• Ghost peppers are deadly hot.

    How hot? Well, on the Scoville scale of hotness, a jalepeno pepper ranges between 3,500 and 4,000 SHUs. Tabasco Sauce ranges between 30,000 and 50,000 SHUs.

    The ghost pepper? We're talking about 800,000 to over 1 million SHUs. That's deadly hot.

    Organizers bring the deadly-hot ghost peppers in for the crowd to eat.Organizers bring the deadly-hot ghost peppers in for the crowd to eat.
    So it's a little surprising when 1,000 people gathered together in Copenhagen to simultaneously eat ghost peppers, also known as Bhut Jolokia.

    It was the brainchild of pepper enthusiast Claus Pilgaard, the self-described Chili Klaus, who made his name by eating hot peppers on YouTube.

    Clearly Mr. Pilgaard is a bit of a sadist, for he seems to enjoy seeing others in pain. How else to explain the 1,000 people writhing and wincing in agony after ingesting these killer peppers?

    Three times hotter than the habanero pepper, the ghost pepper grows only in the Indian states of Assam, Nagaland, and Manipur. It packs enough kick to bring tears to even the bravest eater's eyes, and is so hot that India's Defence Research and

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  • Peter Doig’s depiction of DVP's rainbow tunnel set to fetch millions at auction

    Peter Doig's Country-Rock (wing-mirror) painting of Toronto's rainbow tunnel.Peter Doig's Country-Rock (wing-mirror) painting of Toronto's rainbow tunnel.

    Art truly is in the eye of the beholder.

    For the thousands of commuters who take Toronto's Don Valley Parkway home from work every day, the fabled "rainbow tunnel" is merely a short-term visual distraction from the miles of bumper-t0-bumper traffic ahead.

    But for one lucky buyer, that view could cost over $15 million.

    On June 30, Scottish-born artist Peter Doig's painting Country-rock (wing-mirror) goes up for auction. It depicts the rainbow tunnel from the passenger seat of a car, and was named after the music Doig was listening to as he rode past the landmark.

    Sotheby's estimates the work is valued at £9 million, or $16.5 million CDN.

    "The rainbow tunnel is one of the most prominent and resonant motifs in Doig's oeuvre," said Cheyenne Westphal, co-global head of contemporary art at Sotheby's. "For lovers of Doig, it has supreme status."

    The painting is the third in Doig's Country-rock series highlighting scenes from the DVP. The other two works are in a private collection in Europe

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  • Amazing pup lives a normal life despite severe spine abnormality

    Pig the dog is extraordinary in so many ways.

    Most extraordinary is her appearance – Pig is missing part of her spine, several ribs and her hips and joints are rotated in the wrong positions.

    As a result, Pig looks like one of those no-necked photoshopped animals, or at the very least, like half a dog.

    But don't tell that to her owner, Kim Dillenbeck.

    "I bonded with Pig right away," she told Joey Kennedy at al.com. "I thought I'd either be with her or near her helping her find a home."

    Kim Dillenbeck says that Pig is probably half the weight he should be.Kim Dillenbeck says that Pig is probably half the weight he should be.

    Pig was born to a feral mother in the woods outside of Atlanta, Georgia, last fall. She saved herself by barking, attracting the attention of a woman who took dogs in. According to Dillenbeck, the prognosis for the pup with such severe birth defects wasn't good.

    "The lady who found her, the vet told her to have her (Pig) put down," Dillenbeck said.

    But Dillenbeck refused. And, eight months later, Pig is living a healthy and relatively normal life.

    [ More Buzz: Puppy drives car directly into nearby pond

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  • Don Lemon (Photo courtesy The Wrap)Don Lemon (Photo courtesy The Wrap)

    The Biebs is in hot water yet again over his recently leaked racist remarks.

    Videos of Justin Bieber using the “N” word – first during a tasteless joke, and more recently replacing the word in one of his hit songs – have surfaced on the Internet.

    Even though Bieber has apologized for the first incident, additional footage on the tape shows his use of the word multiple times after the short clip that was released.

    Fans and fellow musicians have come to Bieber’s defense on Instagram and Twitter stating that, “He’s not a racist, he has black friends!”

    [ Related: Whoopi Goldberg says 'N-word' doesn't mean the same in Canada ]

    What was more shocking was when CNN anchor Don Lemon, who is also black, came to defend Bieber, Gawker reports. Believe it or not, Lemon actually blames the black community for Bieber's nonchalant use of the “N” word. In a blog post on blackamericaweb.com, Lemon addresses the target audience of the website, black Americans, and says he believes the “Hip Hop Culture”

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  • Faberge enamel and two colour gold egg bonbonniere (Getty Images)Faberge enamel and two colour gold egg bonbonniere (Getty Images)

    “I’ll have the 8 oz sirloin with a side of scrambled Fabergé eggs.”

    According to Reuters, a restaurant in New York City is being sued by the luxury jeweler Fabergé for “shamelessly” appropriating their name and “confusing customers and members of the general public”.

    The copyright lawsuit, which was filed on Thursday against “Faberge,” a steakhouse situated in a heavily Russian-populated community in Sheepshead Bay, New York, states that the restaurant “is an effort to free-ride on the enormous good will” that has been established by Fabergé, the luxury jewelry company.

