• If you’re going to rob someone for their personal belongings and hope not to get caught, 'friending' them on Facebook is probably not a good idea.

    According to authorities in Port Orchard, Washington, a woman sitting at the Bremerton ferry terminal with her headphones on was struck on the back of her head by a man who then seized her iPod and her purse. However, the woman caught a glimpse of the man’s triangle shaped tattoo on his neck before he ran off.

    The following day, the woman received a Facebook friend request from an unknown user, and upon looking through his pictures, she immediately recognized the tattoo.

    Investigators confirmed that the tattoo belonged to the man who attacked her. Riley Allen Mullins, 28, of Port Orchard was charged on Friday at the Kitsap District Court with second-degree robbery, the Daily News reports.

    Needless to say, that's one friend request that was probably ignored.

    (Photo via Facebook/Riley Mullins)

    Want the latest buzz before it goes viral?

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  • You gotta love that age when kids realize that drawing on everything is a good idea. But for one Chinese father, he's likely not so thrilled at his son's newly-discovered artistic impulses.

    A Chinese man known only as Chen may be stuck in South Korea for some time after his four-year-old son drew all over his passport, the NY Daily News reports, making it an "unrecognizable document."

    The family was on a trip to South Korea when their son decided to make an art project out of his father’s passport by drawing all over it in black pen. He drew some animals, scribbled out much of the documents information, and even drew on his father’s picture, giving his some extra hair and a beard.

    The picture, along with a plea for help was originally posted to Weibo, China’s social networking site and is certainly drawing attention over the Internet.

    Because of how precise the scribbles are, taking out all of the identifying information on the passport, some are claiming that the defaced photo is

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  • Just don't look down! Gulp!

    Lee Thompson, photographer and co-founder of UK online travel blog The Flash Pack, got the opportunity of his life while covering this year’s World Cup in Brazil. He was given the chance to climb to the top of Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue to take its first ever selfie from the top, Gawker reports.

    Armed with GoPro cameras, Thompson and two high-wire workmen entered through scaffolding at the feet of the giant statue and began their climb up 12 flights of extremely narrow, rickety stairs.

    The statue had recently been damaged in a severe lightning storm and was undergoing repairs, but Thompson and his colleague, Oliver Harvey, convinced authorities to let them climb to the top to take a few stomach-turning photos.

    They climbed for about twenty minutes up through the statue until reaching the heart of Christ, which, according to Thompson, was made up of beautiful mosaics. The pressed on, in complete darkness until finally they reached a small

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  • First comes love…then comes marriage… then comes a newborn baby, strapped to the back of your wedding carriage. Wait-what?!

    A Tennessee woman decided she wanted her new baby to be part of her wedding, so she fastened the infant to the train of her Vera Wang wedding dress, and dragged the baby behind her down the aisle, Huffington Post reports.

    Shona Carter-Brooks married fiancé Johnathon Brooks in Ripley, Tennessee last month and is getting quite a lot of flack for the way she involved her one-month-old baby in the ceremony.

    “WHY? I am sorry but if I would have saw that I would have gotten out of my seat and taken that baby. That is truly dumb,” said one outraged Clutch Magazine reader. Some wondered simply, “why not just carry the baby?” An excellent question, but evidently not one considered by Carter-Brooks.

    Shockingly enough, not all the baby-dragging feedback was negative.

    “Congrats on the beautiful wedding sweetie and with bby Aubrey on ur train that was something new that I

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  • A YouTube video from AsapSCIENCE has many scratching their heads about the things our ears are actually hearing versus what our brain are processing.

    Everyone has heard about our eyes playing tricks on us, but we often don’t consider the fact that our ears can do the same thing. Turns out a double-take isn't just something that can happen with our eyes.

    In the video, for example, one of the hosts shows us an experiment where the camera focuses on his mouth as he repeats the word “bar.” As we watch, our brain automatically tells us that he is saying the word “bar” but then the video pans to Greg’s mouth again as he repeats the word “far”. Watching him repeat the word “far” our brains inform us of the difference, but shockingly, there isn’t one.

    Believe it or not, the audio from the host repeating the word “bar” is being used while his mouth is saying the word “far” so, in fact, our ears aren’t the most reliable source, after all. Interesting, huh?

