• Two men hold hands to observe public's reaction in Russia.Two men hold hands to observe public's reaction in Russia.
    A recent social experiment to gauge the Russian public's tolearance towards same-sex couples ended with some shocking results.

    Two young men hold hands while walking along the streets of Moscow to see how people would react to the ‘gay couple.’ And the reactions were intense. Recorded by a hidden camera in the backpack of a colleague walking in front of them, the video reveals the hatred homosexuals face on the streets in Russia on a daily basis.

    The three-and-half minute clip, produced by ChebuRussia TV, was a social experiment in response to the latest news coming from the U.S., where same-sex marriage was legalized by the Supreme Court last month

    They get stares from people as they pass them and hear abusive words. One man shoves his way into them saying, “what’s your f***king problem?” And then adds: “come over here you gay.”

    The two men just continue walking away but they’re already scared. “I’m a bit frightened by his reaction, he hit hard,” said one of the young men.


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  • Woman avoids parking ticket pain.Woman avoids parking ticket pain.
    Here’s another reason why you should pay attention in class: it might help you get out of a parking ticket.

    An Ohio woman named Andrea Cammelleri was definitely listening in English class the day they covered commas, and she’s not afraid to flex her knowledge in times of need.

    The town of West Jefferson prohibits a number of types vehicles from parking for more than 24 hours, including a “motor vehicle camper,” the Independent reports. So the woman’s pickup truck got towed.

    Unfortunately for the lawmakers, they forgot to put a comma between the words vehicle and camper.

    “I brought the ordinance home to my boyfriend,” Cammelleri told Fox 28. “He reads it. He goes, ‘It’s done. It’s missing a comma.”

    This itty-bitty mistake gave Cammelleri leverage to argue that her pick-up truck did not meet the description, and so she did not breach the law.

    And luckily for her, the appeals court agreed.

    “We won,” she said. “I was so surprised.”

    The village should fix the mistake if they want the law to

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  • TumblrTumblr
    Have you updated your privacy settings recently?

    It’s no secret that we’re constantly being monitored. Whether you voluntarily choose to share personal information through social media or not, it turns out a surprising amount of intel about your life is being tracked on a daily basis. This is some serious next level creeping.

    Your Smartphone

    One of the most disturbing discoveries is easily the ‘Frequent Locations’ menu found on most smartphones including iPhone and Android. A quick navigation through “Settings” to “Privacy”, “Location Services” then “System Services” will bring you to “Frequent Locations”, a creepy snapshot of your daily movements. We’re talking everywhere you’ve been, how many times you went there and how long you stayed. 


    According to Buzzfeed, the data is only stored on your phone “in order to learn places that are significant to you” and doesn’t actually get shared with any other parties but it definitely makes you wonder. 


    CTV News reported that many

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  • Watch the gentleman in the blue shirt.Watch the gentleman in the blue shirt.
    Not everyone may be able to keep up with this dad when it comes to dance moves. 

    A video on YouTube shows a man getting down to The Vamps, a British pop band who were playing at Thorpe Park in Chertsey, England. It’s retty funny - but also awesome - watching him bust some moves to the band’s song, ‘Wild Heart.’

    Dressed in a proper dad uniform of tucked-in polo shirt with high-waist jeans, starts with the Carlton dance move,  followed by the robot dance and an amazing interpretation of Michael Jackson’s moonwalk.

    No matter how embarrassing, this dad keeps with the beat and shows a lot more spirit than the people around him.

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  • D'oh! Duff Beer is hitting bars, but mainly overseas

    If you're in Canada, you’re out of luck

    For all you Simpson’s fanatics out there, you’re in for a treat. Homer Simpson’s favourite beer, Duff, will soon be making it’s way into bars around the world.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, ‘The Simpsons’ owner 21st Century Fox will be releasing a real-life version of Duff Beer in Chile this week. Distribution could hit South America and Europe by early next year.

    “I think there’s potential to have Duff everywhere in the world,” Jeffrey Godsick, president of the company’s consumer products division, told the WSJ.

    Although Homer and his cronies have been cracking open Duff’s since the start of the show, 21st Century Fox has only just decided to get into the beer business now.

    Over the years, many unofficial versions of Duff have popped up around the world, mainly in South America.

    There was so much unauthorized Duff beer being sold in Chile, Fox had to file an intellectual property complaint that led to thousands of bottles being seized by the Chilean police, the WSJ reports.

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  • Watch the world’s first BMX quadruple backflip

    “It was like going up 100 levels of commitment."

    Riding for Nitro Circus' Revolution Day, Jed Mildon must have defied the laws of physics to land the first-ever quadruple backflip on a BMX bike.

    Mildon and fellow rider James Foster went head to head to score this amazing trick first, which required a custom built ramp and four years of preparation.

    In the video, there are some very nasty falls to start. Foster ended up breaking his ribs and was forced to watch Mildon complete the trick from the sidelines.

