• Convenience store capers come armed with a variety of weaponry so as to convince the clerk to hand over the cash – guns, knives, maybe a bat or a sword if they’re daring.

    But a man wanted by police in Thunder Bay in connection with two armed robberies used a snow brush.

    “This suspect is wanted for robbery and should be considered armed and dangerous,” a video released by Mac’s Convenience Stores says.

    The description on the YouTube video says the suspect hit two different stores in the same day, both times brandishing “an automotive brush/scraper.”

    The Snow Brush Bandit reportedly hit up both stores, located on Balsam St. and on Cumberland St., on November 21, 2015.

    He is described as a white male, between 5’8” and 5’10” and around 170 lbs.

    Surveillance video shows he was wearing a dark SPY Optics hoodie, dark pants, sunglasses and a beige brimmed hat.

    It’s unclear from the information provided whether he brought his own snow brush or if he picked one up off the shelves.

    Anyone with

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  • One woman found out life hacks can be dangerous when she attempted to make grilled cheese, or ‘cheese on toast’, a different way.

    Suzanne Dale of Sale, England, saw a Facebook post advising culinary slacks to turn a toaster on its side as a way to quickly make a toasty, open-faced cheese sandwich.

    A few minutes after the 66-year-old had followed the instructions, smoke started to billow out of her toaster. Needless to say, her grilled cheese was a certified fail.

    Dale managed to unplug the appliance and scramble outside as the flames took over. The fire was extinguished after about 20 minutes and it took hours for the smoke to clear from her home.

    Hoping to save others from potential danger, Dale posted a note on Facebook along with a photo of her destroyed appliance. It’s since been shared close to 10,000 times.

    DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME… !!! …Saw a tip on FB about turning your toaster on it’s side for toasted cheese…..thought what a brilliant idea…so gave it a go……. !!…..time for a

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  • In true embarrassing parent form, one comedian captured the epic funeral fail of his own mom and dad this week, after the family’s cat was presumably found dead.

    Eric Schmidt posted a group chat between his parents and sister on Twitter, after his mom and dad thought they found their seven-year-old calico, Kitty, laying dead in the street, reports The Daily What.

    The ensuing conversation runs the gamut of human emotion: the grief and pain of finding and burying the apparent cat, then the disbelief and joy of seeing the beloved pet staring into the house through a back window.  

    So if Kitty’s alive, who did they bury?

    Despite Schmidt’s mother’s plea not to share the story with the world,  do you blame him?

    More from Yahoo Canada News:

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  • Toronto’s got Russell “The Cash Man” Oliver. There’s Alabama’s Sammy “Flea Market Montgomery” Stephens. And Reading, Pennsylvania has Lou Nicozisis, a man with a carpet warehouse and an active imagination when it comes to hawking those wares.

    While he’s enthusiastically embodied the roles of cowboy, farmer, and all four members of a barbershop quartet in enthusiastic attempts to sell carpet by the foot at his store Carpet Mart, one of his commercials from 1991 is currently trending.

    Despite the fact that the original ‘Ghostbusters’ movie came out in 1984, Nicozisis chose to parody the blockbuster film for one of his over-the-top ads.

    A sample of the fudged lyrics to the Ray Parker Jr. song goes: “Piles in the aisles! Stacks in the racks! Who you gonna call? CARPET MART!”

    The 30-second spot shows Nicozisis, dressed in a beige jumpsuit with rolls of carpet strapped to his back in place of a proton pack, marching through the aisles with a dust buster in hand.

    Despite the ad’s resurgence,

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  • The mayor of Roanoke, Virginia found himself in hot water after using the example of World War II Japanese-American internment camps as a precedent for his plan to stop Syrian refugees from settling in his jurisdiction.

    Mayor David Bowers issued a statement on Nov. 18 in which he requested that any Syrian refugee resettlement plans for Roanoke be suspended.

    Bowers cited what is widely understood to be one of America’s most unjust and shamefully racist acts: 

    “I’m reminded that President Franklin D. Roosevelt felt compelled to sequester Japanese foreign nationals after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and it appears that the threat of harm to America from [ISIS] now is just as real and serious as that from our enemies then.“

    The Internet was quick to point out the woefully ill-informed nature of Bowers’ historical reference. 

    Actor George Takei explained it aptly on his Facebook page. Here’s an

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  • You might have been there, waiting in line at the store and a person ahead of you breaks out a bunch of coins to pay. You don’t like them because they slow everything down to a crawl.

    That’s exactly the sour taste a Miami-area mayor hoped to leave behind when he tried to pay a more than $4,000 or, about $5,400 CAD, fine from his city’s ethics commission with 28 buckets of pennies and nickels.

