than eating food grown on Uranus."

    Being funny can be risky, especially when it comes to live television. 

    And in this case, Canadian sports reporter Rich Abney probably wished he left the jokes to the professionals.

    During a recent newscast from Prince George, British Columbia’s CKPG, Abney couldn’t resist and dropped one of the oldest jokes in the book.

    Anchor Aileen Machell was innocently talking about lettuce being grown on the International Space Station and the importance of a space garden for future missions.

    “I love it,” said Machell as she turns to Abney. “Agriculture that is out of this world.”

    With one lame space joke out of the way, Abney hits the viewers with another zinger.

    “Gotta say it seems like a better idea than eating food grown on Uranus,” he said just before jumping into sports.

    The best part was his co-anchors shocked reactions to his joke. They can be heard laughing in the background as Abney continues with his sports segment. 

    But it appears that Abney may have thought it through while reading

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  • ThinkstockThinkstock

    Being a school teacher is a rewarding career that offers its share of pros and cons. The advantages are obvious: summers off, good benefits, job security, and taking on the rewarding challenge of helping shape the leaders of tomorrow. The downside, although less obvious to some, is definitely there to: late nights of grading papers, running extra-curricular activities, balancing the demands of both parents and students, and spending money out of your own pocket just to provide your students with necessary school supplies.

    While a career in education poses both its glamourous and gloomy side, at least one group of teachers has decided to get creative and use Amazon's wish list feature to request donations of much needed school supplies from the public.

    Creating a wish list allows one to not only bookmark the items they need and like, but also to post little notes and reminders next to the items, which these teachers have used to explain why they need pens, pencils, Post-It notes,

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  • Peeping drones: UAV caught creeping on Vancouver sunbather

    "It felt like an invasion of privacy."

    The sky is literally the limit when it comes to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, as people continue to come up with creative uses for them.

    Yet some drone occurrences have people feeling a little creeped out, with the latest incident coming out of Vancouver.

    Kathryn Redford caught a drone trying to capture images of her suntanning topless on her private balcony, The Province reports.

    “I wasn’t expecting it. It felt like an invasion of privacy,” Redford told The Province. “I’m 100 per cent for drones… but this is perhaps someone who is not a responsible pilot.”

    Redford lives on the second floor of her apartment building in Kitsilano, British Columbia. Although her balcony isn’t high up, it’s still secluded “by a brick wall on one side and a large tree on the other side.”

    So as she has done in the past, Redford was tanning topless and reading her book on her balcony.

    That’s when she heard, and then saw, a yellow quadcopter with a small flashing light hovering by

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  • Who said cats and dogs can't get along?Who said cats and dogs can't get along?

    For awhile now, animal lovers have been divided in a debate: are they dog lovers or are they cats lovers?

    Science has recently declared felines as the winners, at least in the broadest evolutionary terms.

    An international team of scientists has published their findings in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science and found that cats have been much better at surviving than dogs. 

    The researchers examined 2,000 ancient fossils to see how extinction rates were affected by factors such as: body mass evolution, climate change, and competition from other species. 

    The findings show that cats significantly contributed to the extinction of as many as 40 dog species.

    Apparently, cats were more efficient predators and out competed many dogs for food. 

    “The arrival of cats to North America had a deadly impact on the diversity of the dog family,” the report’s lead author, Dr. Daniele Silvestro told Science Daily. “We usually expect changes in climate to play the overwhelming role

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  • U.K. police force mocks homeless couple after tweeting ‘walk of shame’ photo

    #luggagewalkofshame photo lands the West Yorkshire police in hot water

    This tweeted photo landed the West Yorkshire Police Force in hot water. (Twitter/@WYP_RPU)This tweeted photo landed the West Yorkshire Police Force in hot water. (Twitter/@WYP_RPU)

    The Internet does not hold back when it feels the need to shame any type of wrongdoing. That was clear after the West Yorkshire police used Twitter to flippantly humiliate a homeless couple who were fined for not having insurance on the car they were living in.

    An officer from the Road Policing Unit used the department’s official Twitter account to post a photo, taken from a vehicle, of the man and woman dragging their belongings across the road. The tweet, which was quickly deleted, read: “Horbury Rd, Wakefield. Vehicle seized for no insurance yesterday. Driver living out of car #luggagewalkofshame.”

    Another tweet was sent shortly after, which patronized a similar situation of a driver living out of his car. The hastag included ’#carinsurancenothomeinsurance,’ and was later deleted.

    The outcry from the social media site was swift and furious, raging at the police for shaming the couple, rather than helping them.

    Screen shot of the original West Yorkshire Police tweet. (Twitter)Screen shot of the original West Yorkshire Police tweet. (Twitter)@AdmW wrote: "I do hope you can put them in touch with organisations that

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  • A gender-neutral bathroom is seen at the University of California. (Photo: Reuters)ATION SOCIETY POLITICS)A gender-neutral bathroom is seen at the University of California. (Photo: Reuters)ATION SOCIETY POLITICS)

    This school year might look a lot different for many students in Ottawa, as the city attempts to keep pace with its growing transgender community.

