• It’s like those times your grandma would sneak you another cookie when Mom wasn’t looking because it would spoil your dinner. Only this is with unpredictable black bears. With huge teeth … and razor-sharp claws.

    81-year-old Mary Musselman is behind bars for repeatedly feeding black bears from her home in Sebring, Florida.

    She had been warned on several occasions to stop feeding these wild animals, as it interrupts their natural instincts.

    “Feeding bears results in bears losing their fear of people,” explained Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission spokesperson, Gary Morse.

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    Imagine if bears lost their fear of humans. If you’re picturing a snugglefest with Winnie the Pooh or Barney — think again. These animals are wild, untamed and can kill you in a matter of seconds. Sure lady, let’s feed them so they come closer … and watch them snack on our limbs when we don’t have anything left to give them. Who doesn’t love an

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  • Video still of the man sought in an attempted robbery of a Hallmark store in Philadelphia.

    A Hallmark cashier in Philadelphia was in for a real surprise when ringing in one particular customer last week.

    In an attempt to rob a Philadelphia Hallmark store, this witty wordsmith decided he would create his own greeting card instead.

    He handed the cashier his handmade greeting card with “Give me all the money or I will kill you” written inside.

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    Aww. How sentimental of him. You have to give the guy credit for creativity! Most robbers do it the old-fashioned way and just threaten the cashier with a gun ... boring!

    This guy took the time, wrote out his very own greeting card, and thought this genius plan would get him the money.

    Upon seeing the card, the Hallmark cashier was less than impressed. She didn’t even look to see if the Hallmark symbol was on the back! Perhaps it was his choice of words ... I mean, they didn’t even rhyme.

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    After calling a fellow

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  • Drivers escape injury after car does 180-degree spin on busy road

    Thankfully for this Russian driver, there's no Olympic sport for lane-changing.

    Moscow's Andrey Kalashnikov was driving on a busy, 10-lane downtown road when a small, silver, three-seater car jutted nervously around another car before losing control and spilling across three lanes.

    Miraculously, the car avoided getting hit by any of the other motorists despite doing a full 180-degree swerve. The car finally came to a stop in an empty parking spot, facing the wrong direction.

    Russian dashboard cameras have captured some dramatic - and unexpected - accident footage over the past few years. The cameras are common in Russia for insurance purposes.

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  • If you haven’t heard about the big Seahawks win at Super Bowl XLVIII last night, you’ve been living under a rock.

    Good game ... but the main event, obviously, was the halftime show.

    If you happened to catch the Bruno Mars/Red Hot Chili Peppers halftime show, you were given a real treat. When the lights went down, the stadium lit up, and not by any ordinary lights.

    PixMob, a Montreal-based firm, unveiled its wireless lighting technology on Sunday with the help of all the Superbowl XLVIII attendees. The company supplied each of the 80,000 ticket-holders with a black tuque embedded with PixMob’s LED technology.

    Essentially, the hats lit up to transform the entire audience into a huge display screen. The result? It. Looked. Amazing.

    How does it work? The LED lights on each tuque create a flash mob of pixels where each person wearing the tuque becomes a small dot of illumination. All of these little LED lights blend together, allowing the audience to become the ideal backdrop to the halftime

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  • Who says girls can’t eat?

    120-pound, mother of four, Molly Schuyler of Nebraska has proved this theory dead wrong.

    After consuming an astonishing 363 chicken wings at the 22nd annual SportsRadio 94 WIP Wing Bowl on Friday morning, Schuyler is now the reigning champ.

    Devouring 363 wings in just 30 minutes, she blew the previous record of 337 wings out of the water, as well as her competitors for that matter.

    At just 5-foot-5 and weighing in at a mere 120 pounds, this mother of four has really made a name for herself in the competitive eating world.

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    Last year alone, she was named the “world’s #1 ranked female independent competitive eater” by All Pro Eating, a competitive eating organization.

    She has wowed people by winning previous competitive eating competitions, including a beef patty eating contest and a fried mushroom eating contest last year.

    She also made headlines earlier this month by demolishing a 72-ounce steak in

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  • With his shades on, head down and fists up, Puerto Rican boxer Christopher Rivera looks like he is still ready to fight.

