• Man livestreams the moment he accidentally sets his room on fire

    Inadvertently sets two small fires while playing with an oil match

    This guy obviously did not heed mother’s advice when she told him never to play with fire. 

    A video showing a careless Japanese live-streamer who was messing around with an oil match is quickly making the rounds online. 

    The video begins with the man showing off his fancy new oil match. A lit cigarette dangles from his lips. It takes him a few minutes to get the thing going, but the video begins to really heat up near the five-minute mark when he experiences a mild panic after the oil bursts into a small flame. 

    It goes from bad to worse when he drops the oil on the ground, right before placing the now-lit match in a plastic trash bag beside him. You can probably guess where this is going. 

    As he tries to put out the first fire with a bottle of water, a second fire in the trash bag begins to grow. He then tries to move the trash fire away from the computer, unfortunately only succeeding in moving the fire.

    Over the next few minutes you can see the man, and eventually a roommate,

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  • Woman saves her dog and two frozen pizzas from South Carolina flooding

    "I tried to grab some other things, but they wasn’t even worth it."

    A South Carolina woman had her priorities sorted before scrambling to safety during severe flooding – she saved her dog and two frozen pizzas.

    Hurricane Joaquin brought record-breaking rainfall to South Carolina over the weekend, with more than 20 inches of rain hitting some areas, the New York Daily News reports.

    The state’s capital, Columbia, saw the worst flooding in South Carolina’s history with a new 24-hour record rainfall, The Weather Channel reports.

    During the chaos, one South Carolina TV station found a woman in Colombia who gave a “lighthearted moment” during the storm, which the news station had posted their Facebook page.

    WIS-TV’s reporter Mary King spoke to a woman known only as Angela, who was forced to evacuate her apartment to avoid “rapidly-rising flood waters,” WNCN reports.

    She told the news station that she thought she had 30-minutes to an hour to evacuate her home, but water started rushing into her apartment 10 minutes later.

    When she opened the front door the

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  • 1st date ends in technical rope rescue on Grouse Mountain.1st date ends in technical rope rescue on Grouse Mountain.

    This couple probably needed a third, fourth, and maybe even a fifth wheel on their very first date.

    Kazuki Toyoda, 24, and Kaho Asanuma, 19, decided to take the gondola to the top of B.C.’s Grouse Mountain, where they engaged in a search for what they thought was a nearby lake. But hours later the two found themselves trapped in rough forest terrain that they were unfamiliar with, and no clue how to get out.

    “They were just really, really unprepared and not knowledgeable of the terrain at all,“ Jim Loree, manager of North Shore Rescue told CTV News.

    It took roughly six volunteers and a technical rescue with ropes and harnesses to retrieve the young couple, more than eight hours after they began their hike.

    There is no word on whether a second date has been scheduled, but might we suggest the standard dinner and a movie next time.

    North Shore Rescue has had an incredibly busy summer, with volunteers feeling exhausted at the sheer volume of calls they have receive. This weekend alone

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  • (Photo: Facebook / Thomas Tan)(Photo: Facebook / Thomas Tan)

    A photographer in Singapore unknowingly captured a rather eerie scene.

    Thomas Tan, who said he was taking photos of the fog that had moved into the Sembawang shipyard on the north part of the island, noticed what look to be human figures standing in his photographs afterwards. 


    Tan was out around 10 p.m. on Oct. 3 and says he was completely alone, in a Facebook post that has gone viral.

    “I was all alone, there wasn’t a single soul when this photo was taken but look at the image carefully again,” explains Tan in his post.

    “This isn’t edited and it is a raw photo,” he wrote.

    Many people are commenting on the post, noting the figures look like soldiers or sailors whose spirits are guarding the area. One person commented that the spirits enjoy coffee, recounting that if you stir the coffee for them long enough, they will place a precious stone at the bottom of your cup.

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    (Photo: Imgur / Cmycherrytree)(Photo: Imgur / Cmycherrytree)
    Green anole lizards are known to sleep a lot and sometimes, they can be found sleeping in a flower, as one lucky Texan family recently discovered.

    Imgur user, Cmycherrytree, shared photos of the adorable reptile, snuggled in the center of a rose, sound asleep under a post she titled, “As long as I live I will probably never see this again.”

    Cmycherrytree was greeted by this surprise when her daughter, Angel, picked up the rose for her mother.

    Green anole lizards live in the southeastern U.S., from Texas to Southern Virginia.

