• We appear to be one step closer to getting our Marty McFly on. (The Verge)We appear to be one step closer to getting our Marty McFly on. (The Verge)

    Back to the Future fans may get a real kick out of this one.

    Lexus, the motor company most famous for its high-end SUVs, is introducing its latest mode of transportation … the Hoverboard. 

    The latest video in Lexus’ Amazing in Motion series reveals what appears to be a legitimate, rideable hoverboard that can float an inch off the ground. And while it’s not quite what we saw Marty McFly riding in Back to the Future 2, this impressive creation is far more technologically advanced.

    “When technology, design and imagination come together, amazing things can be achieved,” posted Lexus in their promotional video on YouTube.

    On the website, Lexus describes what went into making one of these cool hoverboards, which they’re calling the SLIDE. It uses magnetic levitation to achieve its floating movement. Through liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors and permanent magnets, the hoverboard is able to support an actual rider. 

    The design of the SLIDE is unique, too. It features the Lexus symbol on

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  • Japan finally lifts its 67-year-old ban on dancing

    The stringent law was put in place following the Second World War

    Dancing after midnight in Tokyo will no longer be illegal, as long as it's not too dark. (AFP Photo/Yoshikazu Tsuno)Dancing after midnight in Tokyo will no longer be illegal, as long as it's not too dark. (AFP Photo/Yoshikazu Tsuno)

    What has become known as “Japan’s War on Dance,” is finally coming to an end.

    It’s been a long battle, but Japan has finally lifted its decades-long ban on dancing. It was first put into place after the Second World War in an attempt to crack down on dancehalls that were often a breeding ground for prostitution.

    The ban forbade public dancing without a permit – even licensed premises had to stop all dancing when the clock hit midnight, the Independent reports.

    Since the end of the war, Japan has developed into a highly bustling and thriving nation, making the Footloose-esque law seem a little out of place.

    But despite the law, dancing – even into the next day – was mostly tolerated through the latter half of the 20th century, with police turning a blind eye.

    Things became a little less lenient into the 21st century, however, when a string of celebrity drug scandals and nightclub brawls lead to a crackdown. At that time, club raids once again became a common occurrence.

    But Japan’s

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  • Watch these two puppies grow up in 90 seconds

    Colby and Bleu were filmed everyday racing towards their food bowls

    It’s dinnertime for these two cute pups and you can watch them age as they run for it!

    In a recently posted video, two cute golden retrievers are seen growing up in just 90 seconds.

    Colby and Bleu, also known as the ‘Cheese Pups,’ were filmed everyday from 11-weeks-old to 11-months-old racing towards their food bowls in the kitchen. The resulting timelapse shows the brothers growing up over the course of nine months.

    Born on July 2014, these two have been Internet sensations from day one with their own Instagram and YouTube accounts showcasing their lives. This video is no different, having already received over three million views in just a couple of days. 

    (YouTube/Cheese Pups)(YouTube/Cheese Pups)

    The cutest moment in the video is when the two puppies struggle each time to run around the corner. Despite running the same routine every day, they couldn’t quite figure it out. 

    One of the dogs always ends up skidding, wiping out or stumbling across the kitchen floor. But they recover pretty quickly and continue on their way to

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  • Conversations about racism are never an easy subject but using a racial slur on live television will definitely cause a stir.

    And that’s just what CNN anchor Don Lemon got.

    On Monday night during a live CNN broadcast, Lemon held up an uncensored sign with the "N-word" on it in all caps. He then asked the public to weigh in on whether the word was appropriate to use. What soon followed was a huge Twitter backlash.

    During Lemon’s segment, he first picked up a Confederate flag and said, “This is what America is talking about right now. Does this offend you? It’s a Confederate flag. Is it a symbol of Southern pride or a symbol of hate?”

    “And then what about this?” he continued as he reached for the sign with the N-word on it.

    He then asked, “Does this offend you? This word. President Obama said it out loud in an interview and a lot of people are shocked.”

    Lemon was discussing the day’s biggest stories, mainly the one about President Obama using the N-word during an interview with Marc

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  • Taylor Swift brings her The 1989 World Tour to the UK after her victory over technology giant Apple.Taylor Swift brings her The 1989 World Tour to the UK after her victory over technology giant Apple.

    Just call her Taylor Swift, the miracle worker. 

    After the chart-topping pop star was able to convince Apple to change its royalty policy, fans abroad have taken to Twitter, posting a wide range of problems that they hope Swift can help with.

    It all began a few days ago when the seven-time-Grammy-award-winner took to her Tumblr to explain why she would be holding back her newest album, ‘1989,’ from the new streaming service, Apple Music.

    “I’m sure you are aware that Apple Music will be offering a free three-month trial to anyone who signs up for the service,” she wrote. “I’m not sure you know that Apple Music will not be paying writers, producers, or artists for those three months.