    Not only was the payment not accepted, Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez is now facing a small claims suit because the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust says he knew they only accepted cheques. The ploy is being called “contemptuous”, according to the El Nuevo Herald.

    “We tried to pay with U.S. currency and it makes no difference whether they are pennies or nickels … but the coins were not accepted,” Hernandez told the Herald. “They can go to court if they want, but they are going to have to show why a public entity does not accept this country’s money.”

    Hernandez was found guilty by

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  • When it comes to keeping dogs happy and healthy, you may have to resort to some pretty creative methods to get them to eat their medicine.

    YouTube user Fellipe Vilaca Chibante recently uploaded a video of a trick he uses to get his Dachshund Mel to take her medicine, which has more than 320,000 views.

    The video is in Portuguese, though you can tell pretty clearly by his actions how he’s coaxing Mel to take the medication.

    He starts by opening the package and immediately lets Mel know that she can’t have it, repeatedly saying no as he takes the medication out.

    Mel’s attention is slightly piqued by the interaction, though once he takes the treat out and begins to move it towards his own mouth she gets really excited.

    Chibante continues to tell Mel she can’t have the food, which only excites her more. He then drops the medication on the floor, which is quickly snatched up by the curious pup.

    He continues to jokingly scold the pup until she scurries off to finish taking the medication.

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  • Andrew and Laura Last, the parents, decided to snap a picture of their only son, Matthew, surrounded by his sisters, Natalie and triplets, Annemarie, Catherine and Elizabeth.Andrew and Laura Last, the parents, decided to snap a picture of their only son, Matthew, surrounded by his sisters, Natalie and triplets, Annemarie, Catherine and Elizabeth.

    A little boy, who already has four younger sisters, is naturally less than impressed to find out that his parents are expecting yet another baby girl.

    Andrew and Laura Last, the parents, decided to snap a picture of their only son, Matthew, surrounded by his sisters, Natalie and triplets, Annemarie, Catherine and Elizabeth, TODAY.com reports.

    They shared their hilarious photo on Facebook with the caption “Sorry Matthew! Another little princess is on the way!” Resulting in thousands of likes and comments. 

    All the girls are wearing princess dresses in the photo while poor Matthew is seen sitting on the bed with his hands to his face and jaw dropped after hearing about the news.

    A fifth princess gown is spread out on the bed next to Matthew for the new baby girl.

    “We thought it would be a fun way to announce the gender by showing Matthew surrounded by all the girls, reacting to the news that there will be even more pink around here,” Laura told TODAY.com

    But all jokes aside, Matthew is

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  • Kevin Hart is in Canada, probably because his friend Drake told him how awesome it is up here.


    Hart was in Saskatoon performing a date for his new stand up show, the ‘What Now? Tour.’ The comedian got all geared up for a morning run in the snowy Canadian city, posting a video to his Instagram.

    “We gonna get this run in,” the comedian voices over a clip of a snow and ice covered sidewalk, as he pumps himself up. “It’s HUSTLE Hart, 5 k in the goddamn snow baby!” 

    One step into the run renders Hart into more of a newborn baby deer than a winter warrior.

    (Photo: Instagram / Kevin Hart)(Photo: Instagram / Kevin Hart)“What the #$%&? That s#it’s slippery,” he says looking confusedly into the camera. “I’m hustle Hart, not hustle Stupid.”

    Hart also visited Winnipeg last night for a stop on his tour. It seems he thought “We Are The North” was just a catchy tag to promote the Raptors. You were wrong Kev. 

    (Photo: Instagram / Kevin Hart)(Photo: Instagram / Kevin Hart)To be fair, the comedian spends most of his time California, where he is a member of the cast of Real Husband’s of Hollywood alongside Nelly, Boris Kodjoe and

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    We’ve all been there: enjoying a nice leisurely stroll in your local park when suddenly you have dog poo in the soles of your shoes.

    Up until this point, the only thing you could do was curse out the owner and hope they start picking up after their pet.

    Shady Lane Apartments in Harrisville, Utah, have started using the services of Florida-based company Mr. Dog Poop in order to DNA test the piles left behind, reports KVAL.

    Apartment manager Jacoba Ewing prides herself in the vast green space around the complex and needed to take action after many tenants expressed concern over the amount of dog poop in the area.

    “Brand new tenants were saying, I just moved in and now there is a pile of dog poop by my door,” Ewing told KVAL.

    She met with every single dog owner in the complex and took DNA samples from each, charging the owners a $25 fee. The sample was then sent to the lab to be cataloged in a database.

    If a stool sample tests positive for a dog of one of the owners in the complex, that owner

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