    (Photo: Imgur / Cmycherrytree)(Photo: Imgur / Cmycherrytree)

    (Photo: Imgur / Cmycherrytree)(Photo: Imgur / Cmycherrytree)

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  • Resolved: the School of Hard Knocks can teach you more than the Ivy League.

    Three inmates at a maximum security facility defeated one of the world’s top tier universities in an hour long debate on the topic of disenrolling undocumented children from public schools.

    The men who victoriously took on the Harvard College Debating Union are all participants in the Bard Prison Initiative, a program that educates incarcerated men and women so they can earn their degree and use their time in the system productively.

    No one expected the Bard Debate Union to win, as being a student in prison is unreasonably difficult.

    Whereas any college or university student can hop online and research anything, students of the BPI do no have internet access. They also have to file requests for books or articles, which can take weeks to arrive. 

    Still, the debaters who vehemently opposed disenrolling undocumented students raised many good points the Harvard team simply could not rebut.  

    “They caught us off

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  • An overly excited reporter found himself with his arm up a large brass instrument, in a hilarious live moment that will live on forever thanks to the Internet.

    Cory McCloskey was reporting on an upcoming high school football game by showcasing the enormous marching band.

    The band, along with a crowd of cheerleaders and students, excitedly jump around and cheer as McCloskey speaks to the camera.

    “If you haven’t been to a high school football game in a while, this is the one to come to,” he says.

    The reporter, who’s decked out in a football jersey, then gets closer to the marching band.

    “I like to wade into the band, because you know what we don’t get very often?” he asks. “Marching baritones. Here’s one right here.”

    He then sticks his mic in the mouth of a brass instrument as a student plays away.

    McCloskey then approaches a student playing what he believes is a tuba.

    “Plus, you know I love the tuba,” he says as he positions his mic into the mouth of what looks like a sousaphone.

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  • Mom orders from Toys 'R' Us for son's birthday, gets 800 rounds of ammunition

    "This is just completely off the wall and bizarre."

    Batteries not included – bullets maybe.

    A mother in Virginia found quite the surprise inside a toy gift she ordered online for her son’s birthday.

    Jasemin Stephenson ordered a foam Minecraft sword from the Toys "R" Us website last week, reports ABC 13 News Now.

    When it got to her door on Tuesday, Stephenson said it seemed far too heavy for a foam sword.

    When she opened the box to find out why, she found 800 rounds of 9mm ammunition sitting in the bottom, she told ABC 13.

    “It’s very shocking,” she told the station. “You’re ordering from a Toys "R" Us store, you don’t expect to get ammo in a box with the toys.”

    Stephenson said she reached out to the company for answers.

    “They said, ‘What do you want us to do, send it back’,” she told 13 News Now.

    She said it’s ironic the bullets were shipped from a company with a strict ‘no guns’ policy.

    “This is just completely off the wall and bizarre,” she said in the interview.

    Toys “R” Us has said they’re looking into where the bullets came from,

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  • It’s been over a year since Adam Levine tied the knot to Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo, but the news came as a bit of surprise to one young fan.

    A toddler named Mila had her first heartbreak after learning that her music idol has been off the market for a while.

    Her mom broke the news to the little girl, who was buckled up in her car seat.

    Little Mila’s adorable reaction was captured by her mom

    “I don’t want you to be sad,” her mom tells her daughter. “But I was gonna tell you, Adam Levine got married. He did.”  

    Little Mila is completely torn and at first comes the denial followed by lots of crying and then anger. 

    “No mummy!” Milla cries out. “No, he didn’t!”

    In just a few days, the YouTube video has garnered more than 75,000 views. 

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  • A video posted on YouTube by clearly demonstrates that you can’t reason with a bear, no matter how calm or erratic you might be.

    The two minute and 30 second clip, posted by Mary Maley, called Black Bear Gnaws on Delta 15s Seakayak in Berg Bay, Alaska starts off with a woman filming a bear approaching her.

    Maley starts off with thanking the bear for “leaving her kayak alone.” 

    “I’m going to pepper spray you in the face,” she declares after, and soon makes good on her promise. The bear backs away, slightly confused, and starts meandering towards a nearby kayak.

    Maley, who is on a solo kayak trip, screams at it to get away. And then screams some more. And then some more, often addressing it as “bear.” 

    “Bear! Bear! You’re breaking it! You’re breaking my kayak,” she pleads. “It’s not even food, it doesn’t even taste good!”

    The bear does not react to Maley’s reasoning and continues to gnaw at parts of the kayak, eventually turning it over.

    “Why are you doing that? Why are you breaking my

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