    Exterior of Faberge restaurant in New York City (V.Y./Yelp)Exterior of Faberge restaurant in New York City (V.Y./Yelp)

    Owner of the restaurant, Vladislav Yusufov, claims he had no intention of stealing anything from the famous Fabergé jeweler. “We haven’t copied anything from Fabergé. We don’t sell jewelry,” he said. “We are totally different. Our business is food sale. French and steaks.”

    Exterior of Faberge jewelry store in Kiev. (Faberge.com)Exterior of Faberge jewelry store in Kiev. (Faberge.com)The famous jeweler Fabergé was founded in 1842 in St. Petersburg, Russia, and has become known for its ornate, jewel-encrusted eggs. Of the 50

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  • Must-see videos of the week: June 2-June 8

    This week's must-see videos feature a drummer with a prosthetic limb showing off his rhythm, along with a running of the goats you have to see to believe. We've also got a unique commemoration of the D-Day anniversary, an incredible and intricately planned train set made of Lego, and an incident involving the David and Goliath of urban transit: a bicycle and a bus.

    This drummer takes the whole "mechanical precision" ideal of a time-keeping drum kit player to a new level. Watch his stick control!

    Of course, on the week in which we commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day, it's important to honour those who served. Thus, we share with you this video of 89-year-old veteran Jock Hutton, who reenacted his experience of the D-Day landings by parachuting into the same field in France in which he landed on D-Day.

    Lego fanatics, train enthusiasts and general fans of awesome, elaborate designs: This you have to see. It's a Lego train layout consists of 3 stations, 5 trains, and a crossing

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  • Customers got a real scare on Friday night when an employee found a real gun in the toy department at a Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Target. According to police reports, a loss prevention worker who found the gun assumed it was just a toy.

    Spotted in the toy department on top of a Playskool toy box, the 9-mm handgun was loaded with eight bullets in plain sight, making many believe the placement of the gun in the toy aisle was no accident.

    “I don’t think someone would accidentally drop off a gun. I think he purposely left it there for a child to pick up and think, ‘Oh it’s a toy gun,’ and accidentally point it at somebody and it goes off,” said Kennedy McClain according to WMBF News.

    [ More Buzz: B.C. student wears beautiful burlap dress to prom for charity ]

    The employee who found the gun told police that he had seen a suspicious man repeatedly walking around the toy department, but it's unclear whether or not he was the culprit. Police are reviewing the security camera footage in an

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  • Designer Suman Faulkner with Courtney BarichDesigner Suman Faulkner with Courtney Barich

    It's a mother's duty to tell her daughter that she will look good in anything – even a potato sack!

    That may have been precisely how one B.C. teen got the idea to dress in burlap for her high school prom – and shockingly, she looked just as stunning as the girls in expensive dresses.

    The idea came to Surrey's Courtney Barich when she was out shopping for a prom dress earlier this year and she saw the price tags on some of the dresses. She became unsure if she wanted to drop at least $700 on a dress she would wear once, and her supportive mom of course told her she would look good in anything.

    That’s when the idea hit her. She didn’t need a $700 dress, all she needed was the cheapest fabric she could find, and at an astonishing $3 for the entire sheet, burlap was her fabric of choice.

    She then sought out designer Suman Faulkner of Lata Design who made the burlap dress.

    Barich's friends didn't understand and questioned her about her idea for the dress.

    "They thought like 'potato-sack

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  • Since the invention of the GoPro, many have been able to capture their daring experiences via the small video camera, often attached to their heads. For one South African man, who was wearing a GoPro camera while cycling on a trail in Cape Town, the experience caught on camera was a little different.

    According to eNews Channel Africa, Malcolm Fox was held at gunpoint when a trio of armed men ran up to him and demanded his bike. The initial armed assailant, unaware that they were being filmed by Fox, orders Fox off his bike with his gun, while his two accomplices emerge from the bushes.

    In the video, Fox crosses the railroad tracks, looking both ways before he does, and then notices a man running towards him. Suddenly the man pulls out a gun and aims it directly at Fox who calmly says “okay” and gives him the bike.

    The gunman then grabs Fox’s cell phone from his pocket and Fox assures him that’s all he has. “That’s all I’ve got on me, I promise,” he says to the gunman.

    [ More Buzz:

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  • Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned prank?

    Rhode Islanders out for a nice, sunny walk got the shock of a lifetime when they saw a dinosaur in the park.

    Prankster Jay Lichtenberger and his crew have created a YouTube comedy channel based solely around the pranks they play on unsuspecting victims. Jay and his prank partner Brian Medeiros Jr. decided to place a nest full of large dinosaur eggs on the side of the path so that people would stop and take a look.

    That’s when the fake dinosaur pops out ready to attack, frightening the poor suckers who fall for it. And, shockingly enough, many do fall for it!

    [ More Buzz: Devil prank goes horribly wrong when target faints ]

    The dinosaur costume looks pretty real, and as it emerges from the bushes many people don’t have time to focus on the reality of the whole situation because they’re too busy running for their lives.

    However, many simply laugh at the fake dinosaur and continue on their way, unfazed by the vicious creature protecting its

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