• Meet the 'rude’ waitress the Internet can't seem to get enough of

    “Let’s save you money so you can figure out a way to leave me a decent tip."

    Do you want some attitude with your burger? Well, who cares what you think, you’re going to get some anyhow.

    That’s the theme at Ed Debevic’s, a Chicago diner whose motto is “Sassy Servers, Tasty Burgers.”

    If you’re looking for polite, accommodating service, it’s best to go elsewhere. Here, servers snarl at your questions, insult your choices and generally give you a hard time when you’re placing an order.

    An example of that can be seen in a video posted on YouTube, where a female server berates a customer who wants to order off the kid’s menu.

    “What?!” she screams. “Alright, enjoy your ridiculously tiny hamburger.”

    When someone else orders off the “baby menu,” she shakes her head.

    “Let’s save you money so you can figure out a way to leave me a decent tip because right now I have no prayer,” she spits, before telling “grandpa” to go to Hooters if he wants nicer service.

    Ed Debervic’s isn’t the only bizarrely themed establishment that has restaurant goers scratching their heads.


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  • It’s not easy to watch this video without being shocked by the heartless act this group of boys committed.

    The recently-captured footage shows a group of teens throwing a sleeping homeless man into the sea.

    The video was uploaded by LiveLeak yesterday and is believed to have been taken in Montevideo, Uruguay. It has already been viewed more than 33,000 times.

    The homeless man is seen sleeping on the floor during broad daylight a few meters away from the sea. Two teens approach the man quietly, while a third sits above and watches. 

    An unknown person is filming the whole moment on a mobile phone.

    The person behind the camera is heard giggling as the two teens appear to lean towards the man’s legs and arms from either side.

    Suddenly, they grab him and toss the man into the water. The person behind the camera is shocked and heard gasping as the man hits the water with a splash.

    Just before the camera cuts off the homeless man spins and lands on his front into the water as people watched

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  • (Imgur)(Imgur)

    It’s clear based on this terrifying photo that Australia may be home to some of the creepiest crawlers ever. 

    A homeowner was shocked when they found the massive spider with hundreds of its babies covering their electricity meter outside their home in Queensland.

    The photo of the spider has since gone viral after being posted on Reddit over the weekend, accompanied with the caption: “Energy Australia was unable to read your meter …”

    According to the Daily Mail, the creature was confirmed by Rentokil Pest Control to be a wolf spider, which is venomous but not lethal.

    In addition to the wolf spider covering the meter’s digital screen with its long legs, its tiny army of babies are seen clumped together around the dials.

    Naturally, most people reacted with fear after seeing the photo and even promised to stay far away from Australia.

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  • Darth Vader enters federal election with campaign sign from the dark side

    “He’s probably more moderate than your local Tory,” read one comment

    The Force is strong with this one. (Photo: Imgur)The Force is strong with this one. (Photo: Imgur)

    This is definitely not the Stephen Harper campaign sign you were looking for.

    A recent lawn sign in Ontario appears to have not only introduced a new leader, but a new political party as well. 

    Reddit user ‘massivecoller’ recently posted an image of a campaign poster that appears to be in support of none other than Darth Vader, the former Jedi Knight turned Sith Lord from the Star Wars franchise. 

    According to Huffington Post, the lawn sign appeared in Penetanguishene, Ontario, and it even had its own campaign slogan: “Together, we can rule the galaxy.”

    Although the campaign poster is for the fictional “Your Galactic Empire” party, many users couldn’t help but make connections with that of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC).

    “He’s probably more moderate than your local Tory,” read one comment.

    “I always knew Darth Vader was a CPC supporter. Not that surprised the CPC has pledged allegiance to him by giving him a running spot,” read another. 

    Along with the photo, the Reddit post

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  • It turns out that Tetris can do more than hone your skill of fitting things into tight spots. 

    A new study reports that playing the video game for just three minutes a day can reduce craving for vices like drugs, alcohol, sex and food.

    Scientists think the findings can be used to help people control their cravings, particularly for harder substances.

    “This is the first demonstration that cognitive interference can be used outside the lab to reduce cravings for substances and activities other than eating,” said Jackie Andrade, a professor at Plymouth University’s School of Psychology in a statement. “We think the Tetris effect happens because craving involves imagining the experience of consuming a particular substance or indulging in a particular activity. Playing a visually interesting game like Tetris occupies the mental processes that support that imagery.”

    The joint study from Plymouth University and Queensland University of Technology sent text messages to 31 participants aged

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  •  What would happen to your furry friends, like your dog or cat, if you became critically ill or seriously hurt?

