• Despite trying every trick in the book, the cat wouldn't leave.Despite trying every trick in the book, the cat wouldn't leave.

    Even the security guard couldn’t remove this mischievous cat, who was photographed “chilling” on a shelf in a supermarket.

    The ginger feline, named Olly, was pictured sitting on a shelf surrounded by sweet snacks and refused to leave,The Huffington Post reports.

    Jenny Stevens, who took the photo, tweeted: “Cat just chilling in Brockley Sainsbury’s. Security tried to remove him. He sauntered straight back in.”

    Olly was also captured by another shopper casually browsing through the aisle of the store.

    “Looks like there was mix up with our Kit Kat delivery today!” a Sainsbury’s spokesperson told The Huffington Post.

    “When they left it outside the cat came in the shop and sat on the shelf,’ the deputy manager of the Sainsbury’s store, Georgios Michalaris, told Mashable.

    Eventually, Olly was returned to his rightful home.

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  • The doom and gloom of winter weather is creeping up, and the last thing on our minds is swimming and sun bathing. This puppy is not like the rest of us. 

    Christy, the West Highland Terrier, went to Florida with his family. To his surprise, the rental came with a private backyard pool. 

    The adorable Westie is caught on film staring out of the glass door, clearly excited.

    “Do you wanna go swimming?” asks Christy’s owner.


    As soon as the doors are open, Christy bolts for the pool, diving in with the reckless abandon only dogs on vacation have.


    This waterlogged dog continues to splash around by himself having a time. 


    Float on Christy. Float on.

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    This pup has more coordination than most people I know, and now he’s got a world record to boot.

    In honour of 2015 Guinness World Records Day, an awfully talented English bulldog name Otto attempted to skate into the record books by traveling under the legs of the longest human tunnel on a skateboard in Lima, Peru.

    Crowds gathered to witness Otto claim the world record, with owners Luciana Viale and Robert Rickards proudly holding the talented pup with the official certificate.

    Luciana and Robert said they were inspired to get a bulldog after they saw videos of the former fastest dog on a skateboard, Tillman.


    Luciana came up with the idea one day after Otto was skateboarding towards her really fast and she avoided him by spreading her legs, she told officials for Guinness World Records.

    The newly-crowned pup is not only a talented skateboarded, he also surfs and skimboards as well.

    Congrats on a job well done, Otto!

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  • (Photo via Reddit)(Photo via Reddit)

    When you live in a city, you dont tend to visit the tourist-friendly attractions unless you have visitors from away.

    For Torontonians with guests from Nova Scotia, those destinations include the CN Tower, the Hockey Hall of Fame and IKEA. (Many Nova Scotians bitterly rue the day Ikea left while simultaneously hoping it comes back).

    So it was with some amusement that I recently spotted photos of the Toronto billboards for Nova Scotia on social media sites.

    The ads tout the Maritime provinces natural attractions such as whale watching: We heard you have an aquarium. Thats nice.Another mentions the observation deck, highlighting the difference between the big citys tower and Cape Bretons natural beauty.

    As a native Nova Scotian, Ive never gone whale watching or driven the Cabot Trail, but it sounds like fun and maybe the tourists have the right idea.

    The billboards have recently gone viral, but theyre not new, says Mike MacKenzie, communications advisor with Nova Scotia

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  • This winter season is shaping up to be a doozy in the world of controversial marketing strategies. First came the Starbucks red cup controversy (we can’t really say it’s their fault), and now Bloomingdale’s is coming under fire for a magazine ad that none-too-subtly suggests that slipping something into your lady friend’s drink when she’s not looking is totally an ok thing to do. 

    Tech Insider discovered the ad tucked inconspicuously inside Bloomingdale’s holiday catalogue. The ad features a well dressed man staring at his female companion in a manner that can only be described as nefarious, while she laughs and looks the other way, entirely unaware that her “friend” is about to slip something into her beverage. The text between the couple reads, “Spike your best friend’s eggnog when they’re not looking.”

    While issues of consent and sexual assault make headlines daily, Bloomingdale’s somehow missed the boat on the whole date-rape-jokes-aren’t-funny memo. 

    But they’re certainly getting

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  • Mock-up of how the MoreSky window would work. (Aldana Ferrer Garcia)Mock-up of how the MoreSky window would work. (Aldana Ferrer Garcia)

    As ever-growing cities are becoming more densely populated, condo living has become the reality for many individuals and families alike. And while the lifestyle comes jam-packed with a variety of benefits, the lack of access to the outside world is often considered a major downside. But what if there was a transitional contraption that allowed a better connection between the indoors and outdoors?

