• A prototype of Lavazza's and Argotec's "ISSpresso" (Space.com)A prototype of Lavazza's and Argotec's "ISSpresso" (Space.com)

    The International Space Station is finally getting a coffee machine. No more dry powders mixed with water. There are about to be real, hot, brewed cups of espresso in space.

    Italian aerospace company Argotec and Italian coffee maker Lavazza, in collaboration with the Italian Space Agency, teamed up to create the ISSpresso, a space-friendly coffee maker that works much like a Keurig, in which hot water is poured through a capsule of espresso or coffee.

    Its creators claim that espresso coffee is what Italian astronauts miss most aboard the station. (Even more than gravity? Italians must really like their coffee.)

    "Italian coffee is a beverage without borders," Giuseppe Lavazza, vice president of Lavazza said in a statement. "And we have been thinking about taking the espresso into space for some time."

    "In fact, today we are in a position to overcome the limits of weightlessness and enjoy a good espresso — the indisputable symbol of made in Italy products — on board the International

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  • Answer: This game show host recently set the record for most game show episodes ever hosted.

    Question: Who is Alex Trebek?

    Last Friday evening marked Alex Trebek's 6,829th episode of Jeopardy! The 73-year-old host of "America's Favourite Quiz Show" has been asking questions — or, more specifically, giving answers in search of questions — for 30 seasons of the show, without taking a single sick day. His impressive streak earned him the Guinness World Record for most game show episodes hosted by the same presenter (same programme).

    "It's an honour to hold the Guinness World Record for hosting Jeopardy!, which I've often said is the best of reality TV," Sudbury, Ont.-born Trebek said of the record. "We have had incredible support from our viewers for the past 30 years, and without them, I wouldn't have set this record."

    (He did miss one episode: On April Fool's Day in 1997, Trebek hosted Wheel of Fortune while Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak hosted Jeopardy!)

    [ More Buzz: Hitchhiking

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  • Icebergs are so hot right now.

    It's been "a banner year" for icebergs off Newfoundland, drawing tourists east and sparking interest in the towering walls of ice online.

    "Folks are coming from all over the world. They're just totally intrigued with icebergs," Captain Barry Rogers, president of Iceberg Quest Ocean Tours, told the Canadian Press.

    "I guess it's one thing to hear about them and yet it’s a totally different thing to be up within several hundred feet of them."

    "We've had some great ice years, but I think this one is going to be the biggest year of all. We’ve just had a huge flow of icebergs coming from Greenland," he added.

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    The Facebook page Newfoundland Iceberg Sightings has been sharing user-submitted photos of some of the awe-inspiring glacial structures.

    On Twitter, Iceberg Finder shares facts, locations and videos of icebergs as they travel along Newfoundland and Labrador's northeast coast with its

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  • Late next month, a robot named hitchBOT will embark on a cross-Canada journey — and it needs kind Canadians to help it along.

    So if you see a hitchhiking robot on the side of the road this summer, offer it a ride.

    "I am hoping to make new friends, have interesting conversations, and see new places along the way. As you may have guessed robots cannot get driver’s licences yet, so I’ll be hitchhiking my entire way. I have been planning my trip with the help of my big family of researchers in Toronto. I will be making my way from the east coast to the west coast starting in July," the robot "wrote" on its official site.

    HitchBOT will start his adventure on the side of the road near NSCAD University in Halifax. Its goal: to reach Open Space, an artist-run centre in Victoria, B.C.

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    Apart from its hitchhiking arm — a mock-up image reveals a physical form that will look "like somebody has cobbled together odds and ends to make the robot,

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  • This week's must-see videos take you from the Corvette-eating sinkholes of Kentucky to the quad-burning hills of San Francisco. We've also got a woman who lives like a hobbit, a tech-savvy cat and some soccer-loving astronauts.

    But first, we take you to China to meet Chen Fengzhi, a 63-year-old woman who chomps away on glass and stone with her so-called "iron teeth." Do not try this at home!

    These astronauts may be far away from Brazil, but that hasn't dampered their World Cup excitement one bit. Their zero-gravity tricks might be more impressive than anything Neymar or Messi pull off this month.

    In the age-old debate over whether cats or dogs are smarter, we submit this evidence: a seven-week-old kitten playing an iPad game.

    Ever thought about living off the grid? This Welsh woman does just that, living in a mud-and-straw home without electricity, gas or running water (Warning: video contains mild language).

    Back in February, a sinkhole swallowed eight cars and subsequently over

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  • Ghost peppers are deadly hot.

    How hot? Well, on the Scoville scale of hotness, a jalepeno pepper ranges between 3,500 and 4,000 SHUs. Tabasco Sauce ranges between 30,000 and 50,000 SHUs.

    The ghost pepper? We're talking about 800,000 to over 1 million SHUs. That's deadly hot.

    Organizers bring the deadly-hot ghost peppers in for the crowd to eat.Organizers bring the deadly-hot ghost peppers in for the crowd to eat.
    So it's a little surprising when 1,000 people gathered together in Copenhagen to simultaneously eat ghost peppers, also known as Bhut Jolokia.

    It was the brainchild of pepper enthusiast Claus Pilgaard, the self-described Chili Klaus, who made his name by eating hot peppers on YouTube.