    Take the challenge again, but this

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  • Must-see videos of the week: May 26 to June 1

    This week's must-see videos take you to backyard pools for awesome feats of choreography, then to a real body of water for a gorgeous glimpse of underwater activity. There's also a close call with a tornado, a head-scratching contest in Britain, and of course, an obligatory cat video.

    We start with the upstart sport of "pool alley-ooping," as its finest participants call it. Watch these guys execute an insanely difficult pool dunk that is endlessly watchable.

    This groom-to-be thought he was taking a blindfolded bungee jump. His pals had a better plan. (Skip forward to the 2:45 mark for the exciting conclusion.)

    With a tornado bearing down on them, these guys did the last thing you'd imagine: laugh at their predicament.

    Ah, England. They do things a little differently over there. Like instead of eating cheese, they roll it down a hill and people chase it.

    We all love cats, right? Here's a litter of five white tiger cubs, who were recently unveiled to the public at an Austrian zoo.

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  • There’s nothing like unintentionally throwing in a little comic relief to calm the nerves of potential National Spelling Bee champions, especially when it comes in the form of that awkward “Milkshake” song by Kelis, which still somehow manages to haunt us today.

    Sriram Hathwar, who eventually went on to share the winning title at the Scripps National Spelling Bee on Thursday, was given the word “feijoada” and asked the pronouncer to use the word in a sentence.

    The pronouncer, Dr. Jacques Bailly, who won the spelling bee in 1980, began to read the sentence, “While Tabitha discovered that her milkshake brought all the boys to the yard…” before abruptly being cut off by someone off camera, saying “Stop, stop!”

    Hathwar, probably too young to understand the hilarity of the sentence, looks utterly confused as to why people in the audience are laughing.

    “Oh…oh boy. Sorry I was reading the wrong sentence,” says Dr. Bailly, realizing the blunder. The audience laughs harder, as does Hathwar, but

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  • It’s pretty hard to be an honest person when money is literally falling into your lap.

    But not for this California man who gave back a bag filled with cash that flew off the back of a Brinks truck and landed on his street, Gawker reports, even though he really could have used it.

    Joe Cornell says he often lives off just $1 a day for lunch, because he can’t afford much.

    He was volunteering at the Salvation Army when the bag, which was filled with hundreds of thousands of dollars, must have dropped off the Brinks truck.

    “I was watering my plants and my trees when an armored car stopped at the corner,” Cornell told KMPH Fox 26 News. “A car pulled up saying that the Brinks truck dropped something, but the armored car kept going.”

    That’s when Cornell found the orange bag containing the small fortune and phoned the police. The officer who interview Cornell was just as shocked, telling him he’s one in a million because many people would not have turned in the money.

    [ More Buzz: Woman

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  • Sriram Hathwar and Ansun Sujoe were declared co-champions of the Scripps National Spelling Bee – but it was Jacob Williamson who stole our hearts.

    The 15-year-old eighth-grader from Cape Coral, Florida, quickly became a crowd favourite for his unbridled exuberance at the nationally-televised competition in Oxon Hill, Maryland.

    Jacob, a self-proclaimed Tim Tebow fan and avid numismatist (coin collector) put his stamp on the competition when he first stepped to the microphone, challenging Jacques Bailey, the official pronouncer of the spelling bee.

    "Hi, Dr. Bailey," he said. "Please give me a word I know."

    Questions about a word's origins or definition? Jacob didn't need them. If he knew the word, he would just belt it out.

    His first word was Euripus. "I know this!" he shrieked. He also knew harlequinade, celebrating before he even spelled the word.

    Carchardont? No problem.

    When Jacob learned he had made it through to the finals, his reaction was priceless.

    Unfortunately, Jacob's

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  • If you’re wondering where the rest of this strange looking snake is, you won’t find it.

    That's because it's not a snake at all: It's a caterpillar!

    These caterpillars, found in Costa Rica, actually disguise themselves as snakes to ward off predators. Pretty cool, huh?

    According to GrindTV, this clever caterpillar, known as the snake caterpillar, can expand parts at the end of its body to look just like a snake. What’s even more interesting is that it can actually strike, just as a snake would, but without the bite. They camouflage themselves while in their larval state before turning into moths so that their head looks just like that of a scary snake. S-s-sneaky!

    If you look at these caterpillars at certain angles they look like nothing more than harmless little caterpillars. But they have somehow adapted certain parts of their body, mainly their heads, to look like dangerous snakes. An excellent tactic to prevent becoming lunch for any larger animal!

    “To normal people this

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