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    You just never know what kind of person you’ll be running into after ‘swiping right’ on Tinder.

    Dating blogger Lauren Crouch recently went on a Tinder date last week which lasted all of 30 minutes at a local coffee shop. The date, unfortunately, didn’t produce the sparks Crouch was looking for in a partner, and she politely declined his offer for another meeting at the man’s home for dinner.


    The exchange was mostly tame, typical dating banter, which Crouch handled as well as she could have without hurting the poor guy’s feelings.  

    She took three hours to respond to his first text, which should’ve been a big enough indicator that she’s just not into him.  

    Crouch is quick to respond the second time, and again tries to spare his feelings, but then man began to take the whole situation a bit too personally.


    “Can you pay me back for your coffee? I don’t like wasting money. Prefer to use it on a date with someone else.”

    Needless to say, Crouch did not take this well, and in all her wit, blasted

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  • (Photo: Hasbro)(Photo: Hasbro)
    It turns out toys are no longer exclusively for children and toddlers. The multinational toy company Hasbro is now hawking furry, robotic pets, marketed to seniors looking for a low-commitment companionship.

    Companion pets from Joy For All offers the gift of “comfort, companionship and joy.” Its tagline on the box asks: “Why should kids have all the fun?”

    “With realistic fur, purrs and meows - and sensors that respond to petting and hugs with familiar, cat-like actions - Companion Pets deliver a soothing, joyful experience that inspires smiles, laughter and fond memories for people of all ages,” the website reads. In other words, when you pet the robocat, it will snuggle into your hand and eventually roll over for a belly rub. When left alone, the cat will eventually close its eyes, in order to save on batteries.

    (Photo: Hasbro)(Photo: Hasbro)
    For $99 US, you can pick between a creamy white cat, a silver cat with mitts or an orange tabby cat.  

    Luckily, companion pets don’t need a their litter changed or a regular

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  • Insects for dinner? It could happen.Insects for dinner? It could happen.image

    A burger made with a blend of toasted crickets, mealworms, grasshoppers, spinach, and sundried tomato, followed by a vanilla mealworm panacotta with an autumn fruit compote. Sound appetizing?

    If you were to offer up this dish to random passersby, chances are you’d be greeted with a blunt “No, thanks” followed by a staunch look of confusion on their face.

    Chef Andy Holcroft is trying to change our perception of bugs on the dinner plate with these insect-infused culinary dishes.

    Holcroft opened Grub Kitchen a little over three weeks ago in St. Davids in Pembrokeshire, Wales. His menu was riddled with various bug-based dishes ready to surprise one’s palette.

    The practice of eating insects is known as entomophagy, and Holcroft says he wants to transform this novelty into a legitimate source of protein for everyday folk.


    (Grub Kitchen Instagram: Sago worm, cricket and locust Pad Thai curry)

    “Grub Kitchen was inspired by the need to change our views on where our protein comes from,” Holcroft

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  • (Photo: Facebook / Jenny Boissinot)(Photo: Facebook / Jenny Boissinot)
    A French woman who was travelling through New Zealand at the time of the Paris attacks last week will be able to join her family in the French capital.

    After hearing of the attacks, Jenny Boissinot, 23, posted an urgent message on her Facebook asking for any information about her family.

    The statement, translated from French reads:

    Emergency. My Brother-in-law was injured and is in the hospital. In a panic he lost my sister. We have no news of Chloe (Chloë Boissinot). She was at the restaurant “the little Cambodia” in the 10th, next to the Bataclan. Please, if you have any information, call my family, the police…I beg you. 

    Boissinot then learned her older sister, Chloe, had been one of the 129 people killed in the attacks, reported the New Zealand Herald.

    Chloe, 25, was with her partner when the gunmen entered the restaurant and opened fire on the diners.

    Friends and family in Europe and New Zealand quickly gathered resources together to help Jenny arrange a trip home. They set up a

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  • A man who lost his wife in the Paris attacks last week has penned an open letter to ISIS, which is quickly spreading the message of love, in defiance of hate, across social media.

    Hélène Muyal-Leiris​, 35, was one of the 89 concert-goers who were killed at the Bataclan concert hall in the terrorist attacks on Friday evening.

    In his Facebook post titled “You Will Not Have My Hatred”, Antoine Leiris writes that the terrorist organization will not succeed in fueling him with anger or suspicion towards others.

    “Friday night, you took an exceptional life – the love of my life, the mother of my son – but you will not have my hatred. I don’t know who you are and I don’t want to know, you are dead souls,” he wrote in French.