    “I broke two ribs on the second try, and went back six weeks later to try it again, and ended up breaking two more ribs on my first attempt back,” Fostertold RIDE BMX. 

    In total, Foster sustained 10 broken ribs and a separated shoulder trying to complete the stunt. 

    After months of tweaking the ramp, Mildon finally nailed the four flips. 

    “It was like going up 100 levels of commitment,” he told Ride BMX. “So, so hard to figure out! Once I figured it out, it was reasonable safe to commit to.”

    (Courtesy of Nitro Circus)(Courtesy of Nitro Circus)

    Mildon is no stranger to achieving

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  • Rainbow over Nintendo HQ following president’s death

    Fans dubbed it Iwata’s “Rainbow Road” to heaven

    Nintendo's Satoru Iwata has died of a bile duct tumour (AP)Nintendo's Satoru Iwata has died of a bile duct tumour (AP)

    The man many of us thank for making our childhoods so sunny got a fitting send-off following his death.

    Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata passed away a few days ago due to a bile duct growth at the age of 55.

    The Nintendo headquarters in Kyoto, Japan, was photographed by Twitter user ‘bakatetu2’ the day after Iwata’s death, showing a cloudy sky with the hint of a rainbow beaming through.

    It served as a fitting tribute to the man who made our video game adventures as children (and adults) so memorable.

    Iwata was the first Nintendo president outside of the Yamauchi family and started in the industry as a game programmer at HAL Laboratory, CNN reports.

    Unlike his predecessors, who

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  • <span style=color: #2c2c2c; font-family: 'PT Sans', sans-serif; font-size: 17px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; letter-spacing: normal; line-height: 26px; orphans: auto; text-align: start; text-indent: 0px; text-transform: none; white-space: normal; widows: 1; word-spacing: 0px; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; display: inline !important; float: none; background-color: #ffffff;>Ruby was rescued by Jane Dunford of Harlow, Essex (Jane Dunford/Facebook)<br /></span>

    A baby fox cub left orphaned after her parents were killed in a fox hunt has put a face on the heated debate over whether to reverse some laws restricting the long sporting tradition in the UK.

    Three months ago, Ruby was rescued after her parents were killed in an illegal hunt. She was only 11-weeks-old when she was adopted by Jane Dunford in Harlow, UK. Ever since, Ruby has been raised by Dunford. 

    “She is the most wonderful animal and although still nervous of men – understandably – she has learntto trust me and I adore her,” Dunford told Mirror. Ruby is also best friends with Dunford’s two dogs.

    Ruby was rescued by Jane Dunford of Harlow, Essex (Jane Dunford/Facebook)Ruby was rescued by Jane Dunford of Harlow, Essex (Jane Dunford/Facebook)

    This week, the government dropped plans to relax hunting laws in England and Wales after the Scottish National party (SNP) said they would vote against the move, according to the BBC. Pictures of the tiny orphaned cub have made the debate even more real.

    Fox hunting was made illegal through the creation of the Hunting Act 2005. But England is once again in the center of a fox hunting vote

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  • Chai flips over a fence while chasing a frisbee.Chai flips over a fence while chasing a frisbee.
    A fence poses no obstacle for this dog, who used an acrobatic move to get over it.

    In the short clip, Chai is seen running at full speed towards the fence at Woodstock City Park in Portland, Oregon. As he comes into contact with the netting, he executes a perfect front flip and continues chasing the Frisbee like nothing’s happened. Unbelievably, the dog manages to land on his paws and doesn’t lose any momentum.

    The acrobatic dog is later seen walking back casually with the Frisbee in his mouth towards his owner. And just in case you missed it the first time, it’s captured a second time in slow motion.

    His owners can be heard laughing in the background as they record and in the video on YouTube just one simple word describes this special moment: “Win.” 

    Chai is definitely a winner in our hearts.

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  • Bug Hall as Alfalfa (centre) pictured on movie poster for 'The Little Rascals' from 1994.Bug Hall as Alfalfa (centre) pictured on movie poster for 'The Little Rascals' from 1994.
    Anyone that had the pleasure of watching the 1994 classic rendition of ‘The Little Rascals’ most likely fell in love with smooth taking Alfalfa, played by former child star, Bug Hall.  Alfalfa had the slick combover hairdo, hilariously adorable wiggling ears, and he even performed, “You Are So Beautiful” flawlessly to his child-hood fling, Darla. 

    Well, Mr Hall, who is now 30, is back in the spotlight after uploading a present-day photo of himself on social-media, and the internet world is going wild.  Only now, Hall is giving off more of a “Lumber-jack-esque” vibe.  Hall’s recent attention is due to the folks at Buzzfeed who initially unearthed Hall’s transformation and drew attention to his new look. 

    Hall has definitely evolved from the bashful young boy that he once was into a burly man.  His recent uploads on Twitter and Instagram show him rocking a full beard and curled moustache. 

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