• Surveillance video shows suspect robbing store (left) and making his exit.Surveillance video shows suspect robbing store (left) and making his exit.
    This man’s disguise to rob a convenience store has resulted in one of the greatest police suspect descriptions ever.

    Earlier this week, a man robbed a Mac’s convenience store in Barrie, Ontario in the most unusual way. He was wearing a rodent costume head while committing the crime.

    Surveillance video posted on YouTube by Crime Stoppers shows the thief entering the store wearing all black and walking straight to the counter. He then pulls out a knife and demands money from the worker, who complies and gives him the cash. The suspect is then seen leaving the store apparently barefoot.

    Police in Barrie are looking for a male suspect described in their press release as white, skinny built, wearing black pants, long sleeve shirt and that he, “disguised himself by wearing a large rat/mouse mask.”

    On Twitter, the Barrie Police refer to the costume head as a rat: “Police smell a rat!”

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  • Despite his Canadian roots, Alex Trebek hasn’t quite mastered the proper pronunciation of “Eh.”

    A video of the “Jeopardy!” host covering the chorus of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” has gone viral, thanks to his not-quite-so stellar performance.

    Trebek isn’t new to broadcasting his singing talents.  In 2014, the now 74-year-old rapped an entire “Jeopardy!” category of famous lyrics and just last month treated viewers to his own rendition of the “Fresh Prince of Belair” theme song.

    After 30 years hosting “Jeopardy!”, does the award winning host have a shot at a second career in the music business?  We’ll take  “Stick with his day job” for $200, Alex.

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  • Photos of so-called Sea Bunnies are getting a lot of attention on Twitter in Japan.Photos of so-called Sea Bunnies are getting a lot of attention on Twitter in Japan.
    Cuddly, fluffy, and downright adorable are not words normally attributed to a slug – but a quick scroll through the right Twitter feed may prove otherwise.

    The Twittersphere is rife with photos, links, and cooing comments all relating to the Jorunna parva, a sea slug with a striking resemblance to a fluffy rabbit.

    According to Bored Panda, the sea slug’s tiny ears are rhinophores, which are organs that allow the creatures to taste and smell chemicals in the water and help them move across the ocean floor.

    Native to Japan and the Phillipines, the sea bunny is reported to be only about two centimetres long and widely varies in colour.

    The Japanese name for the Jorunna parva is gomafu biroodo umiushi, which translates roughly to “black speckled velvet sea slug,” reports RocketNews24. To make things even cuter, divers in the Pacific have taken to calling the tiny creatures goma-chan, meaning 

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  • The San Diego Zoo uses a stuffed animal to help with checkups.The San Diego Zoo uses a stuffed animal to help with checkups.
    Babies always have a hard time leaving the comforting side of their mothers when it comes to checkups, even baby Koala cubs.  

    One unnamed nine-month-old koala joey at the San Diego Zoo has such a hard time leaving his doting momma, the zoo attendants had to find a new way to keep the curious joey still for his routine checkup and weekly weigh-in.

    Zoo staff decided it would be smart to provide the joey with a very lifelike stuffed koala, to help reduce separation anxiety caused from being apart from his mother.

    The Zoo added a video of the entire process onto their Youtube channel and titled the video ‘How toweigh a koala joey’.

    You can see right away that the little joey cozies up onto the stuffed animals back and once he is comfortable and calm, the stuffed koala is removed, and the joey is able to have his checkups completed.  

    The video footage shows the little joey squeaking in happiness as he stumbles along a wide tree branch and reaches out for the camera.  Next you see the

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  • Frank Gregoire, of Sherbrooke, Que., wanted to surprise his bride, Simran Malhotra of Toronto, by learning a popular Bollywood tune.Frank Gregoire, of Sherbrooke, Que., wanted to surprise his bride, Simran Malhotra of Toronto, by learning a popular Bollywood tune.

    Future grooms, take note: a Canadian man has made the internet swoon after a video of a surprise performance for his bride at their reception made its way online.  

    Frank Gregoire, of Sherbrooke, Que., wanted to surprise his bride, Simran Malhotra of Toronto, at their wedding reception on June 27 in Baltimore, Maryland. 

    Originally, Gregoire planned on writing or reading a poem to his wife, but after speaking to her mother, who offered a few different suggestions, he decided to recite the lyrics for ‘Tum Hi Ho’, a popular Bollywood love song.

    After reading the lyrics to the song, Gregoire, a talented musician, decided that it would be the perfect song to sing to express his true feelings for his wife.

    According to the Huffington Post, it took Gregoire six weeks to learn the lyrics and piano chords and to ensure he could sing with proper Hindi diction.  Gregoire pulled off the song flawlessly, leaving his bride and her parents in tears.