    “I will not grant you the gift of my hatred. You’re asking for it, but responding to hatred with anger is falling victim to the same ignorance that has made you what you are. You want me to be scared, to view my countrymen with mistrust, to sacrifice my liberty for my

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  • (Photo credit: YouTube)(Photo credit: YouTube)

    An Arizona pastor, in his Sunday sermon, blamed the Paris attacks on the “sinful nation of France” and said all those who were massacred at the Eagles of Death Metal (EODM) concert brought it on themselves because they were devil worshipers.

    “There’s something about when you go to a concert of death metal, somebody might get killed! You know, you’re worshiping death! And then, all of a sudden, people start dying!” pastor Steve Anderson, of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, said in Sunday’s service.

    “Well, you love death so much, you bought the ticket, you love worshiping Satan! Well, let’s have some of Satan’s religion come in and shoot you!” Anderson said, while congregants can be heard murmuring their approval in the background.

    “I mean, that’s what these people should think about before they go into such a wicked concert,” he said.

    The band lost their merchandise manager, Nick Alexander, in the co-ordinated attacks on Friday evening that left at least 129 dead and more

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  • (Photo: YouTube)(Photo: YouTube)
    This is definitely one family game night to be remembered, as soon-to-be-parents, Alexa and Drew Goolsby, decide to share their happy news with the grandparents in one of the most unique ways - through a fun game called “The Whisper Challenge.” 

    In the YouTube video, Alexa’s parents are seen wearing headphones with music playing, while trying to lip read and guess what is being said to them. 

    Unfortunately, grandpa had a little harder time figuring it out. 

    Alexa’s mom, Sharla, gets it straight away after her daughter whispers “I’m pregnant.”

    As for Grandpa Bob, he struggles a bit and Drew comes in to help out.

    “You are going to be a grandfather,” Drew is heard saying in the video.

    “You are going to the beach,” Grandpa Bob replied. 

    Drew ends up repeating it a few more times before Alexa’s dad finally figures out he’s going to be a grandfather. 

    His adorable reaction after he realizes the secret makes up for all his earlier, hilariously, bad lip reading. 

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  • (Photo: Facebook / Eyeball Tattoos)(Photo: Facebook / Eyeball Tattoos)
    If some unique ink isn’t enough to make you stand out in a crowd, why not put it in a not so run-of-the-mill place – like your eyeballs.

    Eyeball tattoos are becoming a thing in Australia, and that understandably has medical professionals issuing warnings the practice can lead to impaired vision and even cancer, according to the Daily Mail.

    Hundreds of people around the world have tatted peepers, including 20 Down Under, according to News Network.

    The process involves permanently inking your sclera (the whites around the iris). The ink spreads underneath the top layer of the eye (conjunctiva) and voila, your eye has been irreversibly miscoloured.

    The process came to the attention of John and Jane Public when a convicted criminal in Alaska made global headlines during his trial as news outlets around the world were less interested in his charges for attempting to murder a police officer but rather his jet black right eye.

    Getting your eyes inked is certainly not without dangers.

    (Photo: Facebook / Eyeball Tattoos)(Photo: Facebook / Eyeball Tattoos)

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  • (Photo: Office of the Sheriff, Milwaukee County)(Photo: Office of the Sheriff, Milwaukee County)
    A Wisconsin police officer gave himself a ticket after he accidentally parked his cruiser in a handicapped parking spot at a Veteran’s Day event. 

    In a statement, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke asked another police officer to move his vehicle upon his arrival. When he got back, he noticed it was still there. 

    That’s when Clarke wrote himself a ticket, citation #755472 to be specific.

    “I paid the fine of $35 ($46 CAD) and since the city parking fine exceeded that ($200) I made a personal donation to an organization that works with the disabled,” reads the statement. “That $235 total ($313 CAD) exceeds the city parking violation. I would rather the money go to a private org working with the disabled than to government. I have copies of all receipts.”

    Clarke said unless it’s an emergency situation, the rules apply to him and his squad car the same as they would any other driver on the road.

    He has also ordered an internal investigation into why his order was not followed.

    It’s not

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    The joy of spending hours creating imaginative structures with Lego can quickly evaporate when accidentally stepping on one of those ever-pointy blocks. 

    Your foot, lacking the square grid needed to adhere Lego pieces together, easily holds the block in place, your skin molded around the four corners as you gasp in pain.

    It’s with this scenario in mind that French company Brand Station is teaming up with Lego, to create a pair of slippers specifically designed to keep your feet safe when dealing with the mess left behind by budding mini-architects.


    The company will produce a limited run of 1,500 pairs that are only available to parents who fill out a Christmas wish-list on Lego’s official French site

    Those of you looking to protect your feet from your child’s Lego aftermath may have to find a different alternative until they decide to mass produce these sole-protectors.

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