    One company has created nifty little wallet cards and key chain tags that let the world know your pet is home alone.


    Every 10 seconds someone is involved in a car accident in the U.S. Who is going to care for your pet if you can’t? You don’t have to answer that question either, because for just $4.95, you can buy a package that includes two wallet cards like the one shown above and three plastic key chains that alert emergency authorities your pet may be home alone.

    While you’re being carted off in an ambulance, being pulled out of a wreckage with the jaws of life, or being brought back to life by a defibrillator, who’s going to be there to make sure your dog gets his regularly scheduled walk or his customary six o’clock serving of Kibbles N’ Bits?

    Jokes aside, ther cards are an excellent and efficient way to let authorities know to look after your pet if you're unable

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  • Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    And for one seal, it was life or death.

    Michelle Wigmore and her husband were on the waters of Desolation Sound in British Columbia when a seal unexpectedly jumped onto their dinghy to avoid being eaten by the passing killer whales, also known as orcas.

    “The orcas appeared and were circling for about 20 minutes searching for him,” Wigmore’s husband, Rob, told Global News. “They couldn’t find him because he was sitting up in our tender and he wasn’t budging. He just closed his eyes and went to sleep and would look at us every so often.”

    The couple caught the seal hanging out on their dinghy on video while two whales circled nearby.

    “Poor thing,” Wigmore is heard saying in the video. 

    “You feel sort of sorry for the seal, but you know that this is how these transient orcas survive,” she later told Global News.

    At first, the seal used a nearby fishing boat to get out of the water but the boat took off and the seal fell out. Desperate for

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  • Ontario police looking for woman caught on video stealing flowers from London grave

    “Personally I have never seen anything like this."

    A woman in London, Ontario, is left heartbroken and searching for answers after personal items from her mother’s grave have been repeatedly stolen.

    Marg Allerston-Medeiros lost her 86-year-old mother, Alma Allerston, this past April and buried her at the St. Peter’s Cemetery.

    Since then, someone has been stealing the family’s mementos and ripping flowers from beneath the grave stone. At times, they were later found in a nearby garbage bin, AM980 reports.

    “Its hell, I have to tell you, going to the cemetery and seeing the empty holes when you’re expecting to water flowers,” Medeiros told The London Free Press.

    So Medeiros set up a camera across from her mother’s grave, hidden in a tree, hoping to catch the thief.

    After almost three months, the hidden camera caught the suspect. 

    In the video posted on Facebook, a woman with blond hair is seen ripping several flowers from the ground with her hands, placing them in a box and then running away.

    Unfortunately, the footage does not capture

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  • Smash your anger away for $20 in Toronto's Rage Room

    “We thought [the city] could stand to let off a little steam.”

    Photo: Rage RoomPhoto: Rage Room

    If punching a pillow isn’t a satisfying release for your rage, a Toronto sports bar has an interesting solution to your problem.

    For $20, you’re welcome to have at ‘em inside Battle Sports’ Rage Room. Angry participants with fury to spare are suited up in protective gear (including gardening gloves and a paintball mask), handed a baseball bat and encouraged to go wild in a room full of breakables.

    For 30 spirit-lifting minutes, you can order and destroy items on the Rage Room Smash Menu, though the first five plates are complimentary. 

    Mirrors and any additional plates (which were bought from garage sales) are $2 each, wine glasses are $3, a vase is $5, a chair is $20 and other specialty (mystery) items vary in price. 

    Smashers are forbidden from bringing their own items, so leave those unwanted trinkets at home.

    One of the room’s co-founders, Timothy Cheung, told the Guardian that the idea was spurred by a similar service in Serbia. They figured it would do well in a work-focused

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  • In a viral video, teenage girls are traumatized on camera in an attempt to send a powerful message – don’t go anywhere with a stranger.

    Professional prankster Coby Persin of Clifton, New Jersey, posted an ad on Craigslist looking for parents who wanted to take part in a social experiment concerning stranger danger. Three sets of parents responded.

    The experiment is documented above in The Dangers Of Social Media (Child Predator Social Experiment) on YouTube. Persin sets up a fake Facebook account, pretending to be an attractive 15-year-old boy named Jason Biazzo. He then reaches out to three girls on the social media site, aged 12, 13 and 14, and asks them to meet him alone.

    All three girls agree, clueless that they are interacting with a “child predator.”

    One girl heads to a park, where she is met by her berating father. Another girl invites the stranger to her house, only to be surprised, and devastated, by her screaming father. Finally, the last minor chillingly agrees to get into

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