    As soon as Gregoire begins singing, you can hear

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  • Alpacas can now be rented out to serve as witnesses for some weddings in JapanAlpacas can now be rented out to serve as witnesses for some weddings in Japan

    Many brides and grooms spend months on end planning and perfecting each and every detail of their weddings. Others, however, in the throes of passion, choose to get hitched on the quick.

    A hotel in Japan has tried to help the latter group by offering the services of alpacas to act as witnesses at weddings. Yes, you read that correctly.

    Hotel Epinard Nasu in Tochigi Prefecture has been receiving a lot of attention after it recently began offering the service.  The alpacas come from a neighbouring zoo, and are also available for photos after the ceremonies.

    A hotel in Japan is offering the services of alpacas to act as witnesses at weddings.A hotel in Japan is offering the services of alpacas to act as witnesses at weddings.

    Rocket News 24 reports that the alpaca has no significant role in the major religions of Japan, Shinto and Buddhism. Japanese brides and grooms just really enjoy having the big, fluffy creatures watching them tie the knot.  

    The alpaca service comes with a dedicated alpaca trainer to walk the alpaca down the aisle during the wedding.  The trainer will also handle the animal while wedding photos are taken.

    While this new wedding

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  • Two men hold hands to observe public's reaction in Russia.Two men hold hands to observe public's reaction in Russia.
    A recent social experiment to gauge the Russian public's tolearance towards same-sex couples ended with some shocking results.

    Two young men hold hands while walking along the streets of Moscow to see how people would react to the ‘gay couple.’ And the reactions were intense. Recorded by a hidden camera in the backpack of a colleague walking in front of them, the video reveals the hatred homosexuals face on the streets in Russia on a daily basis.

    The three-and-half minute clip, produced by ChebuRussia TV, was a social experiment in response to the latest news coming from the U.S., where same-sex marriage was legalized by the Supreme Court last month

    They get stares from people as they pass them and hear abusive words. One man shoves his way into them saying, “what’s your f***king problem?” And then adds: “come over here you gay.”

    The two men just continue walking away but they’re already scared. “I’m a bit frightened by his reaction, he hit hard,” said one of the young men.


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  • Woman avoids parking ticket pain.Woman avoids parking ticket pain.
    Here’s another reason why you should pay attention in class: it might help you get out of a parking ticket.

    An Ohio woman named Andrea Cammelleri was definitely listening in English class the day they covered commas, and she’s not afraid to flex her knowledge in times of need.

    The town of West Jefferson prohibits a number of types vehicles from parking for more than 24 hours, including a “motor vehicle camper,” the Independent reports. So the woman’s pickup truck got towed.

    Unfortunately for the lawmakers, they forgot to put a comma between the words vehicle and camper.

    “I brought the ordinance home to my boyfriend,” Cammelleri told Fox 28. “He reads it. He goes, ‘It’s done. It’s missing a comma.”

    This itty-bitty mistake gave Cammelleri leverage to argue that her pick-up truck did not meet the description, and so she did not breach the law.

    And luckily for her, the appeals court agreed.

    “We won,” she said. “I was so surprised.”

    The village should fix the mistake if they want the law to

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  • TumblrTumblr
    Have you updated your privacy settings recently?

    It’s no secret that we’re constantly being monitored. Whether you voluntarily choose to share personal information through social media or not, it turns out a surprising amount of intel about your life is being tracked on a daily basis. This is some serious next level creeping.

    Your Smartphone

    One of the most disturbing discoveries is easily the ‘Frequent Locations’ menu found on most smartphones including iPhone and Android. A quick navigation through “Settings” to “Privacy”, “Location Services” then “System Services” will bring you to “Frequent Locations”, a creepy snapshot of your daily movements. We’re talking everywhere you’ve been, how many times you went there and how long you stayed. 


    According to Buzzfeed, the data is only stored on your phone “in order to learn places that are significant to you” and doesn’t actually get shared with any other parties but it definitely makes you wonder. 


    CTV News reported that many

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  • Watch the gentleman in the blue shirt.Watch the gentleman in the blue shirt.
    Not everyone may be able to keep up with this dad when it comes to dance moves. 

    A video on YouTube shows a man getting down to The Vamps, a British pop band who were playing at Thorpe Park in Chertsey, England. It’s retty funny - but also awesome - watching him bust some moves to the band’s song, ‘Wild Heart.’

    Dressed in a proper dad uniform of tucked-in polo shirt with high-waist jeans, starts with the Carlton dance move,  followed by the robot dance and an amazing interpretation of Michael Jackson’s moonwalk.

    No matter how embarrassing, this dad keeps with the beat and shows a lot more spirit than the people around him.

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