• Daniel is the bully?! This Karate Kid fan theory will blow your mind.Daniel is the bully?! This Karate Kid fan theory will blow your mind.

    A new YouTube video has fans of the 80′s cult classic “The Karate Kid” questioning everything they know about the film – and more importantly, if they have been cheering for the wrong kid all together.

    In his latest video, popular YouTube user J. Matthew Turner breaks down two of the main characters of the film; Daniel LaRusso, played by Ralph Macchio, and Johnny Lawrence, played by William Zabka. 

    As he rifles through important scenes from the movie, Turner proposes a theory that has every 80′s kid spinning in their seats – Daniel LaRusso is far from the hero. In fact, he’s actually the bully, and Johnny Lawrence is actually the innocent peacemaking protagonist.

    As Turner explains, Daniel is the new kid on the block, enraged with teenage angst and obsessed with fighting Johnny in order to win the affection of Johnny’s ex. Daniel then turns to karate lessons in order to help “defend” himself against Johnny, a move Turner explains in the form of a question: “Put it this way. How would

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  • Christian YouTuber speaks out on Ashley Madison account: ‘God has forgiven me’

    "This has already been completely resolved within our family and within my church.”

    Popular Christian YouTuber Sam Rader admitted to having a subscription to infidelity service website Ashley Madison, right after it was reported that he was linked to it.

    It just so happens that he has already confessed his sin and has been forgiven.

    Shortly after The Daily Mail revealed that Rader paid for an account on the affair site, he and his wife Nia went on their vlog to clear everything up for their followers.

    In their recent video entitled ‘Forgiven,’ Rader confirms that he did create the Ashley Madison account over two years ago, but apparently since then he’s been “completely cleansed of this sin.”

    He brought it to his wife’s attention, who forgave him, and he also sought forgiveness from God, who he said forgave him as well.

    According to The Daily Mail, someone using a credit card belonging to “Samuel Rader” made several payments on Ashley Madison in September 2013, including two payments of $189. It reportedly stopped in November that same year.

    Rader emphasizes in the

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  • Chinese tech companies hire “cheerleaders” to motivate programmers

    "It’s like bringing Hooters to [the] workplace.”

    (Facebook/Trending in China)(Facebook/Trending in China)

    Tech companies in China appear to be embracing a new initiative to motivate their employees and not everyone seems pleased about it. 

    According to the Trending in China Facebook page, Internet companies are hiring “pretty girls” to help motivate its programmers, who are “mostly male and terrible at socializing.”

    The girls are dubbed “programming cheerleaders,” who serve to chit-chat, take breakfast orders and even play Ping-Pong with male employees.

    The page reports that one company has already “hired three such cheerleaders” for its programmers and “the presence of these girls have greatly improved their job efficiency and motivation.”

    Photos posted to the news page, show young women being trained in their new role, each one dressed up and taking notes.

    (Facebook/Trending in China)(Facebook/Trending in China)

    Other photos show the women interacting with the male employees and clapping for one who appears to be playing the guitar.

    The response on social media hasn’t been too positive. Many online are complaining the scheme is sexist

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  • Man annoys girlfriend with Ikea puns in viral video

    “Hey Dana! I’ve got you on my 'Reidar!'”

    For many couples, a successful trip to Ikea means walking out of the store with the relationship in one piece.

    Regardless of whether or not anything was purchased, if a couple can leave the store hand in hand, that's a win. And if it weren't for her abundance of patience, Dana and her boyfriend Simon just might have been the latest couple to have their relationship ruined by cheap Swedish furniture.

    Dana and Simon recently moved in together and the couple was in need of a few things to furnish their new home. So the two went shopping at Ikea, which is well known for its affordable furniture, cheap meals and, apparently, oddly-named products. 

    But navigating the store’s maze-like floor plans can be, well, boring. So Gilmore decided to have a little fun with it, rifling off a series of puns aimed at poking fun at the strange names Ikea has given its products.  

    “Hey Dana! I’ve got you on my 'Reidar!'” Gilmore says while holding up a chair at the start of the clip.

    “Oh, God” She

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  • A surprise guest recently showed up at Jan Castellano's breakfast table. (Photo: Twitter/@nicholeberlie)A surprise guest recently showed up at Jan Castellano's breakfast table. (Photo: Twitter/@nicholeberlie)

    It was just a typical Saturday morning for Jan Castellano. She woke up, brushed her teeth, and began making breakfast when she reached for the butter and … wait, is that Donald Trump? 

    As Costellano shared with The Daily Beast, the Missouri resident was preparing a piece of toast when the foul-mouthed GOP frontrunner appeared in her container of Earth Origins Organic Spread. 

    “It was a brand new tub,” Castellano told The Daily Beast. “It was just staring right back at me.”

    The slightly puckered, mid-screaming face looking up at Castellano appeared to be the face of the aspiring presidential candidate Donald Trump.