    You wouldn’t believe it from looking at him, but Rivera is indeed dead. The photo was taken at his wake last Friday after he was shot to death in the city of Santurce.

    According to Elsie Rodriguez, vice president of the Marin funeral home, Rivera explained to his family that he wanted his funeral to make reference to his career as a boxer. The funeral home suggested they stage him boxing as they have staged similar wakes like that in the past.

    So that’s just what they did.

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    They created a simulated boxing scene at a local community center in a nearby public housing project to stage Rivera’s body. They propped him up, threw on some shades and had him pose for pictures, ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ style.

    Family, friends and fans were able to get their photo taken with Rivera at the wake in all his boxing glory. The

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  • It’s been another week of snow and chilly weather here in Toronto, so I’m still in need of reminders about a) why snow is awesome and b) that it won’t be this cold forever. In Australia, for example, right now they’re enjoying some hot summer weather, and it’s a good reminder that in just a few months, we’ll all be complaining about how unpleasantly hot it is and looking forward to more snow. Here are this week’s must-see videos:

    As a part of this year’s Australia Day celebrations, which took place on Jan. 27, Steven Boag created this giant slip’n’slide on his parents’ farm. The result is an epic ride that would be every kid on summer vacation’s dream come true.

    If this little guy’s enthusiasm for snow doesn’t re-ignite your passion for winter, it’s time to move to warmer climates. This enthusiastic and wiggly puppy named Ari is a tad tentative when he first encounters snow, but is quickly bounding through it like a pro.

    Speaking of pros, you have to be incredibly talented to

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  • Imagine: This is it. You’re at the edge of the door to the airplane ready to take the plunge from over 12,000 feet in the sky. You dive out of the plane ready for the rush of your life, when you suddenly collide head-on with a fellow skydiver and you are knocked unconscious — oh yes — in mid-air.

    Twenty-five-year-old James Lee experienced this real-life nightmare at 12,500 feet above England. His limp body went plummeting to the ground after a collision with another skydiver mere moments after he jumped from the plane.

    In the video, you can literally see how limp his arms are as he free falls to the earth at more than 120 mph!

    A couple of Lee’s co-divers noticed something was wrong and signalled Lee to straighten his legs. Lee was unresponsive.

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    With Lee’s helmet camera filming the entire ordeal, his fellow divers latched onto him and helped him into position as they pulled his chute only seconds before it was too

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  • I’m afraid so, minions. Your favorite frowning feline, Colonel Meow, passed away on Thursday at the age of two.

    Colonel Meow was one of the most beloved and famous Internet feline celebrities, best known for his wildly long fur and his distastefulness towards pretty much anything.

    His hilarious photos and day-to-day activities on Facebook and YouTube are what made people fall in love with Colonel Meow. Often pictured with his love for scotch and lounging around his home, Colonel Meow really knew how to make us laugh.

    In 2013, Colonel Meow was awarded the Guinness World Record for the feline with the longest fur. One of his favorite things to do was to play tricks on Boots, the household Golden Retriever.

    I think what we will miss most is his scheming and planning to take over the world. He had big plans for us minions.

    He was actually rescued in 2011 by the Himalayan and Persian Society in Seattle after being left on the side of the road. His loving owner, Anne Marie Avey, later adopted

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  • Near head-on tractor-trailer crash captured on dashboard camera

    Talk about close calls.

    Snowy conditions led to a near head-on collision between two tractor-trailers on Ontario Highway 11 north of Nipigon, when one semi went around a corner to see another semi trying to pass a snowplow and coming straight at him.

    Tip: Watch the video at full-screen.

    "Yes, he was carrying a full load," reads the description on the YouTube video. "no he was not driving to [sic] fast for the conditions, yes the on-coming semi was in the wrong lane passing a snow plow on a double solid line going uphill and heading into a curve while carrying a dangerous load."

    The drivers managed to avoid the head-on collision by feet, if not inches. The driver with the camera squeezed between the oncoming semi and the road barrier and came to a stop.

    CBC reports that Ontario Provincial police are investigating the near-collision.

    Let's be careful out there.

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