    Parents and their kids, who are transitioning from one gender to another, have requested changes to the school’s bathrooms. 

    As a response, the Ottawa Carleton District School Board has announced they will be converting single unit bathrooms into gender-neutral restrooms in hopes to make them more accessible to every student, CTV News reports. 

    Several public schools have recently installed “universal bathrooms” after learning that washrooms are “one of the top things students look for in a welcoming school.”

    “We’re proud of it,” Mike Carson, the board’s superintendent of facilities, told CFRA News Talk Radio. “It’s work that can be done, that needs to be done and we trying to keep pace with our communities.”

    The change has certainly been welcomed by some parents and their children, including Charlie Lowthian-Rickert, who was born a boy but

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  • Fireworks explode from the CN Tower during the closing ceremonies of the Toronto Pan Am Games (AP Photo)Fireworks explode from the CN Tower during the closing ceremonies of the Toronto Pan Am Games (AP Photo)

    Thanks to its revitalized suburbs and “enormous urban potential,” Toronto has once again been given the honour of being named the world’s most liveable city. 

    Metropolis Magazine, a New York based architecture journal, was the latest publication to heap praise on The 6, placing Toronto ahead of Tokyo, Japan, and Helsinki, Finland. 

    Earlier this year, The Economist ranked Toronto as the world’s best city to live in.

    “We had a lot of debates about why Toronto over some of these other cities, but in the end we felt that this year, Toronto deserved to be number one,” Metropolis editorial director, Paul Makovsky, told Metro News. 

    The magazine publishes an annual ranking of cities based on the overall quality of life, including criteria such as housing, amenities and culture. The editors consulted a team of urban experts to determine the rankings.

    Written by Christopher Hume, the Metropolis article praises Toronto’s condos and office towers that “continue to pop up at a fast and furious

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  • A scene from a Walt Disney classic has come to life as a young fawn and its little friend were spotted playing together at a YMCA up in the Rocky Mountains. 

    The adorable pair can be seen hopping and frolicking around the Lula W. Dorsey Museum in Colarado, taking on the roles of Bambi and Thumper.

    The adorable fawn chases the rabbit around and tries to get as close as possible, both animals completely unaware that someone is recording their precious moment.

    The video was captured by Steve and Vicky Johnsen, volunteers at the Dorsey Museum and Estes Park Centre. Posted on the YMCA of the Rockies Facebook page, the video has been shared more than 28,000 times.

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  • Try as they might, this little guy just refuses to smile. (Photo: YouTube)Try as they might, this little guy just refuses to smile. (Photo: YouTube)

    He may not soar to the heights of Internet stardom quite like his feline counterpart, but there’s still a great chance the 'grumpy baby' finds its way on to your social feeds. 

    The parents of this grumpy little tyke managed to capture a hilarious moment when their little boy simply refused to smile, despite their constant efforts to cheer him up.

    Miguel Felix Gut from Mexico was sitting next to his wife and their baby when he captured the little curmudgeon and his fierce eyebrows on camera. 

    In the hilarious video, the little guy is seen lounging in his mom’s lap while she tries to get the baby to smile. You can hear her talking and coo-ing to the baby, but his angry pout stays in place.

    She tries tickling his sides, poking his cheeks and even lifting up his eyebrows to stretch out his frown lines, but the little guy gives her nothing! 

    All the while, the baby continues to frown even harder, as if to spite his mom’s diligent efforts.

    The baby doesn’t offer up a smile until his mom

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  • Professor grows ear on his arm that will connect to the Internet

    Artist known as Stelarc claims he's “always got something up my sleeve.”

    Stelarc plans to connect an implanted ear he has been growing on his arm to the Internet (Photo: AFP)Stelarc plans to connect an implanted ear he has been growing on his arm to the Internet (Photo: AFP)

    An Australian professor and artist doesn’t need to bend anyone’s ear in order to promote his latest experiment, which involves growing an ear on his arm. 

    The Perth-based university professor and performance artist known as Stelarc has explored manipulated limbs in other performances, including an extended arm and third hand. He told Australia’s Today Show that having an ear in his arm felt like a natural progression.

    The extra ear is both surgically constructed and cell-grown. A bio-polymer scaffold shaped like an ear was inserted under Stelarc’s skin by a team of doctors. Within half a year, blood vessels and tissue grew around the foreign object. 

    “This ear not only becomes fixed, but really a part of your body,” he told the Today Show. He later added that he’s “always got something up my sleeve.”

    The experiment has taken nearly a decade to launch, and isn’t quite finished yet. Stelarc intends to make it fully functioning by implanting a microphone with a wireless transmitter into the

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