    Enter MoreSky. The combination window-balcony system, created by Brooklyn-based architect Aldana Ferrer Garcia, would allow those in small living spaces to gain additional area outside the apartment with a pop-up style mini balcony. The unique invention was designed with densely populated cities in mind – a way to connect with the outside elements through added natural light, more fresh air and a clear view of the sky above.

    Cleverly designed as a retrofit project, the MoreSky hardware could be added to existing windows. Garcia even conceptualized MoreSky enclosures for three different types

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  • Bookworm at Trump rally steals The Donald’s thunder

    She was clearly in the middle of an enthralling chapter

    (Photo credit: YouTube)(Photo credit: YouTube)

    Since announcing his intention to become the Republican nominee and, if it were up to him, the next President of the United States, all eyes have been on Donald Trump.

    Currently sitting second in the polls, Trump recently took his campaign to Springfield, Illinois, where he gave a speech that had his supporters fired up. Except for one rogue reader, who seemingly would have preferred to be seated in the quiet coffee shop down the street.

    “This hero of a woman spent much of the rally chatting with the companion next to her, checking her phone, and getting engrossed in a paperback,” wrote Kara Brown of Jezebel

    The woman seated in the background certainly stands out from the rest of the crowd, but it becomes nearly impossible to stay focused on Trump when a man seated nearby gestures for her to put the book down.

    He should have known better than to interrupt her mid-sentence.

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  • Katori Hall Mandatory Credit: Joseph Marzullo/WENN.comKatori Hall Mandatory Credit: Joseph Marzullo/WENN.comAn amateur production of the play ‘The Mountaintop’, which is set in Memphis on the eve of Martin Luther King’s assassination, has drawn the ire of its original writer because of an amateur director’s choice to cast a white-skinned actor in the role of King.

    Katori Hall, the play’s original writer, received an email on October 4 regarding a rendition of her play at Kent State University. She was shocked to learn the production double cast the lead role of King with a black and white actor.

    “At first glance I was like, ‘Unh-uh, maybe he [is] light-skinned.  Don’t punish the brother for being able to pass.’” Hall wrote on the blog The Root, “But further Googling told me otherwise.”

    Hall notified her agent and sent a ‘damning letter’ to the university, which noted that though it may be considered an interesting experiment, it is not what Hall wrote or intended.

    In light of what has happened at Kent State, Hall now includes the following clause in her licensing agreement: “Both characters

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  • (Photo: Facebook / Jenn Morrison)(Photo: Facebook / Jenn Morrison)
    When it came to answering a math problem about high school dating, one fourth grader wasn’t liking it and came up with a sassy answer using the power of ‘girl code.’

    Nine-year-old Maddy Douglas was filling out her math homework when she came across a question involving dating patterns, The Huffington Post reports.

    In the question, a group of high school students go on dates in many different pairings and Maddy had to figure out which girl dated which boy among the hypothetical group.

    The problem for Maddy was that the question switched the dating patterns around between the group of boys and girls and she wasn’t having it.

    Instead of passing the question, Maddy gave an epic response: “I can’t answer this problem because my mom says [according] to girl code you shouldn’t date a friend’s [ex] boyfriend,” she wrote.

    Her mom, Jenn Douglas, shared the photo of Maddy’s response on Facebook with the hashtag #girlcodetrumpscommoncore.

    “I asked her to skip it because I wanted to talk to her

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  • Remember all those fire drills in elementary school? At the time, they might have been a (welcome) escape from class, but they also instilled some pretty important lessons in your school-aged mind, as one California boy proved last weekend.

    When Nathaniel Stocks of Phelan, California woke up early to find smoke in his home, the five-year-old acted fast.

    “Stop and then drop and then roll,” he told reporters at ABC News. “When there’s a fire in your room, and the smoke goes high, you should get down and crawl to your door.”

    Only two days before, Nathaniel’s class had taken a class on fire safety, so when a space heater caused his home to engulf in flames, he knew to stay safe by crawling under the smoke to escape.  

    Nathaniel then went to wake up his grandmother, Kimberly Ratliff, who later told reporters the flames were huge outside her bedroom door.

    Once outside, the pair realized their pet Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, was trapped inside the house. Nathaniel calmly asked his grandmother to

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