    “I find this to be shocking, disappointing, and completely unlike this historically progressive and generous company.”

    Swift, whose last three records sold more than a million copies in their debut weeks, wrote that this is not about her, but rather, the new artists or bands who are just starting out and

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  • Doctors discover unborn 50-year-old fetus inside 92-year-old woman

    Director of the hospital dubs the case “extraordinarily rare"

    Doctors in Chile have discovered a 50-year-old fetus inside a 92-year-old woman’s abdomen.

    After suffering a nasty fall, the woman was admitted to a hospital. That’s where doctors learned via X-ray that she was carrying a decades-old, 4.4 lbs fetus, the BBC reports.

    The rare phenomenon, known as a lithopedion, is the result of a fetus dying during pregnancy and becoming calcified.  

    Marco Vargas Lazo, the director of the hospital, called the case “extraordinarily rare.”

    The fetus, he said, was large and developed, occupying all of her abdominal cavity.

    According to reports, there are only 300 known cases of “stone babies” in the world.

    The study states that the chance of “abnormal pregnancy” is one in 11,000, with lithopedion occurring in 1.5% to 1.8% of those cases.

    After looking at all of the recorded cases, the study found two-thirds of the diagnosis happened in women over the age of 40. The “period of fetus retention” ranged from four to 60-year-old women.

    The 92-year-old did not

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  • A social media-driven campaign to express identity positivity amongst blacks has provided a stark contrast to the sorrow and negativity in the aftermath of the Charleston shootings.

    Over the weekend, the second installment of Blackout Day (#blackoutday) took place, primarily on Tumblr.

    The thought behind the movement, first proposed by Tvon Green is simple: to get black people to share their faces in a positive manner.

    “I got inspired to propose Blackout day after thinking “Damn, I’m not seeing enough Black people on my dash (Tumblr dashboard where user posts appear).” Of course I see a constant amount of Black celebrities but what about the regular people? Where is their shine? When I proposed it, I thought people would think it was a good idea, but not actually go through with implementing it.”

    Blackout Day is scheduled to take place every three months on the 21st; the second happened on June 21. While pictures were opted to Instagram and Twitter as well, most of the posts

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  • One little dog’s whole world got turned upside down when the ‘rock’ by him turned out to be alive.

    A recent video of a corgi startled by a turtle has gone viral. YouTube user TurboMuffin caught the exact moment her dog Turbo realized he wasn’t lying down next to a rock. The footage has since received over two million hits.

    Corgis have always been a popular dog in the Internet realms, and not a day goes by without seeing some adorable animal antic caught on video. This clip is a winning combination.

    Turbo is seen relaxing on the lawn by a house, completely nonchalant. In front of him, only a few steps away, is a ‘rock.’

    After letting go of a yawn, Turbo is completely shocked when the stationary turtle finally moves. The corgi jumps back and starts barking to defend himself. 

    The little guy’s big surprise is pretty adorable!

    More corgi cuteness:

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  • Utah school creates'Texting Lane' for phone-focused students. (Yahoo News)Utah school creates'Texting Lane' for phone-focused students. (Yahoo News)

    A new solution to a problem that has plagued students and school employees everywhere has been found, because we all agree that “there’s nothing worse than walking behind someone who’s texting.”

    Utah Valley University is giving students who can’t seem to look up from their phones long enough to see where they’re going their own designated lane, reports the Associated Press.

    The neon-green lanes painted on the stairs leading up to the gym were intended to be a fun way to brighten up the space and get the students’ attention, and that’s just what it did.

    A picture of the stairs divvied up into three sections – one for running, one for walking and one for texting – generated a lot of buzz after it was shared online.

    Tasia Briggs, 22, told AP that smartphone messaging – whether it’s through texts, Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram – is a big part of how her generation communicates, so it’s cool that the college is acknowledging it.

    Though the lames are limited to the school’s recreation

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  • Naked masked man pours milk on himself and streaks through Walmart

    “They can go to jail, and they will go to jail.”

    It was just another normal day at Walmart when a man wearing a Halloween mask stripped down to his birthday suit, poured milk all over himself, and ran around the retail store yelling and screaming that he was on fire.

    After that… it was still just another normal day at Walmart.

    The video of the occurrence, that took place at a Kentucky location, was posted to YouTube, but has since been taken down because of the nudity.

    But unfortunately for the men involved, the local authorities did not find the gesture very funny.

    “I wouldn’t want to go in Walmart and see anyone running around naked,” Pike County Sheriff Rodney Scott told WYMT News. “So they need to go to jail.”

    Scott told the news network that both the streaker and camera operator are guilty of indecent exposure.

    “The first question I would have [for the streaker] would be: why would he want to do that?” he said, believing that the instance was planned.

    “They can go to jail, and they will go to jail.”

    The sheriff admitted that

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