    Castellano first sent the unusual discovery to a friend before sharing it with a local NBC affiliate in St. Louis, who also found humour in Castellano’s find:

    “He has such weird expressions. He’s so animated—whether

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  • It’s round two and the rockers seem to have come out victorious against the religious group. 

    The Westboro Baptist Church is an extremist, right-wing group of Christians, known for their ‘hate speech’ protests and anti-gay campaigns. 

    On Friday in Kansas City, Missouri, the group was protesting against the Foo Fighter’s concert taking place that night.

    Foo Fighter’s front man, Dave Grohl, and his crew decided to turn the tables around on them with their own counter-protest. 

    The popular band responded and ‘rickrolled’ the religious organization in person by cramming into the back of a pickup truck and blasting Rick Astley’s 1987 single “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

    Rickrolling refers to a popular internet meme using Astley’s music video as bait, which fooled people into watching it when they clicked on a link, according to the Independent.

    In the video posted on YouTube, Grohl and the other Foo Fighters are seen holding up signs saying “You got Rick Roll’d (again)” and “Keep It Clean,”

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  • Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope commemorated in giant N.B. corn maze

    Tribute marks the 35th anniversary of the iconic Marathon of Hope

    Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope commemorated in N.B. corn mazeTerry Fox's Marathon of Hope commemorated in N.B. corn maze

    It was 35 year ago when Terry Fox captured the hearts of Canadians during his inspirational Marathon of Hope, and two brothers from the east coast have chosen to mark the occasion in the best way they know how.   

    The Hunter Brothers Farm in Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick, has been carving corn mazes for many years but this season, the farm took some more inspiration from the Canadian hero. 

    “We’d like it to be Canadian, we’d like to be educational, and we’d like there to be a good picture, a good graphic that you can use with it,” Chip Hunter, who’s been creating corn mazes in his farm for 17 years, told Global News. “This had all three immediately.”

    Forming the 2.5 hectare corn maze took almost a year of planning, reported CBC News. The New Brunswick maze will also include a scavenger hunt with trivia questions to educate people on Terry Fox and his legacy.

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  • World's oldest message in a bottle recovered in Germany (Photo: GrindTV)World's oldest message in a bottle recovered in Germany (Photo: GrindTV)

    People have been putting messages in bottles for centuries. Some bottles are sent afloat to learn more about ocean currents, while some sealed bottles are sent into the sea for grand romantic gestures.

    According to CBC News, a couple discovered a message in a bottle washed up on a beach in the German town of Amrum. 

    The bottle was released into the North Sea between 1904 and 1906 with a postcard rolled up inside. The postcard’s message requested that the person who found the bottle send it to the Marine Biological Association of the U.K.

    Guy Baker, a spokesman for the organization, said that they were very excited to receive the bottle. “We certainly weren’t expecting to receive any more of the postcards." 

    According to Baker, there was around 1,000 bottles originally released into the North Sea by a man by the name of George Parker Bidder. Bidder wanted to learn more about the movement of sea currents and later became the associations president.

    This is an image of a message that was found in a bottle from the The Marine Biological Association of the UK made available on Friday Aug. 21 2015. (Marine Biological Association of the U.K. via AP)This is an image of a message that was found in a bottle from the The Marine Biological Association of the UK made available on Friday Aug. 21 2015. (Marine Biological Association of the U.K. via AP)

    To conduct the study, glass bottles

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  • A woman from the San Francisco Bay area captured her two sleeping dogs being abruptly woken up mere moments before the striking of an earthquake.

    This past Monday, a magnitude 4.0 earthquake hit San Francisco at approximately 6:49 AM PST.  Ashley Guerin unknowingly captured the quake and the confused reaction of her two Shih Tzus, Gus and Gizmo, with her Nest Cam.

    Guerin later added the footage onto Twitter and YouTube and the video has since received over 150,000 hits and has been shared by a number of major news outlets.

    Said Guerin: “I posted my Nest Cam footage on Twitter of my pups feeling the earthquake and they were featured on almost every news station in the Bay Area this morning! I was even contacted by ABC and CBS! My kids are famous!”

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    A mother bear and her five cubs found an adorable way to enjoy their summer afternoon in the sun.

    The Basso family from Rockaway, New Jersery, captured the six wild bears swimming in their above-ground pool and playing in the backyard from the safety of their home.

    In the video clip posted on YouTube by Tim Basso, the cubs are seen climbing in and out of the pool, balancing on the edge and playing with the swing set in the backyard.

    Mama bear is seen cooling off in the pool and removing a water mat from the pool out of her way.  

    “I thought they would get a drink or just drink out of it for a minute and then move on, but they pretty much started climbing,” Basso told News 12 New Jersey.

    “I don’t know, sweetie, I think our pool is shot,” Tim Basso is heard joking to his daughter in the video.

    But his daughter doesn’t sound to be too amused by the bears. 

    “They took my floatee,” she is heard saying, as a bear cub plays with her inflatable toy. “We’re going to have to buy a new

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