    Clearly Mr. Pilgaard is a bit of a sadist, for he seems to enjoy seeing others in pain. How else to explain the 1,000 people writhing and wincing in agony after ingesting these killer peppers?

    Three times hotter than the habanero pepper, the ghost pepper grows only in the Indian states of Assam, Nagaland, and Manipur. It packs enough kick to bring tears to even the bravest eater's eyes, and is so hot that India's Defence Research and

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  • Peter Doig’s depiction of DVP's rainbow tunnel set to fetch millions at auction

    Peter Doig's Country-Rock (wing-mirror) painting of Toronto's rainbow tunnel.Peter Doig's Country-Rock (wing-mirror) painting of Toronto's rainbow tunnel.

    Art truly is in the eye of the beholder.

    For the thousands of commuters who take Toronto's Don Valley Parkway home from work every day, the fabled "rainbow tunnel" is merely a short-term visual distraction from the miles of bumper-t0-bumper traffic ahead.

    But for one lucky buyer, that view could cost over $15 million.

    On June 30, Scottish-born artist Peter Doig's painting Country-rock (wing-mirror) goes up for auction. It depicts the rainbow tunnel from the passenger seat of a car, and was named after the music Doig was listening to as he rode past the landmark.

    Sotheby's estimates the work is valued at £9 million, or $16.5 million CDN.

    "The rainbow tunnel is one of the most prominent and resonant motifs in Doig's oeuvre," said Cheyenne Westphal, co-global head of contemporary art at Sotheby's. "For lovers of Doig, it has supreme status."

    The painting is the third in Doig's Country-rock series highlighting scenes from the DVP. The other two works are in a private collection in Europe

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  • Amazing pup lives a normal life despite severe spine abnormality

    Pig the dog is extraordinary in so many ways.

    Most extraordinary is her appearance – Pig is missing part of her spine, several ribs and her hips and joints are rotated in the wrong positions.

    As a result, Pig looks like one of those no-necked photoshopped animals, or at the very least, like half a dog.

    But don't tell that to her owner, Kim Dillenbeck.

    "I bonded with Pig right away," she told Joey Kennedy at al.com. "I thought I'd either be with her or near her helping her find a home."

    Kim Dillenbeck says that Pig is probably half the weight he should be.Kim Dillenbeck says that Pig is probably half the weight he should be.

    Pig was born to a feral mother in the woods outside of Atlanta, Georgia, last fall. She saved herself by barking, attracting the attention of a woman who took dogs in. According to Dillenbeck, the prognosis for the pup with such severe birth defects wasn't good.

    "The lady who found her, the vet told her to have her (Pig) put down," Dillenbeck said.

    But Dillenbeck refused. And, eight months later, Pig is living a healthy and relatively normal life.

    [ More Buzz: Puppy drives car directly into nearby pond

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  • Don Lemon (Photo courtesy The Wrap)Don Lemon (Photo courtesy The Wrap)

    The Biebs is in hot water yet again over his recently leaked racist remarks.

    Videos of Justin Bieber using the “N” word – first during a tasteless joke, and more recently replacing the word in one of his hit songs – have surfaced on the Internet.

    Even though Bieber has apologized for the first incident, additional footage on the tape shows his use of the word multiple times after the short clip that was released.

    Fans and fellow musicians have come to Bieber’s defense on Instagram and Twitter stating that, “He’s not a racist, he has black friends!”

    [ Related: Whoopi Goldberg says 'N-word' doesn't mean the same in Canada ]

    What was more shocking was when CNN anchor Don Lemon, who is also black, came to defend Bieber, Gawker reports. Believe it or not, Lemon actually blames the black community for Bieber's nonchalant use of the “N” word. In a blog post on blackamericaweb.com, Lemon addresses the target audience of the website, black Americans, and says he believes the “Hip Hop Culture”

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  • Faberge enamel and two colour gold egg bonbonniere (Getty Images)Faberge enamel and two colour gold egg bonbonniere (Getty Images)

    “I’ll have the 8 oz sirloin with a side of scrambled Fabergé eggs.”

    According to Reuters, a restaurant in New York City is being sued by the luxury jeweler Fabergé for “shamelessly” appropriating their name and “confusing customers and members of the general public”.

    The copyright lawsuit, which was filed on Thursday against “Faberge,” a steakhouse situated in a heavily Russian-populated community in Sheepshead Bay, New York, states that the restaurant “is an effort to free-ride on the enormous good will” that has been established by Fabergé, the luxury jewelry company.

    Exterior of Faberge restaurant in New York City (V.Y./Yelp)Exterior of Faberge restaurant in New York City (V.Y./Yelp)

    Owner of the restaurant, Vladislav Yusufov, claims he had no intention of stealing anything from the famous Fabergé jeweler. “We haven’t copied anything from Fabergé. We don’t sell jewelry,” he said. “We are totally different. Our business is food sale. French and steaks.”

    Exterior of Faberge jewelry store in Kiev. (Faberge.com)Exterior of Faberge jewelry store in Kiev. (Faberge.com)The famous jeweler Fabergé was founded in 1842 in St. Petersburg, Russia, and has become known for its ornate, jewel-encrusted eggs. Of the 50

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